Predict Tonight’s Primetime Emmy Winners!

By August 25, 2014Blog, Featured

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good competition!

So we created the ScreenCraft Emmy Ballot so that you would know who’s competing for what during tonight’s ceremony.

Download your ballot here. 

For the fun-loving among you, print out the ScreenCraft Emmy Ballot for you and your loved ones. Fill it out before the show and let us know how you do!

Who are you predicting to win tonight’s big writing awards? Will Netflix sweep with Orange Is The New Black (nominee for Writing, Comedy) and House of Cards (nominee for Writing, Drama)?

Leave us your guesses in the comments. We’ll post the winners here tomorrow.

*Note: The Emmy in select categories (like Writing, Variety Series) has been awarded in advance. If you don’t know who won, don’t cheat!

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