Fall 2022 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft - updated on October 25, 2022

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the Fall 2022 ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch. These projects were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to these writers!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on October 19th on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

'Deth Knell Merida Quinlan
'Mick and Toni' Nicole James Burggraaf
#Nofilter Nathan Crooker
A CO's Obsession Tirmira Robinson
A pocketful of wonder Lemiaye Miyazaki - Taylor
Affection of a Tiger Khalid Abdulqaadir
Alabaster Marten Hoekstra
ANGELA DiTanya Zamudio-Serrano
Anshel Itai Adam Vagner, Nurit Asher Vagner
Ascension Darren Moran
Aydin - Pitch R C Ducantlin
B.Z.P.D. Brian Ernst
Bad Energy Alex Miklovic
Beat 'em Up Caleb Dillon
Beverly Hills Pharmacist Stacey Powells Lyster, Griff Lambert
Bitter Lake Devin Wallace
Black Parade Katarzyna Górtat-Rzepka
Boundary Waters Brandon Densmore
Bud Appetit PITCH Lisa Scott
Bug Girl Lydia Folckomer
Bury Your Worries Cheyenne Gallon
Camptown Lady Catherine Canfield
Cat's Outta the Bag Steffi Hill
Catharine After The Calamity Deborah Mulhall
Celebrities Care Stephanie Finn Taylor
Cemetery Kids Matt Lewis
Chosen Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Chrysalis Pitch Brett Katzen
Cleaners Ethan Davis
Combo Breaker Alexander Venardos, Chynna Ladage
CRISIS ID Lonniel Quarles
Cry Baby Danijela Topalovic
Cuffing Season Jon Bershad
Damsels and Dragons avery koenig
DANTE Matteo Mascanzoni
Deep Reservations David Schroeder
Delinquent Matthew Nunn
Dollars and Nonsense Robyn Swanson
E-BLOCK Harry Haynes Jr.
Eden Josh Bromfield Davis
Electric Love Petula Miller
Evening News Mason Mothersbaugh Hite
Extra Lives Michael Elder
Family Blood Eric Giancola
Fast Enough Nicholas Wenger
Foole Andrea Ash
Fortificada Randy Steinlauf
Free Spirits Cherise Lesesne
Girl Gone Wild Courtney Kocak
Girl Shaped Ghost Graeme Morrice
Glastonbury Gerrard Hartland
Go-Go! Henry Alexander Kelly
Group Hug Matt Lewis, Max Taylor
Hack Need  David Schroeder
Hard Lessons Learned Michael Northwood
HEY, JOHNY Pitch Alex Dvorak
Human Stalk Nil Unerdem
I’m Sticking With You Anna Parets
In Sheep's Clothing Kai Durkin
Indian Summer Madhu Powar Garg
Island, Interrupted Amelia Fergusson
Jenny the Gorgon Julia Diddy
Jesters Jamie Ward
Judy is a Punk Jeremy Span
Love in the Time of Conflict ALEXANDER SIKAREVICH
Love Story Sophie Lewis
MADE OF WATER Despina Charalampous
Magdalena Maria Deanna Laquian
Manboy Curtis Belz
Midnight at the Caravelle Rudi O'Meara
Mock Trial Tenaya Wallace
Monsters Are Real Alexander Chard
Mountain Charley Jill Poisson
Never Goes Away Braden LuBell
NO GOOD DEED PITCH Heather Farlinger
Nobody's Heroes Michael Elliott
Nova's Blade Brandon Lawson
On Brand Melissa Hattab
Pairs to the Floor Lu Lenoxx
Pantero Oliver Silver
Pitch - Jolt Survival Tele Series I - X Roberta M Roy
Potiphar's Wife Eric Fan
POW Alex Beattie
POWER 10 - Pitch Andrea Berting
Puffing Iron Chris rodriguez
Road Killerz Michael McNee
Slaughter David Sheski
Santa's Jewish Son  Zach L Wilson
Saving Chartres Victor Pollak
Scary Godmothers VP Anderson
Secret Hero John LeBoutillier, Mary Quillen
See Nothing Michael David Smith
SHUTDOWN Joel Cousins
Skyfire Pitch mark morris
Sliding Upward Zuzana Gedeon
Smorgasbord Leandra Letissemont
STAR PATROL Juliet Morin, Justin Foley
Stimclash Martrese Wilson
Stunt Guys Rich Figel
Stuntwoman Merridith Allen
TERRA Liv Senghor
Testaments Christian Holiday
The 100 Acres Wood Conner Conway
The Actor's Gang Payton Russell
The Agons Savannah Walker
The Assocation Jared Dubin
The Break up Brigade Avery Koenig
The Court of Johnny Tommy Denos
The End of Innocence Jeffery Ogata
The Findings of Sunny & Rah Chanel Downey
The Foundation of Love Kiana Rawji
The Golden Year Allison Landi
The House I Haunt Rose Winchester
The House in Talbot County Michael David Smith
The Memory of Soil Natalie Cook
The Oak Tree Zivi Zhong
The Purple Plea Haylee Hemphill
The Resurrection of Tupac Shakur Khyan Byrd
The Rise of the Sangaries Adulai Jamanca
The Ruth and June Mysteries John Caranci
The Sisters Agency Michael David Smith
The Spectrum Steven Schlozman
The Terrors of Avalon Maryna Gaidar
The Truth Fairy Philip Andreen
The Vestals Scott Macleod
The Weirdness Steven Abel
This Is How I Disappear Sam Macneil
This is Not the Place Marta Reeder
THUMBS UP! Patti and Andrew Miller
Time Janitors Ryan Manns, Jocelyn Manns
Uprise Lola Petitbon
War of the Desert Queen Michael David Smith
We Are Virginia Tech Laura Linda Bradley
When it Ends Flora Van Kleef
When the Flood Comes Nicholas Geisler, Bryce Lupoli
White Lie William Igbokwe
Wild Child Pitch Michail Eggelhoefer
Witches Amy Maestri, Katie Wilbert
Yugoslavia Danijela Topalovic

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