Pedro Almodovar on the Pain of Creation

by Naomi Beaty on January 20, 2017

Spanish writer/director Pedro Almodovar achieved international recognition for his black comedy-drama film Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Two of his subsequent films were also honored with Academy awards. All About My Mother received the award for Best Foreign Language Film, while Talk to Her earned him the award for Best Original Screenplay.

And Almodovar is back on the Oscar scene this year with his film Julieta. That's quite a track record. So who better to take part in The Hollywood Reporter's annual gathering of screenwriters to discuss their Awards season films?

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In this clip, Almodovar shares his thoughts on the creative process:

A few takeaways stand out:

First, the description of the act of creation as both gorgeous and simultaneously very painful. Isn't that the truth?

Next, the importance of life experience in informing his writing and filmmaking. It's something that professional screenwriters often mention as vital, and that deserves to be called out again. Time spent not writing isn't wasted; it's all fodder, we just have to pay attention.

And finally, it's particularly delightful to watch the other writers and filmmakers at the table listening to Almodovar with such rapt attention. It's a good reminder that the most successful and accomplished in the field are usually lifelong learners.

Which filmmakers are your favorite sources of inspiration and advice?

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