How The Development Process Works

By August 19, 2013 2 Comments

Script development is a process, one that can be feared and seem mystifying. At its core, though, the goal is simple: to hone a screenplay until it is the best possible version it can be. The idea is to deconstruct the story on every possible level until it is clear what the most promising and defining elements are, then bring those elements to the forefront and refine them until they shine and jump out at the reader/viewer. medium_3744074635

I’m talking about things like themes, character arcs, plot points, structure, dialogue, pacing, voice, etcetera. Development is about recognizing those components, understanding them, and making them serve the story even more. When a creative executive chooses to develop a script, they aren’t merely working with a writer to hone the screenplay; they’re also working to mold the screenplay into the best and most effective potential narrative experience for an audience.

That last part is important; it means that an executive may look at a script and see how it could be tweaked and altered to fit a particular kind of movie they are looking for, something that fits their company’s brand or slate. That’s why you want to make sure that you’re aligned with an executive who understands your material, is looking for material like it, and wants to nurture what you have while staying true to your intentions as a writer.

Of course, the dilemma for writers trying to break in is how to get access to executives who can move your script forward, let alone be able to custom pick one that you feel is compatible with your goals and sensibilities. We provide access to our extensive network of industry contacts, and we give you multiple options for creative executives to work with and let you choose. In short, we play matchmaker and it is in our best interest to make sure that both sides are happy.


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