Top 5 Best Screenplay Coverage Services

by ScreenCraft - updated on May 17, 2023

Script coverage is the term used for the analysis and reviewing of screenplays. In Hollywood, it's usually part of the creative development process, the first review step that a spec script receives as it makes its way up the chain of command at a studio, production company or literary agency or management company.

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For the past nearly 7 years, we've been providing screenplay development consulting to screenwriters and producers in Los Angeles and around the world. Trust us... there are a lot of different types of script coverage and those who offer it.

We know almost all of the script coverage services in Los Angeles, and according to our anecdotal conversations with development executives, writers and producers, these are the best professional services that offer script coverage to the general public.

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Here's our list of the top 5 best screenplay coverage services in Hollywood: 

ScreenCraft Screenplay Coverage - while we're not officially including our own script development services in this list because, well, that would be a bit presumptuous, we are proud of the successful track record we have helping writers develop their projects and connect with the entertainment industry.

  1. WeScreenplay - This company is listed first because it's so fast, affordable and popular with emerging and professional writers alike. Coverage is delivered within 72 hours. Prices range from $69 for 4 full pages of creative notes, to $199 for even more comprehensive deep-dive development analysis from an experienced Hollywood script reader. All WeScreenplay readers have at least of year of experience reading for a major studio, production company, agency or manager. Full disclosure: WeScreenplay is also partially owned by ScreenCraft's parent company.
  2. Bulletproof Script Coverage - This service is offered by Indie Film Hustle, the popular blog, podcast and YouTube channel that provides info and education, presented by filmmaker Alex Ferrari. We love that they list bios of their top readers on the website, showing their experience reading for top producers, TV networks and studios. The basic package includes 3+ pages of detailed notes, and their turnaround time is only 5 days. Prices start at only $99 for the Silver package and go up to $190 for the Gold package.
  3. Script Reader Pro - What we love about Script Reader Pro is that they’re a team of professional screenwriters who’ve sold scripts and know how to help you do the same. Chose one of their pro writers specialized in the genre of your script and receive not just coverage notes, but an action plan on how to improve your feature, TV or short script. They take great care in lining up the perfect reader, who can also be hired for a 12-week mentorship program to bring your script and craft to a new level. Their basic script coverage costs $169, and includes 4+ pages of specific and hands-on advice on your screenplay from a reader of your choice and can be turned around within 48 hours or less.
  4. Launch Pad Studio Coverage - Tracking Board's Launch Pad coverage is an excellent choice for more advanced emerging writers. Get studio-style script coverage, including logline, synopsis and character breakdowns.
  5. Coverage, Ink - Since 2002, Coverage Ink has been serving up high-quality script coverage for industry professionals and aspiring writers alike. Standard analysis for a feature film screenplay starts at $129 and includes at least 5 pages of thorough analysis from a professional reader. Turnaround time is 10 days, but they offer rush services as well.

Also, if you're looking for FREE feedback on your script, consider using Coverfly's coverflyX free peer script exchange.

Other paid services that are well worth mentioning:

The Black List - While this service isn't exactly a script coverage service, they do offer affordable script feedback and a unique talent-discovery platform. When you order feedback from The Black List's website, you'll receive a score on a 10-point scale which will show up to industry professionals who may use the platform to discover scripts. The cost for an evaluation from The Black List is $75, and the subscription cost to host a screenplay on The Black List's searchable database is $25/month per script.

Shore Scripts - originally a UK-based company now in Los Angeles, this is a great service with deep ties to the entertainment industry and some impressive success stories. Prices start at $80 for 2 pages of feedback on your feature screenplay.

Story Pros - Offering in-depth StoryNotes and traditional script coverage, prices start at $100.

Industrial Scripts - Based in the UK, Industrial Scripts has grown to be a very popular script coverage service for professional and emerging screenwriters. The company was founded in 2010 by a former script reader and consultant for Warner Bros and Paramount. Prices start at $175 for feature film script coverage.

Have you received great script coverage from a service that's not listed here? Let us know in the comments and/or on Twitter or Facebook! We'd love to hear about your experience.

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