Spring 2017 Film Fund Semifinalists Announced!

by Cameron Cubbison on August 3, 2017

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to be recipients of the 2017 Spring ScreenCraft Film Fund backed by BondIt. Culled from more than 900 submissions, the scripts in contention are listed below. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the fund recipients, on here, our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.

4:18 Lisa Bowman
99 Khaled Ridgeway
'Quid Penelope Park
They Eat Your Teeth Shannon Litt
22 Miles From Trenton Michael Field
6 Pack Greg Ash
A Beautiful Chaos Taj McCord
A Bitter Fruit Ryan Weatrowski
A Conversation Among Dying Breeds: A Colorful Companion Lauren Fitzgerald
A Good Man Is Hard To Be Michael Yu
A Man of Principle Ryan Patrick Welsh
A Night Worth Dying For Sarah Edmondson
All-Nighter Josef Ameur
Alright Girl Georgia Oakley
AM / FM Cinder Chou
American Mother Andrew Fleming
American Woman Kathreen Khavari
Among the Wildflowers McKegg Collins
An Understanding of Gravity Nick Bennett
Anna at Home Westley Eldredge
Answich Aly Migliori
Are You Still Singing? Gilly Barnes
Arms Darek Cioch
Asia A Andrew Reid
Aurelia Esther Caporale
Ava and Soph Ava Feneberger
Baba Liam LoPinto
Bad Dreams Ian Stoker-Long
Ball Don't Lie Vincent Defebo
Bar Crawl Denise Carlson
Beast Natalie Peracchio
Before Dishonor Travis Opgenorth
Big Sur Madeleine Woolner
Black Doves Jonathan Machado
Blackout Nick Singer
Blood Stains Blake Vaz
Bone Music Elizabeth Scully
Bonsai Alex Xavier
Books, Beds and Baths Anthony Marinelli
Bored To Death Abi Jarvis
Breakfast & The Killing of a Man. Justin Lockey
Broken Bulbs Quinn Armstrong
Broken Shelter Tim Hewitt
Broken Vessels Terry Ziegelman
Buried Karen Frank
Cake Courtney Stackhouse
Checking Out Thomas Thomas
Cherry Claudia Bailey
Choice Morgan Healy
Club Rat$ Danene Montella
Coda Zoe Jarman
Control Kimberly Gatewood
Cosmo Thomas Thomas
Cowboys & Pakistanis Farraz Khan
Currency Scott Gabriel
Cutter Lindsay Young
Cycle Candace Patrick
Deadline Suraj Das
Dear Frank Emily McGuiness
DeCrowned Karin Maxey
Desert Prayer Amelia Rose Blaire
Deserter Conall Pendergast
Did You Fall? Khurrum M. Sultan
Dinner and a Show Matthew Leigh
Disarming Cupid Luke Guidici
Distant Sky Gareth Peevers
Divine Children Nina Ljeti
Divinity Nelson Downend
Diwa Aina Dumlao
Dog Is Dead Tehya Nicholas
Doors of Mercy abdallah daly
Down To Nothing Rory Kelly
Dragon Kevin Yu
Drifting Rikke Louise Schjødt
Driftwood Joe Greer
Echo Lakota Nine Scott Fleishman
Elysia Noah LePage
Emily Kristi Simkins
Entombment Justin Solaiman
Entrenched Joseph Chebatte
Evil Babies Charles O'Neill
Eyecatcher Jun Shimizu
Falak Rosaline Elbay
Fall Marcus Lee
Fleur de Lies Nicholas Keil
Food Baby Clare Sladden
Freshen Up Vincent Defebo
From Sent Ash to Dancing Ground Maëva Spyropoulos
Game in the Garden James Sadler
Glass Opaque Jeff Beauvoir
God Short Film Gregory Brunkalla
Going Hence Raphael Smith
Gone Jeremiah Kipp
Gone Jeremiah Kipp
Goodnight Death Elsa Levytsky
Grace Rachel Pikelny
Great Waits Sean Leonard
Gutterboy Daniel Aylett
Hands Rodney Wilson
Healing Matters Nir Shelter
Her Story (In Three Parts) Camille Hollett-French
Hide Brian Barnes
How to Be Depressed in the Sunshine Nicholas Thurkettle
How To Kill Yourself Jessica Cleveland
How to Swim Krystal Dawkins
Hunter Hunter Todd Robertson
Hunting Season Hannah Levien
I Am Not Gay Ben Garchar
I'll See You Around Daniel Pfeffer
In The Silence Kristi Simkins
Interrogation Alvaro Franco
Irish Goodbye Adetokumboh M'Cormack
Jacob's Gift Davy Duhamel
Jenkem Jeffrey Sutton
Jenna The Great Dan Tonkin
Killer Christmas Pippa Hinchley
La Sequía Jianna Maarten
Last Laugh Michael Campbell
Last Light Michael Leung and Rita Toledo
Last Patrol on Okinawa Nick Brokaw
Last Strike Zan Gillies
Liaison Jane Barr
Life Drawing Stacey Holderbach
Limit of the Land Matthew Pritchard
Little Miseries Dia Taylor
Little Soul Alina Kulesh
Lizzy Celine Held
Loco Anna Forsyth
Love in the Sky Jeff Smith
Luck of the Irish Steve Reese
Lucky Numbers Michael Frost
Machine 5 Jonny Pasvolsky
Mani Kansas Starr
Manopause Larry Pollack
Medicine Show Blues Jeffrey Howe
Melonie's Gambit Michael Clark
Merle's Thumb Jesse Perry
Messy Water Rodney Wilson
Metalhead Tom Noakes
Millie and Marty Kelsey Stokes
Mockingbird Dena Hysell
Moj Brat (My Brother) Muneb Hassan
Molly and Dave on a Thursday Beth Hoyt
Monster in Our Heads Caitlyn Sponheimer
My 'Friend' Mick Ankush Jindal
My Little Eye Connor Rickman
My Only Sunshine Paul Abajian
Navel Gazers Kimberly Gatewood
No Longer Suitable For Use Julian Joslin
O Beautiful Matthew Lacombe
Our Albertinia Chantel Clark
Packages Gillian McCormack
Parental Guidance is Advised Joshua Ng
Percent Match Kenny Heidt
Perception Otescia Johnson
Pickin' Up Mickey Kelly David Altrogge
Pinball Naveen Chaubal
Plots Melinda Maerker
Portrait of a Spazz Jordan Greer
Progeny Anthony Weintraub
Qing Ming Chee Hao Hui
Rat Race Maggie Connors
Rehab Joel Kohn
Retrograde Millie Rose Heywood
Ride or Die Zeke Farrow
Riverment Shayla Spann
Robin John Sweeney
Runner's Out Blake Michael
Safety Kayla Feijoo
Samantha Strange Trisha Gum
Satellite Flight Davis Northern
SCØUT Matthew Charof
Serious Cutbacks Eddy Hewitt
Shout! Jared Dunne
Silver Coins Tatiane Amnuar
Simulacrum Adrian Bellido
Skip Lawrence Chen
Skite'kmujua'kik "The Place of Ghosts" Bretten Hannam
Small Bones Matisse Ruby
Snakebit Annie Bradford
Soledad and Lucero Laurel Minter
South On Austin Andrew Boyle
Split Yael Shavitt
Spotty Justice Jun Sekiya
Study in Blue Patrick Clement
Sunshine Walker Hare
Superfake Mitchell Klebanoff
Tether Brayden Alden
That Sound Steve Spremo
The Adventurers Ian Barling
The Amazing Luck of Aunt Carmela Luis Miguel Arce Romero
The Android Chris Smith
The Annex Hank Isaac
The Assistant Matthew Gentile
The Beginning Alfredo Quinones
The Bench Andy Kumpon
The Big Burn Samantha Silva
The Blind Artist Andrew Teravskis
The Burden of Laughter Diogo Borges
The City of Ghosts Victor Dragomir
The Contract Pablo Gomez-Castro
The Cow Olivia Baes
The Cycle Jackson Davis
The Cypher Sessions Marc Roussel
The Dress Mat Sheldon
The End Of Feast Attila Toth
The End of Jim Neil Brimelow
The End of the Line Amanda McLin
The Escape Natalia Rivas
The Field Chris Ciancimino
The Fucking Tree Andrew Wood
The Harvester Generation Minos Papas
The Hun Tyler Mendelson
The Interview Ande Case
The Lane Johnny Vong
The Limit of Wooded Country Greg Takoudes
The Minefield Jason Skorski
The Moon & The Night Erin Lau
The Motions Sean McGowan
The Mouse and the Lion Lain Kienzle
The Mugger Joe Chazaray
The Near Field Cameran Surles
The Obituarist Chelese Belmont
The Other Capulet Afonso Henrique
The Perfect Life Adam Cagley
The Probe Hank Isaac
The Remarkable Rocket Pippa Hinchley
The Right Kind of Punch Hendrik Faller
The Rock Of Ages Eron Sheean
The Sea Matthew Eberle
The Seal Richa Rudola
The So-So You Don't Know, 3 Episodes Marlene Rhein
The Third Death Amanda Prager
The Truthful Phone Carl Rock
The Unsinkable Juan Cortez Minos Papas
The Visitor Justin Olstein
The Way You Look At Me Yumiko Fujiwara
The Whiskey Whispers Temptation In My Ear John O'Brien
Thirteen Janelle Pearson
Three Witches in the West Katherine Bennett-Greer
Through the Wall Amanda Domuracki
Tijuana Mary-Lyn Chambers
Touch & Go Heather Hutton
Tree Shuttle One Lane Duskin
Trick or Treat Allen Redwing
Twits Alison McGrath
Ultimate Relaxation Zurab Tsintsabadze
Unnatural Amy Wang
UnRedeemable Michael Sieve
Untitled Montana Cypress
Unto the Coast Jyott Bhatti
Uplift Rebecca Kahn
Venus Melite (Venus of Honey) Scott Lyman
Voices Jake Hart
Wander Vassi Slavova
War Porn Joseph Cross
Watch Room Julia Mills
Watching Walter Mark Brown
Whale Song Denise Deegan
What Darkness Brings Ross Denyer
Wheels Up Robert Benson
Where Is Home? David Rocchio
Where The Red Fern Grows Josh Jacobs
Wild Abandon Dawn Prato
Will I See You Again? Anton Ernst
Wind in the Night Jesse Harris
Wittenberg Luke Melia
You Never Know Grant Gadbois
You Win USA Vacation Resort Georgia Fu
You, The Ocean Bianca Catbagan


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