2019 ScreenCraft Sci-Fi & Fantasy Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists Announced

by ScreenCraft - updated on September 25, 2019

Listed below are the quarterfinalists for the screenplay and concept categories of the fifth annual ScreenCraft Sci-fi Screenplay Contest, selected from nearly 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted. The jury this year includes a creative executive from 20th Century Foxand managers from Grandview, Mosaic, and Anonymous Content.

The winner of the concept category will receive an exclusive developmental mentoring prize package with Jonathan Wu of 20th Century Fox.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists, finalists, and grand prize winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists

Screenplay Category

1NTEGER Jonathan Young
A Cold Yellowstone Night Brendan Ford
A.R.: Armored Resistance Paul Zeidman & Chris Stallworth
Aegis Bryan Kelsey
Alien Football Hero Joel Karlinsky
Alone Emily O'Brien
Amelia Fights the Universe Justin Bell
Astraea: Goddess of Justice Stephen Dodd
Astronaut U Darren Canakaris
Belief Kris Kosaka
Buccaneers of the Asteroid Belt Jeff Racho
Chasing Unicorns Benjamin Sweet
Civil Death Zac Loy
Clem & Cletus Go to the Moon Sean McPharlin
Cozen Ricky Tyree
Crucial Destiny Burney Ashley
Cumulus Matthew Silverman
Darwin Rising Richard Geiwitz
Deflection Robert Cholette
Desolation Emilio Calcioli
Disc N Quilter
Disco Daze Harrison Pierce
Do What You Please Ani Grimaudo
Dragon Eyez Telly Liu
Dream Rehearsal Winnie Khaw
East of the Sun West of the Moon Helen Ounjian
Emergent Brian Kazmarck
Enchanter: It Could Be You Barry Gaines
Escape From Area 51 Chris Binning & Kyle  Amann
Extranjero Supremo Theo Sariklis
Fascination Street Jay Adams
Fate (And Other Holes In The Fabric Of The Universe) Kemmer Cope
First Light Dylan Brody
ForeCast Latisha Jones
Frontiersmen Kevin Porntosapon
Furious Storm: Curse of Egypt Connie Gunnlaugsson
Galactic Heat Darin Beckstead
GeneOS Eljohn Macaranas
Ghosted Bob Canning
Ghosts of Reykjavik Shannon Wells
Gilford the Legend Anthony Rhodes
Grid Joshua Tywater
Griffins & Dragons: The Shogun of Soulvu Aaron Griffith
Headspace Randy Horton
Hell's Heaven Chars Bonin & Ira Livingston IV
Heroes? David Prosser
Home Rishi kumar
Horrible Hannah Eric Sollars, Michael Sollars & Geoffrey Sollars
How to Abandon Ship Hunter Patterson
Ideals Ally Sedgwick
In Control Darren Callahan
Inscape Michael Levine
Insighted: Dead to the World Anne-LaureGandon
Intergalactic: Genesis Bradley Burgess
Into the Numinous Moon John McCarthy
King of the Clones Ben Bushell
Leaving Irnia Jelena Borojevic
Machine Paul Bird
Magical Things McKinnon Powell
Mechcraft Brian Fitzpatrick
Megalopolis Moutaz Jad
Men Like Gods Vincent DeVito
Mind's Eye Chris Cobb
Natural Causes Martin Blinder
Naypollo James C. Schlicker
Nordheim Duane Graves & Justin Meeks
Omega Point James Bingham
One Love One Quest Paul Banks
Operation Makalu Slava Kirillov
Over It Joy Goodwin
Ozymandias Kyle Blackburn
Patchwork Amanda Keener
Pathway Daniel Russell
Peter Pan in Space Ben Daves
Pillars of Glass Micheal Polaski
Prophets Brandon Goins & Sonia Blangiardo-Goins
Reboot Neil Horner
Renegade Anonymous
Return to Life Paul Smith & Dino Costa
Ripe Nikhail Asnani
Rumpelstiltskin Kathryn Gould
Sebastian of Mieryl Michael Doucette
Shunko Alexis Blaess
Siege Perilous Laura Miller
Southern Sky Andrew Stein
Space Junk Michele Remsen
Space/Time Danny Baram
Spectrum Susana Falcon
Spin The Wheel Neil Chase
Star Raider Joseph Dipiazza
Stone Cold Crazy Mother Tucker Katterina Powers
SuperDread I! Kristina Jordan
Synthetic Heart Ameir Brown
Templin Highway William Prosser
The Book Of Monsters Leland Frankel
The Chosen One Keith Elias
The City of Gale Taylor Rankin
The Cranberry Man Immanuel Mullen
The Crooked Woods Matt McCarthy & Katherine Cox
The Draugr Robin Russin
The Eidolon Douglas Rich
The Eremite's Song Scott Byrnes
The Five-Hundred Guesses MJ Weerts
The Flower At Slender Fastness Anna Storm
The Girl in the Forest Simon Deeley
The Girl Who Couldn't Drown Vivek Choudry
The Gunscout Zach Waggoner
The In-Between Eric Perchuk
The Iron Tournament Elizabeth Blackmer
The Longest Halloween Greg Gilman
The Master Code Monica Hafer
The Master of Storms Demetra Pittman
The Memory Keeper Chu Yun Huang
The Outrageously Homofunky Adventures of Sergio Menendez Felix Pire
The Science of Chemistry Gillian Twining
The Sin Eater Samantha Talbot
The Slake Horses Christopher Doyle
The Sphere if Time James Pendergast
The Spirit of Delphi Jean Djet
The Star Jon Medici
The Sundered Keys Justin Kyker
The Tunguska Effect Frederick Faett
The World That Time Forgot Michael Rogers
Thus Passes the Glory of the World Robert Bowman
Time And Again Stuart Creque
Time In Tilley Ted Fryia
Tinkerer Joel Levin
To Sing Death Artiom Barkun
Warriors of Legend Bryan Kelsey
We Shall Not Go Hungry Harry Aspinwall
Werewolf Scouts Vinnie Hogan & Jacob Burns
Year 73 Jeff Shevlowitz
Your Blood is Ours Sebastien Blanchard
Your Blood, My Bones Gabriela Tollman

Concept Category

Artificial Henry Haydel
Battle Damage Julya Oui
Discordia Nathan Cabaniss
Ganymede Tulegen Baitukenov
Jade Ralph Chapek
Javelina Vanessa Smith
Noctis Jessica Burn
Pangaea William Rowe
Re:Population Pui San Chan
Sail away Sergey Khromykh
Shadow Cell Anthony Ferguson
Starting Over Marc Goodman
The Fire-Drawn Ellen Beck
The Harvesting Angelique Anderson
The Human Conservation Program Kornblum Katz
The Hybrid King Unnamed
The Invention of Work karan sharma
The legend of the blue planet Trisha Sarkar
The New Form Project Kenneth Daniels
The Suicide Circle Arran McDermott
Where Fallen Angels Lie Brice Chandler

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