Fall 2023 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on September 20, 2023

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the Fall 2023 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 700 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on October 18th on our blog and on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"Johnstown" Raymond Leech
"Offstage" George Hamaty
28 Steve Fisher
A Few Boards The Ben Jones Story Wiley Jones
Afterwards Leonid Shmelkov, Anna Kadykova
Aisles Jonathan Di Rocco
All the Gallant Men Ken Gire
Amanda Breadbrenner Aaron Carter
Amateurs Andrew Rickel
América Jonze: A streaming series pitch Zareh Artinian
Ascension Darren Moran
Bacél Bonito and The Big Apple Zack Fernández
Be-Mused Joey Day Hargrove
Before We Were Katelyn Henslin
Blood and Ice Michael Di Raimondo
Body Count Rory Applin, George Nelson
Bridge of Sighs Frederick Rauschenbach
Caregiver Zach Drummer
Chas & Sid Lyric Nelson
Child(less) Thea Gagliardi
Chimera Ross Denyer
Code Breakers Kevin Gibson
Code Death Olga Gabris
Crowley Ed Purchla
Darkest Before the Dawn William Parsons
De-Code Switch April Kimble
Deadline William Hyland
Divine Retribution Ola Nwadiuko
Dogcatchers Darren Moran
Doing Good Darren Moran
Dylan P.I. susan lerner
Endora FJ Roebuck
First Resort Spencer Paez
For The Good of Mankind Harvey Waters Jr
Forbidden in the City (TV Series) Michelle Dong
Franken-Fried Alien Pitch Juliet Mace
Free Swing Lindsay Stidham
Freedom Island Thomas Williams
Frida does Flamenco eva midgley
Galapagos Jordan Mitchell
Gasp! Donovan Erskine
Ghosts of Winter Antoinette Dietkus
Girl Shaped Ghost Graeme Morrice
Going Batty Maya Florin
Golems Steve Fisher
Government Exorcists: The Department of Infernal Affairs Malt Schlitzmann
Group B Paul Thomas
Honeymoon Ali Mesgaran
How To Survive A Narcissist Steffany Sommers
Hype High Julie Harrison-Harney
I Won't Let You Kill Me — A Love Story Leslie Singer, Mara Leveritt, Richard Zuckerberg
I'm Not Dead, I'm Dreaming Peter Petralia
If Pens Could Speak Lester Scott
Incident Shane Mountain
Isabela's Revolution Farrah Pereira
Jobber Brock Cohen
Koolah chandni srivastava
Kurrachee Basir Ahmed
Liam's List Kevin Smithers
Line of Scrimmage Gary Gurner
Longfield Brandon Pantry-Melsom
Love Unveiled Evie Joy
Loverboy James Barnes
Luca Michelle Harris
Madonna - Before Cinderella Amarilis Pereira
Martha Lisa Laine
Meet Gilda Rae Hilary Abraham
Megan's Law Nick Cariddo
My God Parents Marine Mondelot
My Mother Es Mi Madre Kathleen Oneill
Night Witches Phae Amara, Kathryn Wright
No Fear Samantha Higgins
No Return To Myer's Island: Pitch Isabelle Byrne
Nothing But Glory Pitch Onil Lad
M. Hildbrand
One More Round Ethan Gomes
Out of This World Jeremy Pick
Pen Pal Jamie Rose
Pitch: Camouflage and Lipstick Lawrence Daly
Redline Scott Saffran
Rejuvenation - Pitch Rudi O'Meara
Relatable Arjuna Mahenthiran
Rival Sumitra Rajagopalan
Rose Episode Pitch Vanessa Le
Rx F J Roebuck
Sanity Road (Virtual Pitch 350 words) Eric Kelso
Santo Clos Al Lopez
Seeing Stars Steve Budd
Shackled Bec MacIntyre
Simon Lakena Hinnant
Single Person (pitch) Matt Foss
Snow Job Karla Moriarty, Wilbur Rice, Michael Bacon
So Much Love Malwina Grochowska
Soul Camp Christie Quarton
Stealing Home For The Holidays Wendy Young
Strike Paper Jason Gallagher
Study Abroad Mary Chasen
Sturgeon General Molly Bandt, Celia Ramsey
Sugar Kerri Quinn
Superlame Darren Moran
Teacher Brian Rohrig
The Age of Desire - Pitch - 350 words Suzanne Griffin
The Bridal Posse Scott Cox
The Bubble Jarod Backens
The Butcher's Daughter Ashley Scarbro, Travis Scarbro
The CCO Loyall Wilson
The Chronocar Steve Bellinger
The King's Legionnaire Matthew Skeate
The Mind Palace Hassan Nadeem
The Old G.O.A.T. Arley Ryder
The Psychiatrist Hailey Coleman
The Refs Brendan Lynch
The Sangeet Arjuna Mahenthiran
The Sherlock Holem Boys Judnel Antoine
The Show Must Go On Stefano Anania
The Snow Children (Pitch) Michael Basha
The Streamer Cam Parkes
The Trial of Aeneas Amelia McNamara
The Waitresses Cindi Marshall Oakey
The Woman at the Lake Pitch Chris Inekhomon
There’s So Much More to Fishing Than Catching Fish Roger Corea
Three Lakes Barbara Gilmore
Timberland C. Shane Davis
Tink Ashley MacPherson
Tooled Katie Ward
Townie Suemedha Sood
Trophy Bass Roy Thomasson
Troy Story Deborah Gero
Under Pressure Steven T. Smith
Ungifted Giles Brown
Unschooled Bronwyn Isaac
Walter Amanda Hanson
War Crimes Alexander Rosenstein
We are coming Jesse Pridham
When We Were Mermaids Amy Bizzarri
Where the hell is Lubbock? Yvonne Racz
Wild Willy Jeroen van der Zee
Wiley Jones In Bloody Kansas Wiley Jones
Women Who Lay Eggs and The Men Who Hatch Them Dalila Bailey, Gerardo Garcia
You Dirty Rat Robert Bartolome
Zitkala-Sa Robert Jackson

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