Have a Short Story That's Perfect for Cinematic Adaptation? Enter Now...

by Ken Miyamoto on October 13, 2015

ScreenCraft is excited to officially announce the 2015 Short Story Contest. Yes, that's short story, not short screenplay.  

Our literary and Hollywood judges are looking for excellent short stories with cinematic potential. Whether you write flash fiction or a novella, we want to read your story!

This opens up the doors to Hollywood for many writers that have yet to tackle screenwriting and to those screenwriters that either dip their toes into all formats of writing or are starting to tackle that literary medium as well.

The grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and personal introductions to literary agents, managers, producers, and publishers. The top 10 finalists will be read by our network of over 40 literary and entertainment industry professionals and will have their stories published for a limited time on our website. All rights and ownership to stories submitted to this contest remain with the author, until and unless other agreements are made. 

We've partnered with an amazing group of judges from the literary and publishing industries: 

  • Valerie Cates - Executive Story Editor at Random House Films, company with first-look deal at Universal Pictures
  • Diana Ossana - Academy Award-winning screenwriter of short story adaptation Brokeback Mountain
  • Cheston Knapp - Managing Editor of Tin House Magazine
  • Emily Cooke - Senior Editor at Harper’s Magazine

The key factor in the selection process will focus on short stories that have cinematic adaptation potential. So if you think your short story has that cinematic appeal, SUBMIT IT HERE.

Some iconic films that were adapted from short stories include:

1  1  1  1  1  1  1  1  

1  1  1  1

1  1  1  1




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