Four Blogs That Will Improve Your Sci-Fi Screenplay

by Naomi Beaty on March 9, 2017

Perhaps more than any other genre, sci-fi writers can benefit from keeping up with the latest science and technology news and research, as well as Futurist thought leaders.. Whether you’re looking for the real-world discoveries that will spark a new story, or need sharper insights to bring authenticity to an existing script, here are some of the best blogs to add to your reading list.

1. Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer writes blog posts on technology, media, marketing and politics. Recent posts that seem especially intriguing for sci-fi writers include The Five Jobs Robots Will Take First and The Five Jobs Robots Will Take Last.

Compare #3 on each of those lists: Journalists and Politicians. Can you guess which job the robots are predicted to replace first, and which they won’t be able to take over for?

2. Futurism

The Futurism blog provides the latest news, infographics, and videos on the science and technology that are shaping the future of humanity, including AI, robotics and virtual reality.

Take this recent article: Tech May Widen the Gap Between Rich and Poor

When we think of new technologies and the future, we often imagine everyone having equal access to advances that make life easier, faster, more exciting. But what if that’s not the case?

The author points out: “New technologies have always cost some people their livelihood while helping many others.” Imagine the story possibilities in a world where this has occurred.

3. Evolution Shift

David Houle writes about future trends in healthcare, education, energy, technology, and the global economy.

Houle’s post about the discovery of red dwarf sun Trappist-1 takes an interesting angle on this “major step forward in answering the question about whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the Cosmos.” Specifically, why haven’t we heard more about it? Quoting Marshall McLuhan, “Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.”

What story ideas do these observations spark for you?

4. Future Conscience

Future Conscience is a futurist ethics blog that explore all avenues of human progress through the eyes of a future conscience. There’s a huge archive of articles that will surely get your story wheels turning. But just for a change of pace, I’ll point out another way the site can help:

Here’s their round up of the Top 10 Futurist Websites.

That’s right – a fascinating rabbit hole that will likely steal away your writing time today, but it may be well worth it!

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