The Top Screenwriting Contests 2017 - with Dates and Deadlines

by ScreenCraft - updated on May 5, 2017

Looking for the top screenwriting contests in 2017? We've compiled a list the top 10 screenwriting contests, including dates and deadlines for 2017.  Have any suggestions for excellent contests or fellowships that we missed? See below for our free download with the most prestigious screenwriting contests and fellowships the industry offers.

As an aspiring screenwriter, your time and resources are likely limited. Screenwriting contests can be a great way to get some traction and exposure in the industry, but there are also some scams out there.  How do you know which contests are worth entering?

Three aspects are worth investigating:

A little research goes a long way here, and it's worth investing enough time to get a general sense of how other writers and industry types feel about any contest you're considering entering. This list contains only the most well-regarded contests.

Cash prizes are great, of course, but contests that can offer industry access are often the most valuable -- especially if you live outside of L.A. It's best to avoid vague promises to send your script to nameless "industry pros." Be sure the contest lists specific names of people who are involved in judging.

Look for contests with a track record. Do past winners report success? That's a good sign.

We've put together a list of contests that meet these criteria. ScreenCraft's contests are included in this list because we work hard to meet all the above standards. We only included a limited list of top contests. If there are any others that you've had great experiences with, please let us know if the comments below!



Winning a screenplay contest is a great way to build your reputation as a screenwriter. Contests have led to writers selling scripts, signing with managers and agents and getting staffed on paid writing positions at major Hollywood studios.

If you want to learn more about ScreenCraft contests, see our full list of genre-specific screenplay contests here.


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