2014 ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest Semifinalists Announced!

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Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2014 ScreamCraft Horror Script Contest! Congratulations to those who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.

Ace by Andrew Ferrell & Shane McAvoy

Ancient Enemy by Mark Lukens

Animal by Hunter Burke and Nick Lavin

Belladova by William Miller

Black Friday by Dan Hoger (Story by Danny Saratino)

Black House by Thom Lonardo

Bloodflowers by Frank Edward Kelly

Bloodthirsty by John Funk

Boogie Men in the Bronx by Andrew Kevin Finnerty & Andrew Thomas Tosiello

Bucket of Blood by Jake Miller

Burrowed by Lonnie S. Nadler

Christmas of the Dead by Andrew Parietti

Come To Me by Margaret Riseley

Crows Calling by Jon Hueber

Crows End by Wey Loh

Dan by Tim and Steve Garrity

Deadlock by Jennifer Bosworth

Deadlock by Jonathan Barger

Deadman’s Song by Phillip Rogers

Descent of the Gods by Brian Godawa

Doctor Frankenstein and Mister Hyde by Jason Jenkins

Dogs of War by Timothy O’Rawe and Cathleen O’Rawe

Echoes of Mercy by Tommy Trull

Forgive Us Our Trespasses by Derek Bevil

Immaculate Deception by Bryan Holm

Insatiable by Michael D. Morra

Iron Dogs by Neil Chase

It’s Only Safe At Night by John Shea

Jesse by William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III

Leave No Trace by Derek Rethwisch

Living Nightmare by Jay Sharron

Lockdown by Jeremy McCann

Night Work by John T. Maye

Precarious by Penelope Thomas

Protege by Julie Hoverson

Red Envelope by David J. Sakmyster

Revenant by Robert E. Hinkle & Jerron Spencer

Roadkill by Kevin M. Glover & Shant Yegparian

Rumspringa by Casey Nielsen & Michael C. Bowman

Run by Robert Forsyth

Rust by Michael E. Bierman

Sadie Hawkins by Shayna Weber Band

Saving Lexie Lee Kennedy by Michael D. Morra

Skin & Teeth by Corbin Billings

Slasher Squad by Stuart Campbell & Nathan Stone

Spirits by Brent Hartinger

Stillwater by Jeremy D. Christensen

Tantalus by Mark E. Davidson

The Book of Magic by Sheldon Woodbury

The Bunker by Oliver Edlin

The Devil’s Footprints by Eric Jeske

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Good Neighbor by Terrence Atkins

The Grey by Jeff Bassetti

The Inherited by Jaime Cruz

Theo Baptiste by Josh Burnell

The Tunnels by Wayne C. Rogers

The Undoing by James Hickox

The Wolves by David Kempski

The Wretched End of Reve Clay by David Garrett

Trident by Matt Lavender

Trouble Fire by Matthew Howe

Unquiet by Carroll Brown

Wolf in the Wood by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne 


  • Zac Sutherland says:

    A note to those who didn’t move on, like myself- I think a lot of this comes down to luck of the draw in terms of assigned readers. I made it to the semifinals at another Screencraft competition that was open to all genres with this same horror script, and it had almost double the amount of entries. Yet I didn’t make it further in this competition which is horror specific. I’m not saying this to pout, but rather to illustrate how difficult it is to know how these things will ever shake out, even if you’ve had success in the past. There are plenty of other contests out there, and plenty of revisions we can all do to make our stories better. Don’t worry about this too much. I’ve already won another competition with this screenplay, and will continue to polish it and submit it until it sells. You should all do the same.Congratulations to those who are moving on, and to those who aren’t, keep your heads up, and keep at it!

    • Hi Zac,

      Thanks so much for chiming in. Keep in mind in regard to the numbers game, with the Fellowship, we did have more than double the amount of entries, but a larger number of entries also allows for a larger pool of semi-finalists. Your advice and mentality are both superb: there is an element of luck in any competition–not just screenwriting contests, I would argue–and while you can’t control the outcome, what you can control is your belief in your projects and your willingness to keep honing and chipping away at them. Every produced and celebrated script got turned down or hit a snag along the way. The key is to get as many targeted reads as you can to bolster your odds of getting that one “yes” that you need. We’re big fans of The Trench and hope you’ll keep us posted about its progress. Our mission is to help screenwriters, plain and simple.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement to your fellow writers. Stay passionate.

    • Zac,

      Your words of encouragement helped lift my spirits after i read that I did not advance to the semi-finals. I agree whole-heartedly. Best of luck to you in your writing career.

  • Sad to see I’m not moving on but super happy for everyone who did! Well done and congrats to the semi finalists! Now enjoy 10 days of waiting to see who won! 😛

  • Matt Layden says:

    Sad to not see my script “The Survivor” move forward. I was hoping for AT LEAST a semi-finals placement.

    Congrats to those who did and good luck.

    • Hi Matt,

      You have a fun and suspenseful central conflict and battle of wills between your two leads in The Survivor and we genuinely enjoyed reading it. Stay positive and keep fighting for your script! The power of persistence can never be underestimated.

  • Matt Pacini says:

    Oh, so bummed that my screenplay “Dance of the Blessed Spirits” didn’t get past quarter-finalist. Oh well. I’m in several other contests, including Zoetrope & the Nicholl, so we’ll see how I do there!
    Anyone interested in reading it, drop me a line at mande95747 AT yahoo DOT com

    • Hi Matt,

      Making quarter-finalist was no small task, believe me. We received close to a thousand horror submissions and had to pass on scripts that had strong elements that we genuinely liked. It’s clear that you have command of the craft and we wish you all the best in the other competitions. Keep us posted!

  • James Page says:

    I was pleasantly shocked “The Purple Armadillo” made the
    Quarterfinals. Like ALL scripts, IT needs another rewrite!
    Thank You so much Screencraft for appreciating
    my script for its unique story!
    Scribere Donec Moriamini – Jaime

    • James,

      Thanks so much for the nice comment! We genuinely enjoyed reading, and I think your mentality here is great and will serve you well throughout your career. Writing IS rewriting. Keep at it.

  • Charles Westfall says:

    While sad to see that I didn’t make the semi’s, I was thrilled beyond measure when I made the quarters, my first time placing in a contest. Good luck to all going on.

  • Ambrile says:

    Excited to see the semi-finalists! How long before the finals are announced?

  • Jason D. Brawn says:

    Well done to the semi-finalists. Shame that ‘They Came’ didn’t make it, but I have the Nicholl Fellowships, so fingers crossed. But this is the best screenwriting contest for anyone who writes horror scripts, and thank you Screamcraft staff for placing my script in the quarter-finals.

  • James Page says:

    FYI it was my first ever script so for it to get to the Quarterfinals
    was a bit of a shock. The feedback is excellent direction for the rewrite!
    Great Fortune to all the brave souls who dared to enter!
    Scribere Donec Moriamini — Jaime

  • Nick Morris says:

    Congrats to all of the semi-finalists and thanks to ScreenCraft and the judges for reading! Keep at it, everyone. Our beloved genre needs fresh voices and new stories!

  • Sandy Corkins-Schmidt says:

    I was extremely happy to be a QF in this particular contest, esp. since I entered a thriller (that contained a pretty scary homicidial maniac). Thanks for appreciating my script A Thousand Times Goodnight, and good luck to all still in the running : >)

  • KA says:

    Sad to see that BLOOD DRIVE did not advance but I am extremely grateful that I made it to the quarter-finalist round. This is a great little competition and I look forward to submitting something new next year. Back to writing!

    I produced a horror-comedy that should be released sometime soon staring Udo Kier and Tristan Risk from AMERICAN MARY. My hope is that its success will catch the eye of some sort of representation. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3067274/

    Good luck, semifinalists and thank you Screencraft for hosting these types of competitions.

    Keep writing!

  • John says:

    Thank you, very much for supporting BLOODTHIRSTY. It’s the best script I’ve ever read and I am very grateful for it being a Semifinalist. 🙂

  • Tyrell Molson says:

    Im going to be honest, im a little bitter about how this competition handle the judging of the scripts. Blue cat gives a free and full report about the summited script. It would be nice to know why you really didnt make it. Before you jump to the offensive, i understand its says that you have to pay for the extra value pack (the judges notes). If they wrote the notes, why not just give them? This was my first time. Next time ill choose a different comp with legitiment rules. But keep writing and expect to pay extra for feedback.

  • Tyrell Molson says:

    Im not bitter about not winning, i enter for the same reason everyone did. Feedback. I expected an email that said, “we have read your screenplay, and after hours of reading we have found this that, the cheareters are not speaking to us or this or that.” But all i got was, “sorry you didnt make it, keep writing.” Word of advice, yall would want to come up with an email to at least make the compeitors THINK yall read their script. There is no way to really know if you did, unless you pay for the premium package.

  • Joe and Lisa LaMattina says:

    Thanks so much for reading our script and sending us to the quarter finals. Although we didn’t make it to the semi-finals we appreciate the time taken to read Bridezilla. Best of luck to all of the semi-finalists.

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