Year In Review - Celebrating ScreenCraft 2020 Wins! 

by Neha Dutta on December 29, 2020

In a year that has been stranger than fiction, and challenging in many ways, 2020 was also a year in which storytellers poured their hearts into their craft like never before! Despite the many delays and event cancellations due to the pandemic, the writing and entertainment community responded with kindness and supported each other. At ScreenCraft, we saw a resolute writing community strive for their goals, undeterred by the pandemic. If anything, they fought back with more imagination and stories, and we applaud their will to create. After all, pen is mightier than the pandemic! 

Now is a great time to mark your calendar for ScreenCraft's upcoming program dates and writing deadlines:

We are incredibly proud and grateful for this community that believes in their goals and is willing to put in the effort to make their dreams a reality. We want to shout out all these writers and the ScreenCraft team who worked tirelessly to make these wins and success stories possible: 

Lauren Conn

Signed with Manager at Good Fear Film + Management

Lauren Conn is a first-generation American born to Romanian and Moldovan parents. Lauren’s podcast starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Erica Lindbeck had a very successful run in IFP Week’s inaugural audio hub this year and is currently in the process of finding a home. Lauren majored in screenwriting at Loyola Marymount University and studied English crime writing under the late Colin Dexter at the University of Oxford, The Queen’s College. 

“As someone who works on the development side of the industry, I had heard of numerous ScreenCraft success stories about writers I was reading to potentially staff on multiple of my company’s series. I thought, if I now knew the names and read the samples of these writers who hailed from this contest, then they must be doing something right. My goal was to switch sides, to become the writer being read in consideration to staff. The bride, not the bridesmaid. I was also hoping to obtain representation, which ScreenCraft successfully delivered on.”

Lauren won the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship with her original pilot WHO PUT BELLA IN THE WYCH ELM. 

Javier Tessari

Signed with Manager at Inclusion Management

Javier is a fluently bilingual writer, director, and general jack of all trades with strong television samples and an internationally distributed feature. Growing up in Guatemala before emigrating to the US for film school, he was drawn to large scale adventure films with oddball characters. 

Javier was a Finalist in the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship. 

Monique Peek

Signed with Manager at Range Media

Monique Peek, a Detroit native, earned her law degree, and thereafter she worked at entertainment industry powerhouses like CAA, Paramount, DreamWorks, Warner Bros., ABC, and Fox, while honing her writing skills. Monique's pilot, Hell Explained! a semi-finalist, respectively, in the 2019 ScreenCraft Pilot competition has been optioned by Anonymous Nobodies production company.

Monique was also a Finalist in the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Xavier Burgin

Signed with Manager at Brillstein Entertainment Partners

Xavier Neal-Burgin is a writer/director from USC's School of Cinematic Arts. He’s the Director of Shudder’s first original documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror. He’s also a Sundance Fellow, HBO alumni, Ryan Murphy Half Fest alum, semi-finalist for The Student Academy Awards, and a director for the Emmy nominated series, Giants. 

“It’s been an amazing amount of work happening since I won the Screencraft Drama competition in 2018. It’s a marathon, not a race. I’ve learned that building your career can be a slow climb.  The accomplishment I’m most proud of is directing Horror Noire, a documentary focusing on the history of black people within the horror genre from the 1900s to today.”

Xavier won the 2018 ScreenCraft Drama Screenplay Competition

Carlo & Erin Carere

Signed with Agent at Seven Stars Agency

Born in Naples, Italy, Carlo was a Captain of the Carabinieri for 12 years before switching to screenwriting. An award-winning novelist, he was also a series regular on Italy’s longest-running TV show. Erin was born 'n' raised in rural MN before attending the U of MN (B.A. in English Lit, Magna Cum Laude) and the prestigious Manhattan School of Music. They've been writing together since 2014. Carlo & Erin would like to write the next Homeland with a dash of Lost!

The writing team was a Finalist in the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship. 

Gabriel Cruz 

Signed with Manager at 3 Arts Entertainment

“Winning the Screencraft Pilot Launch Comedy Competition really jumpstarted my journey. Almost like the flip of a switch, I went from total outsider to multiple managers requesting meetings with me, which was critical for someone with minimal to no connections like myself. Thanks to Screencraft’s own Tom Dever, I never felt like I was navigating this new world on my own; I always felt like I had someone in my corner. I still feel that way. Burning for a chance to get my writing out there, I can only show tremendous gratitude for Screencraft’s dedication and commitment to new writers and helping them develop a promising career and finding representation. They definitely work hard and empathize with newcomers to the industry.”

Gabe won the half-hour category of the 2018 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Screenplay Competition with his script The King Is Dead.

Nicole Ramberg

Signed with Manager at Zero Gravity

Nicole aspires to write feature films that you can grow old with — emotional but uplifting stories that resonate with audiences of all ages.

“I was really drawn to ScreenCraft specifically because of the genre-specific competitions. So many competitions will categorize your script as either “drama” or “comedy,” and when you have a genre script, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I realized that ScreenCraft had an Action & Adventure competition. I entered hoping I’d maybe get some recognition, maybe get some contacts. I never expected to win. And when I did, ScreenCraft seriously opened so many doors for me.”

Nicole won the 2019 ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition with her script The Ghosts of Le Griffon. 

Varta Torossian

Signed with Manager at CSP Management

Vartanoush Torossian (Varta) has a mixed cultural background – Middle Eastern and Eastern European. She grew up traveling with a ballet company, absorbing different cultures, which later inspired her work. She went on to earn two Master’s degrees in Directing and Screenwriting, the latter from AFI. 

Varta was a 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund Finalist. 

Tevin Knight

Signed with Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment and The Gersch Agency, and he set his pilot up at Amazon!

Born and raised in NJ, inspired to create by watching the great works of Hanna-Barbera. Fresh off winning the ScreenCraft Fellowship, Tevin is on a mission to build a catalog of television shows and characters that rival his idols in volume. 

“Imagine me back in January. A completely unknown writer, my name indistinguishable to anyone in this industry and wondering why I exhausted eight gnawing years of my life to this goal of using my imagination for a living. In an industry thronged with hurdles, I’ve found that the tallest one is simply joining it. I had ideas and passion. I just needed the introduction. That’s where ScreenCraft came in. And it’s why everyone looking for their start should apply. I actually lost this and other competitions many times before finally winning. I know how exhausting it is to fail, and I know how futile it may seem to repeat yourself, but I guarantee you, all that previous failure was worth my current success. I implore that you keep losing until you finally don’t. It’s worth the stress.”

Tevin was a recipient of the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship. 

Omar Kamara + Jalmer Caceres

Signed with Manager at Zero Gravity Management

Omar Kamara & Jalmer Caceres are children of immigrants from Sierra Leone and El Salvador, respectively. With one being raised outside of DC and the other in LA, the two met at the American Film Institute. They bonded over the difficulties of a multicultural upbringing and their genuine love for storytelling. They intend to use their platform to tell the stories of Africa and Latinx culture.

"What we loved about the ScreenCraft Fellowship was their emphasis on fresh voices. We understand that we are still growing as screenwriters and that perhaps we’re a bit raw, but we FELT that we had a voice. We knew that our story of Sierra Leonean immigrants and inter-generational conflicts deserved to be told. So, I guess we were hoping that the ScreenCraft Fellowship would see value in this voice and help us move forward by opening doors and introducing us to people that we had no access to.”

Omar & Jalmer were finalists in the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Jennifer Dunn

Signed with Manager at Rascality Entertainment

“I was introduced to my rep by ScreenCraft after being a finalist in the ScreenCraft Fellowship. I’d received lots of advice from screenwriters a little more established than myself about signing with a manager, so I took that into account when meeting with David. We hit it off, he understood my voice and what I’m trying to accomplish with my scripts, and here we are.”

Jennifer was a Finalist in the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Competition.

John Bickerstaff

Signed with Manager at Stride Management

John was raised in Maine in a reclusive, homeschooling family, and worked at the local library to put himself through Film School. His support staff credits include Mad Men, Westworld, and The Romanoffs

John was a 2019 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Competition winner. 

Alex Green & Ben Powell

Script acquired by Alcon Entertainment. 

Alex & Ben won the 2015 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition, for their feature, Plague Ship. 

Lisa Jay

Signed with Manager at HG5 Entertainment

Lisa’s horror at sea script The Seraphim won Grand Prize in the Search For New Blood competition this year, and her horror fairy tale The Domovoi landed on The Bitchlist 2020. She writes feature horrors and thrillers with supernatural and psychological themes. She’s been heavily involved in the supernatural her whole life, growing up poor in the Midwest in a haunted house.

Lisa was a Finalist in the 7th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Competition

Jackson DeLoach

Signed with Manager at Epicenter Management

Jackson DeLoach is a screenwriter, director and voice actor from Compton, CA. He recently gained representation with Epicenter after his half hour pilot, An American Tragedy, was a finalist and received an honorable mention in the 2019 Screencraft Animation Screenplay Competition. 

Paul Mendelson

Signed with Manager at Zero Gravity

Paul is a highly accomplished screenwriter, novelist, and creator of television series in the UK. He was a Finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Screenplay Competition.

Douglas Williams 

Signed with Manager at Infinity Management International

Douglas Williams' award-winning plays have been produced across the country, in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and beyond. Currently he is adapting his play SHITHEADS into a half-hour comedy series. 

There is no way I would have found my agent the way I did were it not for ScreenCraft. It was an honor all its own to be named runner-up for their new stage play contest, but the way they went to bat for me and championed my work following the contest was incredible. ScreenCraft got my play in front of some of my writing heroes who were judges for the contest, and just a few months later I’d signed with my agent at WME. Prior to ScreenCraft, I honestly had no idea how to even approach an agent. Their resources and guidance helped me reach the next level and I’m extremely grateful. ”

Douglas was the runner-up to the inaugural ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition in 2018 for his play Ship

Rachel Feldman

Signed with Well Told Entertainment

Rachel is an accomplished DIRECTOR with more than 75 credits in broadcast/cable series/movies. As a WRITER she creates pilots and features across genres, and her stories are always infused with female protagonists and a progressive, inclusive world view. 

Rachel won the 2019 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Screenplay Competition.

T.A. Snyder

Signed with Manager at Zero Gravity

Recipient of the 2014  ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, T.A. Snyder subsequently signed with literary management at Zero Gravity where he has film and TV projects in active development! His pilot “Dead Men” was recently acquired by Endgame Entertainment!

Valerie Brotski

Signed with Manager at Logical Talent

Valérie is currently shopping a Nordic noir murder mystery series, Broken Angels, based on the book. She worked on several comedies, including The Office, and on Desperate Housewives, where she wrote two episodes in the final seasons. While her film and TV scripts tend to be female-focused and explore the darker side of humanity, she also has the flexibility to write different genres. 

Valerie was a Finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition. 

Emily Cheever

Signed with Manager at Affirmative Entertainment

Emily is a Los Angeles based writer currently working on the CW’s DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW. Her first episode “I Am Legends” premiered in May 2020. Inspired by adventure serials, she seeks to write new adventures for 2020 and beyond by highlighting inclusion in storytelling.

Emily was the winner at the ScreenCraft Screenwriters Residency Program in Jamaica. 

Ali Imran Zaidi

Signed with Manager at Circle of Confusion

LA BIPOC writer of TV and features, lived on three continents, and under-served characters are his jam! 

Ali was a category winner in the 2020 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition.

Kenyetta Raelyn

Signed with Manager at Circle of Confusion & Staffed at Warner Media

Kenyetta Raelyn is an award-winning Los Angeles-based screenwriter and filmmaker. Recently she was a participant in The Writers Lab NYC, supported by Meryl Streep and NWIFT. 

“Winning ScreenCraft Drama competition has been a significant moment in my career so far.  The moment I sat down to write “Borderline” in 2018, it started opening doors for me and turned a few heads. Proves that writing one good script can change everything. I have yet to have my biggest turning point.  I do believe that’s still to come.”

Kenyetta won the 2019 Screencraft Drama Screenplay Competition with her feature BORDERLINE. 

Lucy Luna

Staffed as a Writer on CBS’ ALL-RISE

Lucy’s multi-award-winning feature script, Sophie & Valentina, has led her to the beginning of her professional journey, having won the 2019 HBOAccess Writing Fellowship, the ScreenCraft Fellowship, and placing on the Young & Hungry List. 

Before ScreenCraft I was listening to so many opinions, and I realized I had no real specific direction because all the advice was great but were so different, and were not tailor-made for me. After winning, everything changed. Everything became clear. I knew what I wanted and needed and knew what next steps to take. There are so many contests out there and it can get scary. I get it: I’m afraid to go back and see how much money I spent on competitions that were not worth it. ScreenCraft isn’t one of them. ScreenCraft cares. They are proactive, supportive, and are willing to push hard for you.”

Lucy won the 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Tom Radovich

Optioned Script to 2A Entertainment

Tom was the winner of the 2019 ScreenCraft Family Screenplay Competition

Natasha Ngaiza

Accepted into 2020 Palm Springs Film Festival

“My parents are from Tanzania and I grew up in London, Manhattan and the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. I typically write about the experiences that are close to my own- stories about Black women, African immigrant women and mothers. When I originally entered the ScreenCraft Film Fund, I was hoping it would motivate me to keep writing. When I won, it gave me a huge boost of confidence and allowed my dream of the film to become a reality. I probably would not have made the film if I hadn’t won the ScreenCraft Film Fund.”

Natasha was a winner of the 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund Competition

Ken Mora

Signed with UK-based publisher Markosia

Ken Mora is an American graphic novelist, screenwriter, and animation director, and won the 2019 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition

Nick Taussig

A Space In Time, to be released in the UK by Bohemia Media and represented for international sales by Reservoir Docs.

"My advice to emerging screenwriters is that the key is to ensure that if you do write something deeply personal, you think of the audience also. It’s very easy for such work to come off as either emotional catharsis or self-indulgence, so it’s about harnessing your unique and heartfelt experience into something that will nevertheless resonate with audiences. ‘Why would someone else, who does not know me, want to sit through this?’ Keep on asking this question as you write."

Nick Taussig is an established author, a BAFTA-winning producer, and a recipient of the 2020 ScreenCraft Film Fund Competition. 

Lee Whitten

Signed with a rep at APA Agency

Having moved frequently across the South before settling in Oklahoma, Lee Whitten is a writer whose work reflects a deep focus on unique settings and the characters who populate them. 

Lee was a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Finalist

Ushmey Chakraborty

Optioned Script to Buffalo 8

Ushmey was a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Finalist

Annie Nishida

Signed with Manager at Empirical Evidence and Staffed at Disney Channel

Annie Nishida is a writer+illustrator who creates content that showcases the awkwardness of growing up as a person of color, and is currently a staff writer on Disney Channel's GABBY DURAN & THE UNSITTABLES.

“My career really took off when I became a finalist in ScreenCraft’s Pilot Launch and Fellowship Competitions. The ScreenCraft team is extremely supportive and make it clear that they’re always willing to help with advice, industry introductions, and anything else that an emerging writer would possibly need to succeed.”

Annie was a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Finalist

Georgina Love

Signed with Manager at Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

“The Australian industry is a tough one to break into and I really struggled to get my work in front of anyone. After gaining notoriety through the ScreenCraft competition, I gained much more confidence in my work. After winning ScreenCraft, I had people championing my work and creating opportunities that had been unattainable before. It led me to write more and be calm and collected in the meetings that came out of it.”

Georgina was the Winner of the 2018 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship

Kevin Bachar

Signed with Manager at Zero Gravity

Kevin Bachar is a three-time EMMY award-winning producer, writer and cinematographer who formed the documentary production company Pangolin Pictures in 1995. 

“After winning, I immediately got meetings at Bad Robot and Donner Productions, which is pretty damn amazing! Winning ScreenCraft’s Action/Thriller genre was amazing and set me on a pretty wild ride that’s led me to gaining a literary manager at Zero Gravity. But the coolest thing was that one of the judges for the contest was Steven De Souza, the writer of DIE HARD. That means he read my work, and thought it was worthy of winning the top spot. Let me write that again – the screenwriter of DIE HARD read my script and liked it!!!!”

Kevin won the 2018 ScreenCraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition with his feature EDISON’S GHOST.

Nicole Cohen

Signed with Manager at Heroes & Villains Entertainment

“This is my first script, so I was brand new! I’d always wanted to write, but hadn’t put myself out there yet. So taking the step to open my work up to contests was a vulnerable one. After winning, I grew confidence and a thicker skin. I spoke with a producer from my jury who was generous and encouraging, and found my manager whom I adore, as well as the producers who are developing my script into a feature. It is truly a lifelong dream realized.”

Nicole placed as a winner in the ScreenCraft Sci-fi & Fantasy Competition with her feature screenplay ARTEMIS 1.

Sean Collins-Smith

Signed with Manager at 3 Arts Entertainment

A former midnight shift/crime journalist from Richmond, Virginia. 

“I can say, with 100% honesty, that my entire life changed after winning. Before winning, I was in Richmond, Virginia. Next thing I knew, I was taking generals at all these companies I would’ve never dreamed of stepping foot into – Bad Robot, Scott Free, Appian Way. None of that would’ve happened without winning. Now that I’ve signed with 3Arts, I can safely say that wouldn’t have happened without screenwriting contests.”

Sean placed as the one hour runner up in the 2019 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Screenplay Competition LOST IN THE FLOOD

Mike Green & Brien Kelly

Had their film released by Lionsgate!

“We had been writing our entire lives and produced a few well-regarded shorts, but the project we submitted was our first feature screenplay. After placing with it, we spoke to some representation and got a taste for how that side of the business works. It gave us greater confidence and motivation to get cracking on more projects. ScreenCraft sets itself apart from other contests. They have top tier industry connections that will get you noticed if your work is good enough.” 

Watch the trailer for their film here!

Mike & Brien were Finalists in the 2014 ScreenCraft HorrorScreenplay Competition

Janine DeMaria

Signed with Manager at Rain Management

Janine DeMaria, a former corporate drone, then former flight attendant is now a playwright and film/TV writer and a graduate of NYU's Tisch M.F.A. program in Dramatic Writing. 

“I really like ScreenCraft because of the quality of their judges and the opportunity to receive feedback from them. It’s incredibly helpful and my writing has improved because of it. My manager is always encouraging me to enter my work into competitions because it’s a great selling point to be able to use when landing me assignments and deals – but be sure that the competitions are reputable and respected like ScreenCraft!”

Janine was a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Finalist

Natalie Paige Bentley

Signed with Manager at EG Literary & Talent

“ScreenCraft was a game-changer for me, and I would not have had the year I have had if it were not for them. They have, by far, been the best out of any of the screenwriting competitions, festivals, and communities. My eventual manager gave my spec, Katharine to Tesla, Faithfully Yours a read after it placed in ScreenCraft and rallied behind that story.”

Natalie was a 2018 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Screenplay Competition Finalist. 

Corey Hill

Signed with The Jackson Agency

Corey Hill is a human rights activist, journalist, fiction writer, and poet. 

“Before entering ScreenCraft, I was completely on the ground floor. Though I had some publishing history in other realms of fiction, I was completely starting out as a screenwriter. If you opt for their script feedback, you won’t regret it. Having folks inside the industry who actually know what they’re talking about provide structured feedback is invaluable. I submitted revised versions of scripts based on this feedback, and was able to place in the contest due in no small part to this feedback.”

Corey was a Finalist in the 2019 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Screenplay Competition

Maisie Culver 

Staffed on Syfy 

"ScreenCraft’s screenwriting competitions helped because they were a nice way to gauge how I was progressing as a writer. Also, I come from a TV comedy background and that means that when people meet me, they expect that I can only do TV comedies. Winning ScreenCraft’s Horror Screenplay Competition has been an extremely useful way for me to show people that I have range. I  joined the staff of SyFy’s DAY OF THE DEAD and that has been an absolute blast."

Maisie won the 2019 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition.

Kelly Beck-Byrnes

Signed with Manager at Original Artists

“My advice for any aspiring writer: get lots of feedback before sharing a draft with managers or producers. If someone you respect doesn’t love your script, listen to the feedback and rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. There have been many times I’ve thought I should give up and walk away. But a bigger part of me says, shut up, you whiny moron, and keep writing!”

Kelly placed as a Finalist in the 2017 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship.

Jen Bieser

Signed with Manager at Volition Entertainment

In 1996, Jen moved to Italy to be a poet and now owns a business in Germany. Her features have won/placed in several competitions and festivals.

“ScreenCraft introduced me to other finalists with their Finalists Facebook group – it’s excellent fun supporting each other and watching everyone grow. Then there is the ScreenCraft Writer’s Summit; as a finalist, this was a once in a lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to drink margaritas with legendary Steven DeSouza and chat with inspiring David Rabinowitz, who had just won an Oscar. Once you’re a finalist with, you become part of their writer family; they genuinely invest their time in your growth and success.”

Jen placed as a Finalist in the 2018 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Competition, with her spec script Michael Wants to Marry

Elie El Choufany

Signed with APA Agency

Elie Choufany got his B.A. in Film Studies in Beirut, Lebanon, after which he received his Masters in Screenwriting from the London Film School in 2014. He wrote his first TV series ‘Arabs in Space’ in Lebanon, after which he moved to Los Angeles, California where he wrote his first animated feature-length film for LIONSGATE.

“For quite a bit of my adult life, placing in a prestigious screenwriting competition such as ScreenCraft’s Screenwriting Fellowship was the goal. During the spectacular whirlwind that is the ScreenCraft fellowship, the ScreenCraft team introduced me to my manager as well as setting up meetings with some of the biggest studios and the most influential people in the film and television industry. This experience has genuinely filled me with so much gratitude and humility, and I am now more driven than ever to keep pushing forward. What hasn’t changed however is my passion for storytelling and my crippling addiction to coffee.”

Elie was a 2019 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Winner

Kevin Kai Ming Wang (KEFF)

Accepted into Cannes Film Festival and Signed with UTA

"With ScreenCraft, it was great to be able to get clear, direct feedback from a skilled reader’s first impression – what’s working and what isn’t, what’s compelling and what isn’t, and their understanding of the story and what elements of it that they really gravitated towards. For me, it was a helpful reminder going into the production of what the film was really about. For my most exciting accomplishment, I should say Cannes, but honestly, it was showing a rough cut to my Mom and getting her thumbs up."

Kevin was the Fall 2019 ScreenCraft Film Fund winner,  for his film, “Taipei Suicide Story.”

Mithra Alavi

Signed with Manager at Cartel Management

Mithra B. Alavi is an Iranian American director/writer who grew up in North East Tennessee. After a very confusing and culture clashing upbringing, Mithra decided that the only way to make sense of her weird life was through storytelling. 

Mithra’s short film, “Leila’s Gift”was selected as the Runner-Up for 2019 Screencraft Short Film Competition.

Rich Orstad

Optioned Script to Noble Film Company

“ScreenCraft has been so helpful along the way. I started entering competitions only six years ago and the genre-specific nature of ScreenCraft’s competitions were a perfect fit. The feedback I received from readers there were excellent and helped pinpoint issues that could be improved. And after being a finalist in several ScreenCraft Family Competitions, the team at ScreenCraft introduced me to several producers who expressed interest in them. ScreenCraft has been very helpful along this journey.”

Rich placed as a Feature Winner in the 2020 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Screenplay Competition, for his feature, Endurance. 

Moira O’Neill

Signed with a Manager at 3Arts Entertainment

Moira currently serves as Creative Executive to Hannah Freidman on multiple projects. 

“ScreenCraft has been a wonderful resource for me. I felt when I was first starting out that the most important thing to have was representation. If I had that, I would finally be able to relax (ha) and then I’d get some writing done (ha ha). ScreenCraft believed in my work. They’ve stopped at nothing to get me represented at a company that aligns with my goals. The positive reinforcement of having them on my side, plus the endless action around building a larger network of support for me is something I could never have given myself on my own, as much as I’d tried.”

Moira was a Runner-Up in the 2020 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Screenplay Competition

Travis Neufeld

Signed with Manager at Bellevue Productions. 

“ScreenCraft really helped when I was seeking representation. Being new to the industry, it was good to have a team to offer insight on the representation process. Outside of that, I’ve found Screencraft’s Q&A’s very informative and inspirational.”

Travis placed as a Pilot winner at the 2020 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition with his pilot, Paragone. 

Asabi Lee & Paul Hart-Wilden

Signed with Manager at Story Driven

Unscripted ShowRunner by day Independent Filmmaker and screenwriter by night out to create as many great stories as she can, regardless of format. 

Asabi & Paul won the 2020 ScreenCraft Horror Screenplay Competition, with their feature, Haunting at 1600.

Looking at these successes in 2020, there is even more reason for hope and setting writing  goals for 2021. Here is ScreenCraft’s 2021 Competitions calendar, and we hope to read your stories and work with you towards your goals! 

Neha Dutta is an Indian origin screenwriter and director living in Los Angeles. She currently manages the ScreenCraft competitions and loves meeting new writers! Alongside her ScreenCraft role, Neha also helps local film festivals. She managed numerous TV shows in her previous role as an Executive Producer in India, before getting her second Master’s in Screenwriting at Art Center College of Design. She loves a good series binge with her dog!


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