News: Nintendo's Miyamoto Talks Video Game Movie Adaptations

by Ken Miyamoto on August 24, 2015

After the big screen bomb that was Super Mario Bros. in 1993, Nintendo made the decision to guard its valuable collection of characters from the movie-making world. However, a June earning statement from the company indicated Nintendo was taking a more active approach to areas outside of video game business.

Nintendo made a somewhat understated formal announcement of Nintendo’s renewed interest in the company’s June earnings.

“For Nintendo IP, a more active approach will be taken in areas outside the video game business, including visual content production and character merchandising,” the company said.

Nintendo creative mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto opens up about the reasons Nintendo hasn't been making feature movies based on their amazingly successful catalog of video games.

Miyamoto told Fortune at this year's E3, “We’ve had, over the years, a number of people who have come to us and said ‘Why don’t we make a movie together — or we make a movie and you make a game and we’ll release them at the same time? Because games and movies seem like similar mediums, people’s natural expectation is we want to take our games and turn them into movies… I’ve always felt video games, being an interactive medium, and movies, being a passive medium, mean the two are quite different.”

Still, he says, as times change and the company looks to broaden its focus, Nintendo is open to discussions.

“As we look more broadly at what is Nintendo’s role as an entertainment company, we’re starting to think more and more about how movies can fit in with that — and we’ll potentially be looking at things like movies in the future,” said Miyamoto.

ScreenCraft has covered video game adaptations in Play Mechanics: Adapting Video Games for the Screen. What do you think? Do you want to see Mario saving the universe in the theaters? Time will tell...

Source: Fortune




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