Learn directly from award-winning screenwriter James V. Hart in Los Angeles!

Weekend of November 12th & 13th at the Los Angeles Film School

Join us in Hollywood for ScreenCraft's first Screenwriting Masterclass with James V. Hart!

James V. Hart is a world-renowned Hollywood screenwriter whose writing/producing credits include Contact, Hook, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, August Rush, Epic, Crossbones, Muppet Treasure Island and many more projects in development with major studios. Jim will synthesize what he has learned throughout his long career in Hollywood, working with many of the world's most celebrated filmmakers. Participants will be immersed into Jim's HartChart story-mapping tool and empathetic “in your shoes” approach to coach writers to develop character-driven, market-ready screenplays.

All registrants will receive VIP access to our FREE 25th birthday screening of HOOK, written by James V. Hart and directed by Steven Spielberg - at Sony Pictures Studios on Friday, November 11th.

This masterclass includes:

  • The 8 Magic Questions that must be answered before you write
  • Introducing the HartChart Signposts and identifying them in your story to create your unique narrative structure
  • HartChart analysis of 2-3 current movies, including Hook
  • AND includes a free one-year use of the HartChart online app (a $79 value)

... which means writers attending will gain:

  • The ability to identify character desire lines — wants, needs, wounds, goals -- to create a character-driven story and a satisfying ending
  • An understanding of the all-important role of the audience in the writing process
  • Guidance from Jim Hart and in-session writing exercises to create your character-driven story
  • A tangible way to identify the structural signposts in your story and to create a strong narrative structure
  • Exploration of the HartChart's functions as a tool in your daily writing process

Reserve your pass today! 

The first 200 people to register will join as Jim's guest at our opening night party and will receive: 

  • an exclusive invitation to a 25th birthday screening of James V. Hart's celebrated classic film Hook (directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins and Julia Roberts) and celebration with Jim and The Lost Boys cast at Sony Pictures Studios on the evening of Friday, November 11, 2016
  • an energetic two-day masterclass with Jim at the LA Film School, November 12-13
  • free use of the HartChart online app for a year ($79 value)

All attendees will receive the HartChart software for free ($79 value)!

Get to the heart of your story!

James will share his unique process for crafting a story with his story-mapping tool which he calls the Hart Chart. It will help aspiring writers create character-driven narratives and identify their emotional journeys, and help committed writers break new stories and tighten their drafts.

All attendees will receive a free year subscription to the online version of the Hart Chart app which is an immensely valuable tool to visualize the emotional beats of your narrative.


What others are saying:

"It’s extremely rare for a working screenwriter to share his methods. This bundle of useful ideas should be in the sea chest of every storyteller who sails the seas of imagination”

Chris Vogler, author of The Writer’s Journey and Memo from the Story Department

"I have known Jim since my first feature, and since then his celestial powers have given me strength to go on making movies; I’ve been around the world, worked with international crew and cast, festivals, awards... but you know what? There is only one Jim Hart with Jumbo Heart; positive, believer, energetic, creative, funny, loving, caring, inspirational... just spend some time with him and you will run out of superlative adjectives!!”

Pan Nalin,  Director  |  Samsara, Angry Indian Goddesses, Ayurveda: Art of Being