2013 ScreenCraft Action & Thriller Screenplay Deadline Is Looming!

By December 14, 2013Blog

The clock is ticking…not on a bomb or a doomsday device…but, rather, to enter the 2013 ScreenCraft Action/Thriller Screenplay Contest. Final deadline is December 15th, and we’ll be accepting entries until 11:59:59 PM PST. If you have the next great action movie or thriller waiting in the wings, now is the time to finish up that final polish and send it to us. We’ve read more than a few very promising scripts thus far and can’t get enough of them. We’re excited about this contest because the action genre is unbelievably commercial right now and we’re eager to help worthy would-be blockbusters and character-driven thrillers get on the path to production.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win our cash and consultation prizes, and if you’re interested in a year of development on your projects and a chance to meet with key industry mentors, take a look at our Fellowship, which is also currently accepting entries.


And for action screenwriting inspiration, take a look at our recent analysis of Escape Plan and Face/Off.

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