Fall 2023 ScreenCraft Film Fund Second Rounders

by ScreenCraft on July 19, 2023

Listed below are the Second Rounders of the Fall 2023 ScreenCraft Film Fund. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,100 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on August 16th on our blog and on our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Second Rounders:

...And Before We're Condemned Gavin Fields
"The Riddle of the Doors" JOE HAWKINS
(True) North HF Crum
04:30 Russell Sharman
1 Star Review Simon Darkman
1000 Feet Down Ben Strang
113 Aladen Gulmohamad
2 Soles Ashlyn Forbes
3 Cold Dishes Asurf Oluseyi
8:46PM. Harriet Arrives. Aimiende Negbenebor Sela
97 Allyson Rice (I'm an Exec. Producer on the documentary)
A City in the Lev Omelchenko
A Gettysburg Haunting Rabia Bouchiba
A Sacred Piece of Home Amita Sarin
Abdo and Saneya Omar Bakry
Ada - My Mother the Architect Yael Melamede
Adult Conversation Hanani Taylor
After What Happened at the Library Kyle Casey Chu, Roisin Isner
Against The Current Jo Erickson , Kibwe Cooper
Ali 1978: The Butterfly's Last Dance Eddie Goines
All I Wanted To Say Was (그냥 보고싶었다고) Julie Shin
All the Beautiful Things A.M. Lewis
All The Little Things Joshua Chamberlain
All the small things Christian Sinclair Wolf, David Barton
Alone with you Adam Clark
Alterations Sean Wainsteim
America's Other Irish -- A Musical Journey Chris Moser
American Fallout Harry Kakatsakis
American Paragon Quinn Matthews
Anchored Noah Arjomand, Kate Soper
Antyesti Oz Go
Appetite Kevin Longa
As Easy As Closing Your Eyes Aaron Golden, Parker Croft
Ashes Stephanie Domini
Ashes Under The Sand Richard LePow
At the Right Decision Turn Left Alexandra Case
Awake Joshua Nicholas Moreno
Ayşegül on Tuesdays Amy Omar
Aysha Lauren Burgueno
Baby Daddy Road Trip Aubrey Reynolds
Baby Names Josh Sullivan
Baby's Breath Elijah Noble El
Bare Skin Mico Montes
Beej (Seed) Meghna Haldar
Bella Noche Antonina Kerguelen
Beware The Preacher Jannik Ohlendieck
Beware The Trojan Horse Tim Hewitt
Big Jim's- Pick Your Coffin Kelton Arcado, Connor Cooper
Black Canvas Stephen Reyes
Black Snow Alina Simone
Blackbelts Kan Muftic
Bleed - A Julie d’Aubigny Story Jim Onyemenam
Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary Emma Mueller
Bloom Seren Sensei
Boar Hunting Cortney Stowers
bOb Alberto Chumaceiro
Bob's Hops Agatha Whitechapel
Boxed Harry Baruch
Breakthrough AARON BEAR
Brown Babies Zaire Davis
Bum Next Door Irina Chernikina
Bumblebees Can't Fly Andrew Jonathan Smith, Abraham Buckoke
Burning Bush Mallory Sparks
Burro Hannah Lerner
Buscando Alma Melissa Fisher, Mair Flores
By The Grape Of God Kevin Hickey
BZRK Chandler Clarke
Cabe Sarah Bishop
Caller Unavailable Bella Maxwell
Camping with Dad Jeremy Davis
Candy and Debris Mere Walton
Carrots Jake Redmond
Catharsis Debora Liss
Changes Martyn Eaden
Cherry-Colored Funk Chelsie Pennello, Corbett Blair
Cheryl Shelly Mar, Steven Polletta
Child of Woe Samuel Perrone, Michael Perrone
Choices Sean Nash
Christmas With Jerks Leanna Adams
Chronic Chloe White
Chuck and Fern Henry Alexander Kelly
Clothes Rachel Barnett-Jones
Cluster Kevin Dembinsky
Coal Country Jessica Blank, Eric Jensen, Audrey Rosenberg
Collapse Alex Criqui
Collapsed Vincent Bain
Country Dog Eduardo Costas Cordero
Couple Goals Tom Bridger, Jonny Gillard
Crazy Legs Kristopher Garcia-Simms
Cruiser Alexa Best
Cue Applause Benj Welmond
Dawn Chorus Laura Jayne Tunbridge
Deepfake Matt Eames
Degrees of Separation Eva Grant
Demon Ana Liza Muravina
Derailment Danielle Alberico
Disco de la Raza: A Chicano Story Paloma Rabinov
Dissonance Andrew Brame
Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog Chas Chang
Dog Park, Mother Fucker Jason Slotkin
Dogsoup Brockton Komon
Don't be late, Myra Afia Nathaniel
Downline Jacob Zorn, Alexander Zorn
Drawing Blood Zachary Tirgan
Dream Machine Daniel Egan
Drip Phoebe Gibb
Earbuds Archana Shinde
Earth and Moon Kai-han Huang
El Cartel Cubano Adrienne Hall
El Cohete Eric Jacobo
End Pointe Eva Seymour
Enjoy Your Visit Erin Cramer
Everglow Mohammed Mamdouh
Everything Falling Away Julian Muller
Everything Is Good Tori La Desma
Everything Is Perfect And I Have Nothing To Complain About Mark L. Feinsod
Exceptional Steve Beta
Eyes Wide Open - Short Film Yasir Raza, Cindy Bonilla
Eyesore Jonathan Shander
F*ck That Guy Hanna Gray Organschi
Family Dinner Ethan Romaine
Father to Son George Perrin
Finding JaMia's Spirit Candace Patrick
Fire and Coolant Olivia Webb
Fire Lily Phil Dunn
Firecracker William Stewart
First Blood Jessica McLaughlin
Flat Over Crest Short Iris Davis-Quick
Flowers from the Front Line Carmela Corbett
For The Love Of Jupiter Rakhi Varma
Forward Thinking Jeremy Hsing, Abby Burton, Antonio Harper
Fractal Anslem Richardson
Frankie & Sage Seda Anbarci, Lissette Camacho
From Remote Places Philip Hamilton
Girls Together Christie Arnold, Issy Halpin
Gold Kylie Murphy
Good Bad Things Shane Stanger
Green Grass Laura Hauschild
Greyhound 1170 Zach Jansen
Grieving Chris Chi
Gris and Mrs. Garcia Claudia Barcenas
Growing Flowers on the Moon Robert Bowersox
Gummy Worms Sophie Bennett
Gun Golem Michael Winingham
Guns Down Robert Sweeting, Rob Alicea
Hangman Aleks Spurmanis, Danielle James, Durga Myakala
Hangtown Stuart Harmon
Happy Ending Ahmad Bakrin
Harley Andy Lyberopoulos
Hate Darion Trotman
Haunted Heart Mike Bencivenga
Hearts in a Sling Stephanie Gould
Help! Alex E. Chew
How Do I Live With This Raphael Chinca
How To Get Ahead Emily Goode
How to Sue the Klan John Beder
How We Escaped Our Certain Fate Alistair Legrand
Human Interest - Pilot Laurie Waplington
Hungry Man Andrew Appelle
I Am Home Pavitra Chalam
I Am Kathy jane therese
I Am Oronde Halimah Iman, Teresa Schaeffer, Black Deniro
I Came Back To Life Amina Elfiki
I Dared My Best Friend To Ruin My Life: He's Succeeding Michael Morgenstern
I Don't Dream In Spanish Anymore Missy Hernandez
I'm So Sorry Baby Friday Anderson
Ilona's Joy Dust C. Fitz
In Earth We Trust Sophie Morgan
In Search of Sister Hai Richard Hall
In The Belly Zora Kovac
Incisor Julia Barlow
InfesTatioN JJ Condon
Irish Love Story Aisling Corristine
Iron Lung Vee Saieh
Is Gay Marriage Next? Emily Clark
Isis and Osiris Mezan Ayoka Morrison
It Started with Small Things Katherine Landry
Jessica Nina Ljeti
Just Dance Carlos Cardona
Kaboom - Kin Anthony Vercoe, Margaret MacDonald
Killing Time Caroline Koonce
Kisses and Bullets Faranak Sahafian
Kissyfoot Michael Clifton
Kleptomania Mallika Kavadi
Koko Suzanne Zach Bandler, Emmanuel Epenge
Lady Lazarus Lucy Benson-Brown
Last Call Rebecca L. Hargrove, Kedren Spencer
Last One: A Journey into Heaven's Gate Corey Wells
Learning to Play Steen Agro
Lia, 19 Liz Singh
Liana Werner Vivier
Life Cycle 63 Jordan Wade
Life of Lola Jacopo Campaiola
Ligaw (Stray) Ian Alessandro Abaya
Ligeia john reshetar
Limbo Carlos Gutierrez
Local Haunts Katie Sanderson
Locard's Principle jacob richardson
Long Days Adam Keleman, Brian Trichon
Long Pork Iris Dukatt
Lost Time Ben Hickernell
Love School Julia Maryanska
Love, from Ellie Chantelle James
Lovebug Blake Kaiser
Lullaby Lorenzo Nera
Lyrical Carter Stewart
M Calvin Nemeth
Maid to Steal Derek Quick (Negane Meno)
Malia & Dalia Francisco Lorite, Marilyn Sanabria
Mallwalkers Debra Kirschner
Malocchio Alex Knell
Más Allá ("Beyond") Bettina López Mendoza
Miles & Melodies Ronjoy Borthakur
Miss Liberty the Movie Victoria Moran, William Melton
Model Minority Tapan Sharma
Mondorama Morten Thorning
Monogamish Maggie Callis
Moonrise Beo Lerman
Moose Jaw Melissa Puente
Moshe and Amira Eliot Gelberg-Wilson
Move Ayako Karasawa
Movement, Light, and Life Winston Stemler
Mr Perfect Desi Lyon
My So-Called Iraqi-American Wedding AYSER SALMAN
My Star Parish Rahbar, Tara Moini
My Truck Cory Dean Ford
Nana Alfredo Vidal
Nema Marlene Emilia Rios
Niki Tomi Beto Jon Ayon
No Filter Mary DeMatteo
No More Wet Feet Martin Calvo
No Rules Ashley Gianni
No Strings Attached Heather Alexis
Nobody's Leaving til Jesus Comes (aka Save Me!) Jean Barker
Nocturne Lindsay Wyath
Noel & Leon Dayna Hanson, Dave Proscia
Now, Hear Me Good Dwayne LeBlanc
NYCW (NYC Witches) Dave Solomon
Old Mate Mitchell Charman
Once Trees... GLENN BIREN
Once Upon the City: A Hella Cracked Short Film Myles Bergman
One Alex Abdel Salam
One More from the Road William Reilly
Open Up Tiina Chisola Lantz-Hirvonen
Orpheus Steve Wieclaw
Our Bodies & Other Shames Malka Wallick
Out of Body Ryan Kim
Out of Sight Jack Goessens
Ovary-Acting Laura Jayne Tunbridge
Over the Rolling Green Hills Emily Pudalov
Paper Monsters Michael Clifton
Papaer Plates Brian Nguyen
Park Benches Joe Favalaro, Dan Braga Ulvestad
Party O'Clock Lindsey Robertson
Pearl Rising Linda Dahlem Espinoza
Pegs Ethan Evans, Jess Bartlett
Peki House Haunting Emma Van Lare
Penny's Circle Alexa Salimpour
Persuasion Michelle Calderon, Zoë DeLeon
Pillow Talk Ra-ey Saleh
Please Make Sense Alexander Ullom
Please, Call Me Back. Eva Fabray
Plus One Zayn Alexander
Portal to Hell Woody Bess
Portrait Allegra Oxborough
Portrait of a Persian Cat Abraham de Cugnac
Presumption of Death Gustavo Hernandez-Perez
Punching Bag Rob Ayling
Quran Camp Samah Meghjee
Rapunzel Becca Sugar, Margarita Milne
Recurring Gig Adam Hutchinson
Red Fish Anastasiya Sergienya, Helga Landauer
Reveal Kevin McCloskey, Donna Miller
Reverberate Jewel Hargrove
Ride Or Die Alex Parkinson
Robin Hood: The Golden Arrow Tyson Vick
Role Play Elizabeth Katz
Runner Jordan Riggs
Ruthie Joins a Death Cult Nina Concepción, Kyle Kenyon
Saffron Highway Alex Tyson
Salsa Sangre Nathan Castiel, Keith Boos
Scary Dog Onyeka Oduh
Seed Money Bartow Elmore
Self Reflections Sharie Vance
Shame Nadia Tabbara
Shapeshifter Bianca Catbagan
Sharkkin Tommy Garcia
Shifts Laura Cotterill
Shock Jock Ross McGowan
Sides Jonathan D'Rozario
Sins of the Father Christopher Guerrero
Siren Song Stephen Coll
Sitting Bird Athena Han
Slick Rick Alex Garcia
Smile...The Worst is Yet to Come joseph mancuso
Smokeeasy Courtney Thomas, Amy Copperman
Snakeeater Tore Knos, Aron Flasher
Socks Jiyeon Kim-Myung
Sonder Oluwatimilehin Faderin
Sons of The River Katyayani Kumar
Spellbound: Women in Magic Susan Dynner
Standing in Fire Philip Musey
Standing With The Ancients Jen Muranetz
Starburst Dmitry Chaplin
Stitched Zach Goodwin
Stolen Dough Stefano Da Frè
Strange Is Our Situation Here On Earth Nicki Carrico, Julia Pontecorvo
Stranger After Fall Stephen Murphy
Strangers in the Night Ivona Juka
Strega Richard Cotzabuyucas
Stupid C*nt Ksenia Nikto, Polina Zabrodskaya
Subtext/Clipped Wings Christina McInulty, Erin Morgan
Subversive Sea Lara Carvalho
Sugar Daddy Mike Cooke
Sukkot Mandy Clinton
Sun Falls Aeden O'Connor Agurcia
Sunday Morning Jason Wallace
Sunhat Naomi Christie
Sweet Dreams Gary Alvarez
Talon Heather Parra
Test Drive Mitchell Lazar, Sam Downey
Text Ya Later Jeniffer Hernandez
Thank You, Places! Timothy Mark Davis, Luis Roberto Herrera
The (Mis)Education of Clack Children Moreetsi Gabang
The Astrum Wranglers Samuel Keene
The Ballerina Daniel Marques
The Biggest Alien Renee Kester, Samantha Mandich
The Blind Couple From Mali Sonia Gooding Togobo
The Blossom Shahnaz Mahmud
The Bobbsey Twins Go to Hell Gil Luna
The Bus Stop Parker Briscoe
The Call Out Jess C Wheatley
The Cima Project Anna Katarina
The Clam Guy Jen Nista, Max Beckerman
The Collins Film Brennan Huizinga
The Compatriots Spencer Cohen
The Cutting Room Floor Victoria deMartin
The Designer Em Johnson
The Dyson-Nüwa Project Joey Yu
The Extraordinary Inner Life of Engineer Atul Kulkarni - Short Jyothi Kalyan Sura
The Flip Side Alise Morales
The Gentlemen of Sig Alph Chi Vasco Munoz, Sahil Rustami
The Great Divide John Skipp
The Great Tit is a Bird Ar Ducao
The Gringo in the Hammock Joe Tripician
The House Sitter Anne Hollister
The Hummingbird Trees (Diary of a Tree Girl) Andrea Koehle Jones
The Ingenue Kyle Andrews, Frances Wendorf
The Invisibles Julia Beney
The Maker Andio Manguray
The Meeting Spot Lauren Sick
The Method Jace Anderson, Adam Gierasch
The Officers Sebastien Michel
The Other Moon Benjamin Font
The Ride Alysha Haran
The Rite of Spring Nick Nocera
The Rosewood Interview Andy Dispensa
The Sound of Silents Nicholas Reynolds
The Sphinx Chloë Myerson
The Stolen Children Elizabeth Jacobs
The Test Addyson Douglas, Andrea Meister
The Tyrant Peter Bussian
The Untamed Olga Holtz
The Ways Our Bodies Burn Daniel Egbert
The Weight of a Dog Lucy Sandler, Mechi Lakatos
The Weight of it All Arthur Gay
The Wicked: Reborn Matthew Stalletti
Them Charlie S. Jensen
There's So Much More to Fishing Than Catching Fish Roger Corea
They Chose The Sea Nnamdi Kanaga, Tunray Femi
They Will Bleed Us Dry Phillip Dixon
Thirst Trap Lizzie Parmenter
Thump Richard Young
Timetracker Peter Quandt
To the Moon Michael Dukakis
Todo el Tiempo en el Mundo Stephanie Ibarra
Tokeru (Melting) Yuki Soga
Trash Baby Jacy Mairs
Trimester Narlyia Sterling
Tummy Monster Ciaran Lyons
Two for One Spencer Tuggle, Eric McCorkle
Under the Influencer Skye Emerson
Unheard Voices: A Mothers Quest for Freedom TOSHA MILLS
Unicorn Boy Joe Tripician
Unstaged Elizabeth Shew
Untitled North Miami Project Edson Jean
Untouchable Adam Lapallo
Vanishing Cowboy Randi Johns
Verity Tim Maupin
Watermelons Cheryl Wong
Ways to Fly Kirby Marshall-Collins
We Can Never Go Back Aminah Hughes, Dylan Kussman
Welcome to North Brother Island Enzo Flores
Westhampton Christian Nilsson
What are You Called? Briana Monet
What Happens in the Bookstacks Alexandra Miller
What is the Criteria? [Criteria Kya Hai?] Aneesa Khan
What Men Do For Love karan talwar
What We Leave Behind Yashoda Parthasarthy, Vijesh Rajan
Where's Harlem Donaldo Prescod
Whistle Down Wind Andie Morgenlander
Whitch Hoku Uchiyama
Whitehead: The Improbably Charmed Life of Paul Whitehead Heidi Hornbacher
Who Killed Alex Odeh? William Youmans
Wildflowers Jeff Lucky
Willow and Wu Kathy Meng, Harry Bacon
Windy City Serenade Harper Philbin
Winsome Justin Lerner
Wishes Sink in Man Made Lakes Faye Ruiz
Woodwork Alex Woodruff
Xin Xin: The Last Panda in Latin America Anna Wang
Yes Emmie, You Can! Nori Ortiz
Zero Light Christina Auriana

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