by ScreenCraft on October 26, 2015

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to receive the inaugural ScreenCraft Short Film Production Fund backed by Bondit. Culled from more than 1,100 submissions, the scripts in contention are listed below. Stay tuned for next week's announcement of the fund recipients, on here and on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.

13 by Natasja Maria Fourie and Robyn Pete (based on Dertien by Andre P. Brink)

4 Or More: A Short Film For Horrible People by Alexis Hall

42nd And Bombay by Mansi Nirmal Jain

Abduction By Tradition by Anirood Singh

Adultnapped by Don Downie

Alone On The Beach by Simon King

Anfäng by Justus Page

Antibodies by Rob Grant

A Pox by Peter Deak

Armageddon Rising by Tom Zanca

Audacity by Jason A. Rostovsky (story by James M. Barry and Jason A. Rostovsky)

Aunty/Mommy by Angela Page

Autumn by Matt Taylor

Backtrack by Sean Hixson

Becoming Lana Liu by Alfonso Orsini and David J. Schroeder

Before The Leaves Fall by Scott Ludden

Berserk by Simon Cross

Billy by Matthew McGregor

Bipolar And Cheese by Melissa "Scarlet" Perez

Bloodshed by Paolo Mancini & Daniel Watchorn

Body Work by Will Janowitz and Geoff Shelton

Boxes by Brandon Baker

Breaking Free by Tina Cesa Ward

Burro by Daniel Lyddon

Butterfly by Christopher Lombard

Carrot Cake by Tim Evans

Cassandra by George Ding

Cheyenne by Matt Miller

Color Red by Michael Horwitz

Come Again? by Zak Polhemus

Conviction by Anju Andre-Bergmann

Cord by Kendall Castor-Perry

Cortex by Azhur Saleem

Country Folk by Matt Dallmann

Cowboy In The City by Rhys Mitchell and Lewis Mitchell

Crack by Matt Batten

Cravings by Alex Greenfield & Ben Powell

Creature Of Habit by Alex Greenfield & Ben Powell

Creed by Anne Lower

Cricket by Ohad Ira Amram

Crime And Punishment by Neeraj Udhwani

Crossroads by Chris Baxter

Crying Is Bullshit by Tim Hendrix

Cuckold Mystery by Christina Akinsanya

Dad by Patrick Biesemans

Darkness by Alexander Birrell

Dead Quiet by Dan McGrath

Dear Stranger, by Maqui Gaona

Death Drives An Import by David Eyman

Deepest Sympathy by Dan McGuire

Dive by Andrew Zeko + Kris Sundberg

Divorced By 30 by Sean M. Wathen

Elle Fox by Kevin Contento & Daniel F. Pfeffer

Ellie by Zaid Alkayat

Eternal Gallows by Albert Mailyan

Fatherhood by Ryan Daddi

Fatimah by Barbara Cigarroa, Dea Kulumbegashvili & Yudho Aditya

Ferguson by Jon Alston

Filmer by John Shackleton

Find Him by Karen Lukesh

Fish Dog Wife by Jeffrey K. Miller

Flesh by Sean Sinclair

Flight Of The Fields by Barbara Cigarroa

Flown by Mark Blumberg

Forever And Ever by Joyce Sherií

Gasolina by Tannaz Hazemi

G.H.O.S.T. by Sean M. Wathen

Gimp by Molly McGlynn

Give & Take by Jay McLendon

Gloria's Worms by Maegan Houang

Goodbye Charm City by Christian Grier

Good Mourning by Hernando Bansuelo and Josh Watson

Good Night Butterfly by Scott Corbett

Grief by Dante Russo

Grim by Joseph Servodio

Ground State by Timothy Earle and Domenic Yovina

Hala by Minhal Baig

Haley The Scout by Kristin Tegtmeier Higgins

Halftime by Matt Demblowski

Half Widow by Danish Renzu

Hannah's Birthday by Juliet Bergh

Happy Endings by Bob Brunson, Michael Musa, Brian David Pope

Hawk by Peter Fraser

Headtrip by Mitch Klebanoff

He Dreamt He Was A Bulldozer, She Dreamt She Was Alone In An Empty Field by Bryce Reimann

Hide And Seek by Shoshana Rosenbaum

Hitokiri by Jason Lin

Hive by Matthew Paul Sundell

Holler by Adam Cobb

Home For A Pallbearer by Frankie Hogan

Horror World by Alexandria Sanders

Hot Mama by Diane Russo-Cheng and Angela Russo-Cheng

House Rules by Jason Stefaniak

Hunter by Xia Magnus

If It Happens Again I'll Kill You by Lisa Jay

I'll Follow You Anywhere by Tyler Condon

Immurement by Colin Costello

I'm Still Here by Patrick "Koinange" Nnamani (based on a story by Moses "Sneeze" Inwang)

Incognito by Alec Figuracion

In Gold And Ashes by Alison Metoudi

Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli

In Real Life by Kathryn Margaret Rose & Alexander Rose

Instance by Teria Birlon

Interrupted Solitude by L.W. Thomas

Interview For Life by Pippa Hinchley

It’s Not Me, It’s You. by Jessica Velle, Edwin Alexis Gómez, & Diya León

Jèn fi by Sacha Elie

Joanna Quayle by Shane Patterson

Jon & The Wolf by Brian Lerner & Ryan Maples

Katrina's 7th by Roger L. Edwards, Jr.

Killed In Action by Christine Weatherup

Kill Tones by Neil Brimelow

Last Day by Nicholas Kaleel & Michael Pica

Last Night's Dream by Eileen Hong

Leap by Jamie Miller

Legend Of The Wasteland by Jordan Rosenbloom & Ben Eisen

Leila: Teacher, Lover, Hijacker by Samir Salem & Jennifer Harrison

London Tomorrow by Nimer Rashed

Loveology by Amy Lowe Starbin & Mark D. Manalo

Lust Riot by Chris Olness

Los Zombitos by Jorge Luis Urbina

Machines by Izabela Borowska

Manual Transition by Kendra Ryan and Frank Spatacco

Marty's Sunshine Farms by Nasser Akkari

Matchstick by Mike Fardy

Mathilda by Brad Salah (based on Noir-ish by Kyle Stevenson)

Matt And The Epic Microwave Odyssey by Michelle Sarkany

Max Wakes Up by Sabina Vajraca

Mile High by Aemilia Scott

Mommy Heist by Jesse Soursourian, Anna Gutto and Michael Soussan

Monkey Bars by Kiley Donovan

Mother's Day by Taylor Sardoni & Mike Piech

Muck by Rob Raffety

Murray The Bunny by Pam Severns

My First Time by Hank Isaac

Mystic Morning by Craig Fleming

My Two Weeks With Texra by Kaytlyn Turner

Natural Causes by Ian Masters & Jon Smith

Neanderthal by Chris Turtle

Negative Loop by Amanda Miha

Neighbor by Tony Gapastione

Nicotine Junkie by Jack Marchetti 

Noctuary by Anastasia Rudakova-Aquil

No Place Like Home by Paolo Ippedico & Giulio Morselli

Noose by J.F. Balcazar

N.O.S. by Joy Cheriel Brown

Olsky by Steve Gregor

On A Dime by Sheri Sussman

On Gossamer Wings by Kathi Carey

O, Porcupine by Jessy Leigh and Jesse DiFranco

Our Time by Arpita Kumar

Outpost by Justin Giddings & Ryan Welsh

Page Turner by Marc Roussel

Painful Beautiful Love by Jeff Aron Lable

Pipe by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly

Plaquemines by Nailah Jefferson

Rain For Sale by Christopher Butera

Restraint by Frank Ponce and Pete Barry

Running Spence by Blake Cooper Griffin & Tina Huang

Scanners by Natalie Jenison

School Xing by Susan Skoog

Screwdriver by Michael Paul

Seize by Joe Rechtman (story by Joe Rechtman and J. Pinder)

Semblance by Daniel Wallner

Serious Matters In The Middle Of The Night by Josh Copeland

Seven Minutes To Closing by Kim Nunley

'Shiner by Jenna Payne

Shopping Mad by David Braga

Sight by Stetson Gleave

Silence Of The Bees by Ron Podell

Sinkhole by Jacob Shelton

Sleeper Cell by Andrew Anthony

Sleeping Dogs by Gary Anderson

Slouching Toward Bethlehem by Andy Jones 

So, That Happened by Jeremy Monsayac

Square Eyes by Stuart Campbell and Nathan Stone

Soda Shop by Sujata Day

Sortere by Kerwin Kuniyoshi

Spectrographs and Soliloquies by Cody Lawrence

Stranded by J. W. C. Hickey

Stronghold by Cornelius Murphy

Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley

Sweet Tooth by John Wikstrom

Tangles And Knots by Renee Petropoulos

The Beginning by Alfredo Quinones

The Californian by Andrew Merrill

The Courageous Cape by Baruh Benjamins and Dan Dowding

The Dark by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

The Death Of Eurydice by Mahonri Stewart (adapted to film by Rachel Lockhart & Mahonri Stewart)

The Evil Inside by Julie Jenkins

The Garden by Douglas Stark

The Kafir And The Haji by Coli Bokarya Sylla 

The Magic Trick by Tim Hewitt

The Magic Man by Bob Pondillo

The Monster Within by Cecily Walter and Ghislain Ouellet

The Navigator's Apprentice by Alan Barkley

The Old Man And The C-Sharp by Alexander Gardels

There Is No Arthur by Eva Konstantopoulos

The Sibling Code by Stacey A. Davis

The Three Bobs by Roxanne Marciniak

The Women Of Dev Saab by Mansi Nirmal Jain

Tick by Erik H. Bernard

Transic by Chance D. Muehleck

Two Minute Warning by Pamela Perry

Unhappy by Corey Deshon

Valeria by Erin Vassilopoulos

V-Card by Jenna St. John (story by Jenna St. John & Sophia Medley)

Violet by Justin Rawana

Vivandiére by James R. Temple

Walls by Pawel Grajnert

WebCam by Nick Delgado and Dan Wilson

Weekend Drop by Seth Boston 

When Pigs Fly by Andrew Wood

Wikamoose Canada Town Council by Abbi Lake O'Neill

Within Infinity by Brooke Langton and David M. O'Neill


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