News: Paramount Acquires "Little Brother"

by Ken Miyamoto on September 4, 2015

Paramount Pictures has picked up the bestselling and award-winning novel Little Brother, written by Cory Doctorow. The project is often described as a cross between the Jason Bourne series, the Divergent series, and the acclaimed BBC anthology TV series Black Mirror.

The book is set in the near-future, following ingenious teen hacker Marcus and his friends, who become caught in the wrong place at the wrong time in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in San Francisco. When the Department of Homeland Security abducts and mercilessly interrogates them, Marcus and his technologically savvy buddies set out to ignite a techno-revolution and to take down the DHS and their iron-fisted police state.

Angry Films picked up the rights in 2010. Producer Don Murphy then brought the property to Paramount.

The studio is currently securing a writer to script.

Released in April of 2008, the book debuted at number nine on The New York Times bestseller list, eventually spending another six weeks on the list and rising to number eight.

The didactic techno-thriller received numerous substantial awards, including the 2009 White Pine Award, the 2009 John W. Campbell Memorial Award, the 2009 Prometheus Award, and the Sunburst Award in the YA category. Little Brother, which is an intended reference to “Big Brother,” was also a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Novel.

The hit book was followed up by a sequel, Homeland.

Source: The Tracking Board

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