Watch The Spring 2016 Short Film Production Fund Winner 'Frolic 'n Mae'!

by ScreenCraft - updated on August 18, 2020
January 2020 Update: ScreenCraft grant recipient Danny Madden has gone on to premiere his feature film Beast Beast at Sundance with Alec Baldwin exec-producing!

Frolic ‘N Mae, written and directed by Danny Madden under his Ornana banner, was announced as the recipient of the Spring 2016 Short Film Production Fund. Danny received $10,000 in cash from ScreenCraft and BondIt + production resources from Buffalo 8 Productions. If you have a short film project seeking additional financial resources, please apply here.

Today we’re excited to share the finished film with you, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the production!

The project centers on playful and imaginative ten-year-old Mae. Bored and an outcast at her cousin’s birthday party, she responds by creating Frolic, who, according to Madden, is “a little monster born of ink and cardboard who comes to life as a manifestation of her pent-up energy.” When Frolic escapes and starts wreaking havoc on the neighborhood, Mae must frantically track him down and come to terms with her differentness in the process. The visionary and ambitious project blends real elements, actors and practical effects with 2D character animation.

It's currently being featured in a coveted slot as a Vimeo Staff Pick and featured on Short Of The Week! Watch below and congratulate the filmmakers on Twitter at @OrnanaFilms.

Frolic 'n Mae from ornana on Vimeo.

Check out this fun video for a glimpse of the astonishing creativity and effort that went into this amazing project:

And if you’re curious about the filmmakers or missed the original announcement, you can read more here.

Have a short film project of your own? The deadline for the current round of the Short Film Production Fund is June 30. Apply today!

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