Fall 2022 ScreenCraft Film Fund Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on August 17, 2022

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the Fall 2022 ScreenCraft Film Fund. These exceptional projects were selected from almost 1,300 submissions. Congratulations!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on September 7th on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"100,000" Sandy TUNG
26 Seconds Kelly Galindo
A Time Apart Courtney Hope Therond
Aftering Hilary Bryant
Alone Today Wendy Wilkins
Amendment Belinda Gosbee
American Meltdown Andrew Adams
As With Dogs Annika Carlson
Audit Geordie Sabbagh
Bad At Sex Honora Talbott
Ballroom Laurence Walsh
Big Boys Corin Sherman
Bits and Pieces Lindsay Stidham
Black & Gold Khadija Diakite
Blue Dream Fray Forde, Catherine Dee Holly
Cait & The Corpse J. Logan Alexander, Elissa Nechamkin
CALLAS Christopher Murray
Cancuncito Carlos Marulanda
Child Giovanni Labadessa
CHIMERA Justin Hughes
CLASS OF 2000 Leanna Adams, Rachel Cross
Copy Cat Vanessa Branch
Cracked Candace Singh
Dancing on the Elephant Lisa Hagen
Diffraction Kristin Holodak
Dinner for Two? Marcus Stricklin
Disrepair Clayton Tony Au
Dragonfly Julia Morizawa
End of the Line Rani DeMuth
FIRST Jahmela Yarbrough
Fish Bowl Rachel Sweeney
Foibles Ryan Oksenberg
Foster Home Hoku Uchiyama
GABRIELA Evelyn Lorena
Golden Child Hannah Levin
GREENWOOD Felicity Evans , Toby Venables
Hand Twins Macee Binns
Happy Campers Amy Nicholson
HAUNTED HEART Mike Bencivenga
Heartstrings J.D. Zelman, Matthew Dushkes
Hide & Seek Alison Flierl
Honey Fingers Maddie Grammatopoulos
Hot Angry Mom Mel House
humble schist Bailey Beltramo
Hurt Zac Kish
I Don't Dream In Spanish Anymore Missy Hernandez
I Was a Paid Propagandist Joe Tripician
In Our Own Hands Gabrielle Nehring, Jennifer Varenchik
In The Pines Caleb Dillon
IN TOW Sharon Arteaga
Inappropriate Autumn Silvas
Just Kids Alessandro Riconda
Just Potential Piyali Syam
Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time Ben Hicks
Like Moonlight On Water Kayla Saunders
Little S Caitlin Woods
Long Pork Gabrielle Makower, Iris Dukatt
Lost Time Ben Hickernell
MAGIC HOUR Jacqueline Christy
Maxine Lynne Bond
May I Put You On Hold Ryan Self
Midnight at the Caravelle - Pilot "Summer Storms" Rudi O'Meara
My Father's Favorite Places Marie Cheng
Open to It Frank Smith
Operation Jericho Jonathan Ball, Jody Hart
Outlet Jared White
Paring Heather McCallum
Passion Project Colleen McAllister
Pink Moon Carol Brandt
Pitmaster Wes Humphrey
Rehab, INC. Tara Plizga
Roadkill Lindsay Clift
Romance Package for Two Carlen May-Mann
Science Fiction Gilles François
Second Generation Frank Smith
Security Theater Daniel Sole
Shuffle Benjamin Flaherty
Sink or Swim Jeff Bretl
Sitting Bird Athena Han
Snapshots of Confinement Whitney Peterson, Esteban Gomez
Sour Milk Sophia Sabella, Pablo Feldman
Stacy, God of Pain Benjamin Thompson
Step Into The Mattress Erin Vassilopoulos
Stephie With A Why PILOT Mirra Kardonne
Stripper Boyz Stephen Sanow, Joe Fahey
Suffer Kerry Carlock, Nick Lund-Ulrich
Swing Low Sam Marine, Michael Borowiec
Sync Carolina Alvarez
The Art of Cooking Annie Bradford
The Chocolate Kandinsky Suzanne Griffin
The Cosmopolitan West Molly Ratermann
The Fall Girl Tara Hall
The Forest Hannah Kean
The Outlier Francisco Castro
The Pulpit Tosin Morohunfola
The Question Peter Tamaribuchi
The Retreat Drew Brown
The Ride Home Cole Depner
The Secret of Ridgemoor Resort Justin O'Hanley
The Small Hours Larry Johnson
The Vast Lonesome Gus Holwerda
THE WILD ONE Tessa Louise Salomé, Sarah Contou Terquem
The Will of Monsters Christopher Wade
Throuple Michael Doshier
TOUCH RED Michaela Zannou
Trevor Hurt Someone Sam Pinnelas
Under the Lights Miles Levin
Unlovables: A Church Comedy Margie Templo Parks
Urban Ed Wade Wofford
Van der Pals Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda
VIOLET Sarah Deakins
Wall Erin Cantelo
What Will I Become? Lexie and Logan Bean and Rozos
Who's Annie? SOPHIA PEER, Annie Sicherman
With Her Own Hands Kathryn McCarthy
Yasodhara Gabriel Constans, Shandra McDonald
Young Again Cassidy Civiero

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