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ScreenCraft Fellow, Amanda Parham, Lands a Manager!

by John on May 15, 2014

One of our three 2013 ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship winners, Amanda Parham, has just landed a manager at Anonymous Content!   After months of development, the three winners were here in Los Angeles last week taking meetings with agents, managers and producers as part of their ScreenCraft Fellowship prize.  This week Amanda chose her manager amidst much buzz and multiple offers.  She landed with an exceptional manager who is enthusiastic about getting pilot produced and helping her decide on a top agency for representation.  She's taking meetings with several producers this week! !We caught up with Amanda yesterday for a couple questions:


ScreenCraft: What are the common questions you've been asked and common experiences you've had?

Amanda: The question I received in nearly every meeting was "what else do you have?" Expect that and be prepared with a number of other projects that are strong representations of your voice and the stories you want to tell. One script can land a meeting, but a body of work that showcases a unique voice is necessary to gain representation.

The other questions that came up in several meetings were, "what is your story?" and "what was the inspiration for this script?" Producers, managers, and agents want to know who you are and what path led you to their office. Have answers ready.


ScreenCraft: What advice would you give to other writers about promoting yourselves and your projects?

Amanda: If you can, find an advocate--someone who is willing to not only vouch for, but also champion your work. For me, John and Cameron from ScreenCraft have been amazing advocates. They truly championed my pilot and put it--and me--in front of the right people. They also connected me with a new advocate, my manager.

If you don't already live here, I strongly recommend moving to Los Angeles. The best way to promote yourself is to be here, taking meetings and forming relationships. Building your network is so important.

Be in this for the long run. Stay persistent, believe in your work, and keep writing.

Congratulations Amanda!  We can't wait to share your next big success story!


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