ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft on September 5, 2015

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest, culled from over 800 submissions. We're excited to be exploring this genre, and to have received a slate of such wildly imaginative screenplays.

Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semi-finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

2114 by James Edward Lee 
Raymond Vincent Proca

A Better You by Nick Norman-Butler

Abinitia by Carol Costello Allen

Action Is The Color Yellow by Arlene Leigh Cox & Joshua Cox

After The Fall by Zimra Yetnikoff

A.I. P.I. by Ian Patrick Williams

Alien Cousins by Patrick K. Gamble

Alien Rendezvous 9 by Darlene Inkster

A Little Favor by Russ Meyer

A Man Named Gunn by Keith Melcher

Any Place But Here by Tina Steffan

Arcadia League by Ari Dassa

Ardent by Joseph S. Ramunni

Area 51 by Dylan Brann

Aredina 3 by Tim Baldwin

Are You Dreaming? by Phil Singleton

Ash Serpents by Klaus Hoch

Assist by Linda Rumney

Automaton by Zane Hensel

Becoming Kaon by Omar Mora

Big Big Cats by Andy Greskoviak

BioPunks by Royce Adkins

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Blackvoid by Joseph Greenberg

Blind Spot by Graham Parke

Blockworld by Jeff Haber (story by David Capurso and Jeff Haber)

Bloodlines: Geneva’s Tale by Christopher Robertsson

Blue Book by Wayne Parker

Bridgehead: Flight Corps Academy by Steve Moody

Brown Owl by Christopher Ready

Building Time by Brian James Crewe (story by Brian James Crewe and Hugh Aodh O'Brien)

Burnt Orange Sky by John Paul Russo

Cargo Unknown by Jeff Debing

Catch The Devil by Martin Blinder

Chaos by Kevin P. Taft

Chennai 2040 by Vishnu Sekar

Cities by James Jackson

Climbers by Alexander Julian III

Cockpit Liberty Or Death by Jesse Griffith

Crater by Luke Pimentel

Crossing The Line by Lawrence Seliski

Crunch Time by Byron C. Bellamy

Dante by Tiara Luten

Daydreamer by Kaleb Hauge

Desire Hackers by Arasteh Honarvar & Brian Sherwin

Destiny’s Vessel by Suzanne Lutas

Digitalia by Brian Dyko

Dimensions, Part 1 by David Sheperd

Dreamwalkers: Awakening by Michelle Daniel

Drone War by Tina Field Howe

E-Den by Laura Villandre

E-Den by Mark Robertson

Elementals by David F. McQuillen

Elle by Kaitlin Puccio

Eurydice # 5 by Christopher Runyon

Evitable by Jack Matosian

Final Dawn by Micheal McAlexander

Fix by Nathan Wilcoxen & Amy Greischar

Flux by Britt Pitre

Fractal by John Pallas

Fragged by David A. Smith

Future Perfect by Peppy Barlow

Gaia by Autumn Laskey

Galactic Gold Rush by Curt Burdick & Scott Burdick

Galápagos by Lukas Hassel

Gamed! by Ann Clark & Jeffrey Hilton

Garbage Men Of The Wasteland by Derek McHenry

Gaze Towards Infinity by Phillip E. Hardy (story by Zane W. Levitt and Phillip E. Hardy)

Genesis Rising by Helena Derett

Godbodies by Roi Costa

Golden Years by Timothy O'Rawe

Gravity Jump 5 by Peter Shanelaris

Guardian by Kevin M. Keller

Guinea Pigs by Rich Figel

Handyman by Tim Westland

Harold The Peaceful by Sebastian van Hoek

Harvester by Larry D. Hansen and Stephanie Carlisi (story by Barry Carlisi)

Haven by John Cruz & Mark Dormitorio

Haven by Marshall Kiernan

Haven’s End by Greg Austin

Hawk Moon by Cal Athan

Heavy Gravity by Mike Davidson

Henrietta’s Odyssey by Luqman Raymond Whittinger

Herbs by Alexandru Chelaru

Heroine by Michael Tolosa

Heroman by Timucin Leflef

High Def Nine by John Kestner

High Ground, High Silver by John Shea

Homestead by Viet Huynh

How To Catch A Time Traveler by Graham Parke

Humanity by Robert Bo Forehand

Humunks by Patrick Gamble

Immortal by Natalie Metzger

Imperium by Michael Pedicelli & Michael Kuzenka

Implant by William Taylor

Insolitus by Chad Janes

Into The Darkness by Will Saunders

Into The Unknown by Nicola Ralph

Ironbound by Pete Cafaro

ISS by Robert Rioux

Jingletown by Dale Trujillo

Jupiter by Richard H. Moon

Keeper Of The Chair by Fil Marchese

Keeping Time by Nathan Zoebl

Killer Blow by Al Kalman

Killing The Reapers by Jeff Debing

Liberty Or Death by A.M. Nicholas

Life To Life by Terri Sissman

Live, From The Milky Way by Joe Borriello

Lock Eyes by Bodine Boling

Looking For God by Omar Mora

Lyra by Djochoua Belovarski & Nick Bennet

Mammalian Advocate by Winston Huff

Manifest Destiny by Michael Pedicelli & Michael Kuzenka

Manipufate by A.J. Schmitz

Manly Guys Club by David Ernesto Vendrell (story by David Ernesto Vendrell, Matt Hawksworth and William Connor Devlin)

Map Of The Universe by Joshua Rebell

Maria 3.0 by Blake Andrew

Mars Project by Nancy Duff

Mean Machines by Jeremy Enis

Mecha by Jonathan Stevenson

Megalopolis by Moutaz Jad

M.E.L. by Daniel Albino

Mind Mirror by Matt Eskandari & Mike Hultquist

Misfits From Planet X by Corneliu Mitrache

Mission Scheherazade by Gary Wallach

Monkeydog by Gabriell DeBear Paye

MotherShip by Roi Costa

Mr. Tom by Kirk Weddell

Needles by Michael E. Bierman

Netfire by Kostadin Georgieff

New York Times by Robert Michael Simon

Nightshade by Phyllis Heltay

Node by James Mixon

No Heroes, Only Survivors by Shawn Levy

No Man’s Land by Karsten Freeman

No Man’s Land by Michelle Davidson & Jeffrey R. Field

Not In Time by James M. De Vince

Odds Against Tomorrow by George L. Dickinson

Oliver Clark & The Future Unknown by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne

Original Man by Benjamin Onyango

Origins by Hooman Hassani

Orpheus by Michael Stark & Terrell T. Garrett

Pandarras by Shirley Wilson

Pangaea by Kevin Patrick O’Such

Paradigm Shift by Holli Castillo

Payola by Edward Klau

Pin0cchi0 by Justin Calen Chenn

Pixie Magellan by Palmer Rubin

Preincarnation by Kendall Castor-Perry

Project Veritas by Eric Floreto

Pulp Science Fiction by Ron Podell

Random Acts Of Violence by Joseph Neibich

Reality Show by Don Hofmeister

Reciprocity by Jennifer Packard

Reclaim by Jocelyn Osier

Rectify by Tom Garfinkel

Red Coat by Preston Geer

Red Rock by Scott Hamilton and Peter J. Hamilton

Replica by Sharon Moore

Reset by Salvatore Brienik

Residual by The Brothers Lynch

Resonate by April Rouveyrol

Retribution by Joe Faultersack

Richmond Correctional by Terence Brody

Rise Of The Phoenix by Ann Marie Williams

Rockhands by J.R Rasmussen

Rogue Synapse by Tyler Werrin

Save Our Souls by Leighton Dean

Savior by Bo Sanders

Scorpius by Gisli Agnar Bogason

Scrapper by Ryan Albertson

Shadow Eye by Nathan Wilcoxen

Shadow People by Fernando Ortiz

Shadowmen by Julie Merrick

Shadow Skies by Jason LaShea

Shift by James Jackson

Shift by Sergio LoDolce

Sides by Joseph Moore

Signal To Noise by Cris Graves

Silence by Dylan S. Phillips

Simuverse by Mike Normandia

Sirius by PJ Hart

Sisyphus by Jeffrey Ryan Morales

Skyburner by David Baugnon

Sky’s Limit by James Tang

Snow by Mark Golik

Sons Of Light by Eddie Baroo

Space Racer by Erik H. Bernard & Lyndon Tait

Splinter Rose by Walker McKnight

Star-Crossed by Chris Giron

Starry Starry Night by Robin Jensen

Stop by Mikel J. Wisler & Jedidiah Burdick

Strings by Peter Wisan

Subcity by William J. Zide (from a concept by William J Zide and Martin Weisz)

Surface by Frank Edward Kelly

Synchronicity by Justin Staggs

The Last Taxman by Jacob Kamhis

Terra Alpha One by Neil Chase

Terra Alta by Jennifer Shearon

Thanksgiving 2040 by Thomas Mollica

The Advance Team by Paul Carson

The Adventures of Abigail Storm by Luke Preston

The Assimilation by Chris Wiltz

The Aviaries Of Dr. Vogel by Daniel J. Pike

The Boy From Earth by Marc McCutcheon

The Bureaucrat by Conor Long

The Burning Plain by Luis De Vega

The Catalyst by Edward Martin III

The Circle by Keri Johnson

The Dawn Of Eve by James Bingham

The Domain by Michael Raymond

The Eclipse Chronicles: Blood Moon by Luke Birch

The Eldronian Warrior by Luis A. Colon

The Girl Who Fell Through Time by Kevin A. Reynolds

The Göd Machine by Michael Craft

The Gunsmith by John Halley Visser

The Hotel On Massacre Lane by Penelope Swan

The Iron Heel by Bix Santana & Gabe Golden

The King’s Court by Brandon Montgomery

The Last Adventure Of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin

The Last Taxman by Jacob Kamhis

The Legacy Intrigue by Jaime Rudolph

The Locksmith: A Past Fate by Jeffrey Ryan Morales

The Lodestone Mission by Jeff Kasten

The Long Slow Hello by Michael Dwyer

The Orange Colored Sky by Kent Tyler Smith

The Prodigy by Brian De Palma

The Pursuit by Alex Hunt

The Reflection by Winston Huff

The Revolt of the Whales by Michael Rhodes

The Simulacrum by Stuart Taylor

The Sister Planet by Brendan O’Reilly

The Sky Thieves by Joey Ernand

The Space Wolf by Harv Zimmel

The Tesla Box by Kyle Francis

The TransMutant by Malcolm Wong

The Un-Gone by Simon Bovey

The Way Of The Wild by N.T. Bullock

The Wheel by Quinton Lowe

The Wind Riders by Amanda Boggs & Michael W. Denison

Time Catcher by Kevin Keller

Timmy The Robot Slayer by Mike Boss

Timmy Tilson by Peter Zizzo

Titan by John Paul Fiol

To Be Continued… by Rob Grant & Stu Marks

Train From Outer Space by Alan C. Sproles & Lizanne Southgate

Tranquility by Harry Kleinman

Transcarlet by James Ross

Transversible by Jordan Roman

Vanguard by Matt Lavender

Vector by Matt MacDonald

Virus by Sebastian Magiera

Vivarium by José Angel Astillero Fuentes

War-Bots: First Light by Rich Figel

Warped Space by Lewis Manalo

Why Me by Scott Osborn

Wonderland by Lauren Winsor Stenmoe

World War 2.0 by Bren Lynne

Year 73 by Jeff Shevlowitz

Zebra Victor One by Adam Bradley

Zoe Jones: Spectral Drifter by April Rouveyrol





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