Pilot Launch Semi-Finalists Announced!

by ScreenCraft on October 31, 2014

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 2014 ScreenCraft Pilot Launch competition, representing the top 10% of all submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.  Stay tuned for the winners announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!


After The Merge by Derek Asaff

Apocalypse by Melissa Dearr

Case of Darkness by Stephen Hoover

Charles Dickens’s Ghost Club by Mark Robertson

Crashing Eden by Charles Disney (based on the novel by Michael Sussman)

Crazytown by Xaque Gruber

Dark Eyes by John Casu

Die, Maniacs, Die! by Eric Joel La Fuente & Corey Schuber

Dodge & Burn by John Ward

Escape/Artist by Alan R. Baxter

Eternal by Kristin Kirby

Evolved by Raed Assar

Expiration Date by Wes Meilandt (story by Wes Meilandt, Nathan Bayne and Tim Black)

Frankenstein’s Monsters by T.J. Mino

Hotel California by Carrie Wachob

Igniting Idaho by Robert Novotny

Incarnate by Claire Elaine Newman

Jane by Robert E. Dillon

Killing Abby by Amy Lambert

Legal Ease by Jim Morris

Lion’s Den by Amy Lambert

Little Fish by Samantha Gonzales

Mind Over Matter Vicki Peterson

Morph by William D. Colella

Mr. Basketball by Kaleb Tuttle

Mr. Sandman by Michael Beall

Parker Menlo by Matthew Sorvillo

Peculiar Institution by Kendell Klein

Phoenix by Natasha Hall

Powder Keg by Brian Loschiavo

Remember Me by Sean M. Wathen

Replay by Frank D’Angeli & David Hogan

Ridge’s Luck by Tim Davis

Savage by Stephanie Bousley

Savage Detectives by Judith Lutz

Soul Collector by Holli Herrle-Castillo and Julio Castillo

Storyville by Joe Gonzales & Bradford N. Smith

Sub Rosa by Cindy Appel

The Fallen by Anthony A. Hart

The Fix by Sagit Maier-Schwartz

The Island by Dorothy Kozak Snoke (based on the real life cases of Maria Zimmerman)

The Seed by Steven Cohen

The Wandering by Steven Cohen

Tombstone by Jim Morris

Verbatim by Sydney Mitchel

Wednesday Night Suicide Club by Matthew Schutt



1BR/BA by Laura Beck & Minty Lewis

3 Moms by Kris Wellman

Adults by Brandon Rizzuto

Alastor Blackburn: Hell Detective by James L. York

And…Action by Dan Borengasser

An Honest Day’s Work by Jonathan Kuhn

A Of J by Jacob Larch & Alan J Mockler

Applause Break by Jordan Gouveia

Ark City Jazz by Boaz Dror

Clyde by Jason Skorski

Cops And Mothmen by Josh Murray and Joshua Bateman

Diary Of A Sociopath by Valérie A. Brotski

Divorced By 30 by Sean M. Wathen & Jason Daugherity

Francisco y Juliana by Joe Gonzales & Bradford N. Smith

Genesis by Amir Ohebsion

Gents by Jake Kilroy & Scott Barman

God Collar by Tom Critch

HOV by Alex Pollakoff

Janetourage by Jamie Levey

Jewlipino by Tess Paras

Life Court by Elden Rhoads

Life Is Too Short To Be Fat by David Koutsouridis

Life Revised by Emily Sullivan

Monsterville by Daniel Baram

Mr. Doom by Nick Watson

Ms. Littlefield by David Minaskanian

National Champions by Alan Avante

Over It by Phil Wurdeman & Abi Wurdeman

Rec Center by Darren Lau

Schooled by Jeff Bower & Matt Stabile

She’s Out Of My Mind by Robert Pucci

Shifting Gears by Steve Marovitch

Stay Tuned by Ben Gluck

Stubs by Lindsay Golder

Summers And Winter by Alicia Bien

Super Old by Janice Koon

Swoosh! by Sabina Sattar

Talking Points by Jaydn Stepick

The Activists by Darren Love

The Millenials by Betsy Morgan & Chris Lagarce

The Parks by Young Sang Lee

The Unfuckables by April Shih

The Wake-Up Show by Jerome Halligan

Writing On The Wall by Lisa Super

Year Of The Tiger by Kathleen Chen & Brian Polk


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