Scream Craft Horror Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalists Announced!

By August 8, 2013 No Comments

The race just got even tighter: from our 79 quarter finalists, we’ve pared the list down to 20 semi-finalists. It has not been easy. Thank you to all who submitted, and special recognition goes to those especially prolific writers who submitted two, three and even four scripts apiece! Having a body of work like that is a rare achievement and will serve you well. After all, the more darts you have to throw, the better odds you have of getting one of them to stick.

We all know the oft-quoted screenwriting adage that you have to be ready to kill your darlings and part with your favorite scenes if they ultimately don’t serve the story. That was often the case here too. Every script that got cut had potential, and not to be overdramatic, but sometimes it was genuinely painful making those eliminations.

Passion and a love for the horror genre has been evident in every script that we’ve read and assessed, and we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing many fresh and dynamic voices. For those that made it to the next round, congratulations. For those who didn’t, don’t despair. There are infinite more opportunities to move your scripts forward.

Check out the official listing of the semi-finalists and stay tuned for the announcement of the top ten finalists and then the grand prize winner and runner-up!

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