Spring 2023 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on March 22, 2023

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the Spring 2023 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch. These exceptional pitches were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to these writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on April 5th on our blog and on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"A CO's Obsession" Tirmira Robinson
"CIU" Pitch Jacalyn Wetzel
"The Lizzies" Trevor Edwards
5:30 - Close Pitch Jarryd Clark
A Sweet, Soft Glow Josh Magnotta
Ace Keegan Luther
Amanda Breadbrenner Aaron Carter
ANGELA DiTanya Zamudio-Serrano
Apocalypse Not! Timothy Guay
Before and After Shantell Jackson
Big Boy Chello C. Houston
Blackland County Josh Taylor
Bloody Mary Kylie Boersma
BLOW Maggie Mae Fish
BS James Murphy
But Some of Us Are Brave Jainaba Seckan
Cafe UnAmerican Goldie Jones
Caper Miles Labat
Capitol Joe David Legel, Andy Aguila
Channel 7 Shauna Jarrett
Cirque Elliot Lewis
CIRQUS Marshall Seese, Jr.
Code & Crime Rosemary Lokhorst
CODE DEATH Olga Gabris
Columbia Vladimir Moskovkin
Craving Robert La Rocca
Creeping Suspicion Jon Berg
Cyberkill Mike Parker, Ashley Wren Collins
DataLife David Hauck
Devil's Bend Brian Padian
Diary of A Mafiosa Georgia Sampson
Don't Go There Rudi O'Meara
Dumb Hot People Myrriah Gossett
East of the Sun Loi Huynh
Eos Clare Griffin
Fair Winds Danny Duffy, Meredith Vey
Flower Power Nicholas Erickson
For The Record (2023) Gerardo Garcia
Forced Out of the Closet Kobe Gaeir
FORGOTTEN. The Runaways. kelly stanphill
Fourth Wall Andrew MacDonald
Freedom Fighter Osiris Doumbe
Fuck Her Up Grant MacDermott
Fugitives of Dust J. Aldo Gonzalez, Justin T. Malone
Functioning Ashley Rollerson
Galapagos Haven Mitchell
GANESHA Yashavi Upasani
Gangstress Tamas Bell
Gerryland Molly Bandt, Celia Ramsey
Gumball Teeth Maria Grigoriadis
Hacked By Love Rosemary Lokhorst
Heartwarming Horror Elevator Pitch/1 Page Pitch Jennifer Milne
Helmgard Nick Berry
Holy Mary Ali Mesgaran
House Rules Brian Gene White
I Didn't Kill Your Dog Antonio Hontoria
Influencers Hew Sandison
Izetta WRITTEN PITCH Tamara Steren
Jeff-REE! David John
Journey to the Enchanted Inkwell LD Green
Knotty Dani Hanks
Kosovo Timothy Guay
Lamoon Romain Pham Roellet
Land Of The Brave Steven Le Noir
Legal Ladies Amy Wieseneck
Lemon Curd Eleonora Saravalle
Logos Alexander Blum
Madam Anna Parets
Marcus Aurelius: Human Resources Counselor David Schroeder
Maternal Instinct (Series) Laura Becker
Myself and Gemini Ryan Jones
Nature Is Cruel Elevator Pitch Lauren Gardiner
NDE 613 Michael An'gileo
Never Let Him Go Pitch Tomás Enrique
No Peace, No Justice Matthew Hasty
Nobodys Heroes Michael Elliott
Off Season Greg Fideler
Once More, With Feeling Madison Shields
One More Season: A Love Story Lorin Fife
Organ Luke Sacksteder
Pig & Bear Tommy Heleringer
Primitive Wanjiku Kairu
Prospect: A Young Lords Story Gabriel Morales
PROXY L-2 Heather Ostrove
Razor Moon Julia Diddy
Remnant Miel Miranda
Robot Remedy Hannah Kanbar
Rosanera Carlotta Cosmai, Eleonora Galasso
SAVED John Dyer
School Spirit Charlotte Lobdell, Jack Flynn
SELF CARE Mindy Furano
Simple Beast Erik Odom
Slay Emmy Herzog
SOLARPUNKS Bradford Richardson
Somewhere in Space Hangs My Heart Olga Artemeva
Spectrum Michael Ashdown
Step By Step Suhra Nahib, Loi Huynh
Sucks to Be You Eric Lockaby
SWEAT Alexander Bedria
Taken By The Wind Kathryn Carbone
Taking it Back Khadijah Hayden
Targets Dan McLeod
The Adventures of Archaeological Doug Anthony Fabrizio
The Arthur Hotel - an anthology series Luigi D'Angelo
The Best Friends or: How I Learned to Share Intimacy in Small Spaces      Kal Sisson
The Book of Raquel Olga Holtz
THE CCO Loyall Wilson
THE DEPROGRAMMER 350 Word Pitch Joan Butler
THE EXETER 7 Michael An'gileo
The Gallery Alex Britten
The Happiness Angel  David M Hinds
The Heroine of Wrangel Island Aaron Michael Bailey
The Hunting Party Tyler Jones
THE JEWEL BOX (PITCH) Justin Anthony Long
The Julia Sound Nicole Beck, Robin Blanchard
The Last Supper Nishanth R., Jacob Staudenmaier
The Locust Gene Sue Walker
The Million Year Shift Sam Collins
The Odyssey of Rahul V. Patel Raj Moorjani, Hope C. Tarr
The Outlaw's Daughter Callum Taylor, Courteney Osborne
The Penance Jacob Ayres
The Price of Gloria Maggie Brill
The Red Spade Agency Jermaine Carson
The Red Walk Heidi Lauren Duke
The Rise of Reyna Rivers jeff mustard
The Streamer - Pitch Cam Parkes
The Tremendous Tale of the Tiburon Pirates Andrew Varhol
The Witch's Husband Hannah Rebecca Carlson
The Witches of HR Melissa Tantaquidgeon Zobel
The Work Emily Houghton
The Work Christina Connerton
Trink & Flick Tracey Crosley
Turn Myles Ross
Urban Magic D.M. Zultowski
Volk Frank Parrinello
Werewolves Jennifer Iacobino
What Happened to Haiti? Eric Lemaire
Where is Juan Moctezuma? Alaric Rocha
Wild Life Robert La Rocca
Women Who Lay Eggs and The Men Who Hatch Them Gerardo Garcia
Work in Progress Kathryn Colantuono
Work of Fiction Emma Schulman
YO HO HO! Charlotte Lobdell, Jack Flynn
Yva Eleonora Saravalle

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