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Winter 2016 Short Film Production Fund Semifinalists Announced!

by Cameron Cubbison on February 16, 2017

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to be recipients of the 2016 Winter ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund backed by BondIt. Culled from more than 900 submissions, the scripts in contention are listed below. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the fund recipients, on here, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.

Abby Thompson Lovely Legs
Aina Dumlao Diwa
Aitan Shachar To Ensure your Compliance
Alan Brooks The Light
Alexander Clavijo Black Magic
Alicia Harris Pick
Amber Lee Cunnie and Bianca
Ande Case The Interview
Andre LeBlanc Last Words
Andrew Blackman Squeal
Andy McGuire Divine Force
Andy Mazeika Buddy Carry
Anna Alaimo Dickhead
Ari Dassa Some Hood Named Freddie
Aurelien Laine Kimjang
Avery Anthony The Boogeybook
Barry Gerdsen Since Eight O'Clock In The Morning
Ben Glassman Cisza
Benedict Campbell The High Bridge
Beth de Araújo I Want To Marry A Creative Jewish Girl
Bishal Dutta Life in Color
Bryan Fugal Long Haul
Bryian Montgomery Montage of The Messiah
Candice Carella Three Days in a Hole.
Carrick Moore Gerety Forever Young
Carrick Moore Gerety Tramp Republic
Cassidy Burcher Boxhead's Window
Catherine Y Fridey The Wish
Charlotte Mars Girl And Body
Christian Walsh Weltschmerz
Colin Scott Body Blows
Corey Moore The Visit
Dan Fite Momma Jenny and The Brooks Boys
Dan McPeake Human Graffiti
Dani Milton Legoland
Daniel Jewel London Shisha
Danielle Ivancich Twentyfiveish
Danyal Budare His Name Isn't God
Dara Van Dusen The Blind Man
Darren Westwood Bob Zombie
Daryn Castle Expiration Date
Dawn Burgess This Road
Desirée Proctor Wonder World
Diego Pino Tetrada
Dora Valkanova Bully
Edward Klau Blinders
Elizabeth Tompkins Borealis
Emanuel Nisan Board Games
Erick Kwiecien The Clock and Compass
Erin Cantelo Louella
Francesca Maraki Inhale
Gabriel Olson Ashes to Ashes
Gabriela McNicoll Beeda after the Wake
Gabrielle Gozo The Dead of Night
Greg Takoudes The Limit of Wooded Country
Gregory Orr GASP
Halima Lucas Broken Wings
Harishankarnaidu Tamminana My Name is Viraji
Huay-Bing Law June
Ian Gilbertson Dr Figment
Jacki Stolfi Black Noise
Jacob Guy Arcadia
Jamaal Scott Kings
James Bromley XKWX
James Schlesinger These Broken Wings
Jason Georgiades Slice
Jason Pierre Existential Donut
Jean Lee Strong
Jeff Thieme The Last Day
Jennie Fahn To Pleasure A Princess
Joel Kohn The Mirror
John (Jay) Reid Heel
Joseph Russell The Dating Booth
Josh Miller The Escape
Joshua Winnington The Tree That Bore No Fruit
Julia Gorniewicz Marilyn Brando
Julia Cancella Tommy and the Geometric Figures or Why Tommy Can't Be Happy
Julian Wolff It's A Match
Karl Mather Like. Share.
Kati Rediger Mother's Milk
Kelly Lamphear-Dash The Secret Club
Kevin Barth Pity
Kevin Lin Death to Punk
Kimberly Seilhamer The Lighthouse
Kosmo Crocco PunchBag Man
Krista Ray Unprotected
Kristina Leath-Malin One for the Road
Krystal White Barry
Kyle McFadden Business Meeting
Lane Lyle Distress
Laura Sweeney Mommy Mafia
Lauren Finerman Paper Birds
Lisa Romagnoli Clamming and Grief
Lisanne Sartor Heimlich
Luca Maria Piccolo Hold On Let Go
Lucy Jordan Buddy
Marco Santiago Child Narco
Mark Dresner Mayor Merry
Mark Landry The Zit
Matthew Thorne The Sand That Ate The Sea
Matthew Leigh Double Booked
Maude Michaud Control
Melissa Hickey Emily
Michael Suter The Blur
Michael McNeff The Hunting of the Snark
Miguel Ramirez Peacefully
Mitch Bradford Alice
Myna Joseph No Fault
Naomi Soneye-Thomas Born Evil
Naomi Sheridan The Fundraiser
Natasha Dahlberg Prawn Cocktail
Natasha Mynhier Saved By Savion
Nic fforde Ralph Styles Ultra
Nicholas Shultz 4R
Nicholas Jaquinot The Long Shadow
Nicholas Julius Under The Hood
Nicolas Delgado WebCam
Nicole Quinn An Act of God!
Nicole Kemper Life's Work
Nicole Teeny Public Pool
Nir Shelter Healing Matters
Olivia Nelson "Perspectives"
Raamla Mohamed To The Bride And Groom
Rachel Rinehardt Kitrie Makes Waves
Rakesh Baruah Sugar Baby
Ralph Odierna Spa Day
Riccardo Manuele The Dream Orchestra
Robert Porter The Sommeliers
Rohit Thakur Last Hope
Rosy Barnes Moniker
Ryan Leeder The Good Samaritans
Sam Buchanan The Hand of the Duke
Sarah Stupar Beatrix
Sasa Numic True Friend
Sean Addo Half-Caste
Selvir Katich Rogue Hunter
Shahriar Azim Coyote
Shane Joseph Willis Earth Rise
Shannon Marinko The Frontier
Shreyom Ghosh The Rise of the Pisces
Simbarashe Mahachi Solus
Stefan Schaefer I Am Because You Are
Steven Crawford Isabella & the Pot of Basil
Talia Zucker Child
Timothy Benson Cupcakes
Timothy Barkwill Shade
Tina Field Howe Schooled at the Pool
Tom Oliver Last Night In The Forest
Travis Opgenorth Before Dishonor
Tyler Stephenson Missing Persons
Ursula Ellis Crick in the Holler
Will Goodfellow Believer
Will Nixon The Thief & The Alchemist


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