Over 20 Accounts All Screenwriters Should Follow on Instagram

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So far, we’ve created lists of top accounts for screenwriters to follow on Twitter and to like on Facebook. To add to the social media mix, there are many Instagram accounts with posts that appeal to screenwriters and filmmakers, from film trivia to inspirational images for brainstorming and idea-gathering. Here are 20 accounts for screenwriters to follow on Instagram.

BlueCat Screenplay Competition – bluecatwriters

A great way to connect with the BlueCat Screenplay Competition. They post graphics with reminders about deadlines, as well as artistic shots and movie stills.

Sundance Institute – sundanceinstitute

A fun account to follow to see production shots, facts and deadlines leading up to the festival.


A great way for members to remain in the loop of this 501(c)3 non-profit organization. On their feed, they post some cool photos from their events, shows and musings.

Hollywood Journalhollywoodjournal

Hollywood Journal is about the positive impact and influence of Hollywood. Find Entertaining and inspiring posts on their Instagram feed.

Paul J. Meredithpauljmeredith

This screenwriter, filmmaker and musician posts screenwriting tips in cool stylized graphics, as well as film references.

Bleachedfilm bleachedfilm

This user posts beautiful, breathtaking images that are perfect to scroll through when you’re in a photography-perusing, idea-gathering mood.

The Black Listtheblcklst

The Black List connects with followers on Instagram by using a consistent, unifying theme. You’ll find many posts tagged with #whatiseewheniwrite, from literally what’s right in the room to more visionary hopes of winning an Oscar.

ScreenwritingU – screenwritingu

Advanced and professional #screenwriting advice and classes.

Estella Gabrielestellagabriel

Follow this actress, singer and mother, who posts genuine photos from her life along with inspirational quotes for motivation.

Writergram – writergram

An amazing mecca of quotes, tips, advice and inspiration. Most of the post images are bits of stylized text.

Movies and Ratemovieandrate

A page with a simple concept: the user posts his ratings for film.

Writerproblems writerproblems

Another fantastic mecca for finding quotes, tips, advice and inspiration.

John Augustjohnaugust 

John August is one of the leading bloggers on screenwriting, and he offers a wealth of knowledge and ideas. He frequently posts pictures from his private life (like the pumpkin he carved with his daughter…aww)

Reggie Colemanreggievandough

Among the posts, you can find some gems for brainstorming as well as bold, go-getter quotes to keep you writing.

American Film Instituteamericanfilminstitute 

The institute offers graduate programs in producing, screenwriting and other areas of film. Follow them for photos of AFI panels and events.

Film Independentfilmindependent 

Film Independent has a mission to champion the cause of independent films and artists who embody innovation and uniqueness of vision. Follow their process on Instagram.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles – mocalosangeles

The official Instagram feed of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. MOCA’s mission is to be the defining museum of contemporary art.

Storycraft storycraft

This screenwriter shares film and cinema-related content, particularly photos of well-known film characters.

Tegan Ptasznykfilmgarden

Boasting more than 10,000 followers, this Australian user posts decadent, inspirational images, all with soft lighting and color schemes.

The Screenwriter’s Journey – thescreenwritersjourney

A place of inspiration, exercises, and insight for writers.


Of course, we have to include our own Instagram account as well!

Are there any accounts that we missed or accidentally snubbed? Sound off in the comments and we’ll let you know what we think. We’re open to additions and revisions!

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