Fall 2022 ScreenCraft Film Fund Second Rounders

by ScreenCraft - updated on August 29, 2022

Listed below are the Second Rounders of the Fall 2022 ScreenCraft Film Fund. These projects were selected from almost 1,300 submissions. Congratulations to the projects that have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on August 17th on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Second Rounders:

"100,000" Sandy TUNG
"STEAL, KILL, and DESTROY" Darron Savage
(A Song For) Imogene Erika Arlee
(Sometimes) I Wish You Were Dead JoAnna Izon
#Relevant Rachel Lark
1.4% Garin Hovannisian
20 In A Pack Abigail "Yaya" Sutton
26 Seconds Kelly Galindo
42 Seconds judith eisenberg
8am & 8pm Sanjna Bharadwaj
A Bell Family Christmas Brittany Preston, Naim Randolph, William Ervin
A FIRE INSIDE Richard Martin
A House Named Shahana Leesa Gazi
A Time Apart Courtney Hope Therond
A Voice for Angelo Sheila Duncan
Abortion Alexandra King
Accident Stephanie Ahn
Acolyte Tubbs
Adult Section Kristin Erickson
Aftering Hilary Bryant
Al'z Pillow Daniel Taylor
Alice Brendan Dacey
Alice & The Secret Agent Maju Cancella
Alien Guy Tim Patrick McElroy
All Kinds of Trouble Patrick Lazzara
All Of It Kathryn Farren
Alma & the Two Pills anna salinas
Alone Today Wendy Wilkins
Already In Progress Greg Lastrapes, Chris Jacobs
Amendment Belinda Gosbee
American Meltdown Andrew Adams
Angels Play Dirty Suzette Ferretti
Annie and the Scar Christina Birdsall
Another Lifetime Brayden Dalmazzone
Apacheria Roland Greedy
Are We Friends Ginger Rose Carrick
As With Dogs Annika Carlson
At Your Service Annie Bradford
ATANASOFF Svilen Kamburov, Mia Nguyen
Audentes Fortuna Iuvat Larissa Kruesi
Audit Geordie Sabbagh
Automatism Gretchen Olivero
Awakening Iztaccihuatl Catalina Ausin
BACK IN THE GAME Helen Fernandez, Raiza Licea
Backlot Apocalypse Gary Allison, Ric Viers
Bad At Sex Honora Talbott
Bad Words Stuart Alan Creque
Balloons Over Neptune Audrey Lane
Ballroom Laurence Walsh
Before You Go Joe Thayer
Behind The Reality Curtain Richard Tucci
Beholden Louise Ann Munro
Beset Kevin Romito, Andreas Aristides
Bessie Shows Her Ass Robert Philipson
Better Halves Jason Zink, Nolan Mihail
Better Than A Shovel Alex Kamb
Beyond Bombshell: How Jayne Mansfield Saved My Life & Changed the World (née FINDING JAYNE)     Erik Liberman
Beyond The Lake Domenic Porcari
Beyond the Tracks Brandon Lill
Big Boys Corin Sherman
Big Break Julian Berger
BIG NOSE Sophia Conger
Birdie Katharine Scarborough
Bits and Pieces Lindsay Stidham
Black & Gold Khadija Diakite
Black Sheep in Southie Allan Cheng
Blood Run Chantelle Tibbs
Bloodland Conor Soucy
Blow, Honey, Blow Tova Katz
Blue Dream Fray Forde
Blueprint Part 1 Joel Segal
BOOMERS Caccioppi Sisters
Breaking the Fourth Wall Luke Sorge
Broken Arrow Cole Smith
Cab Ride the pilot Chima Nsoedo
CAGED J. Zachary Thurman
Cages Megan Raney Aarons, Colin K Gray, Izabel Acevedo
Cait & The Corpse J. Logan Alexander
Call for Cassie Jiwon Lee
Call It Out Sarah Leigh
CALL ME MOMMY Haley Erickson
CALLAS Christopher Murray
Cancuncito Carlos Marulanda
Canon Maxwell Addae
Carry The Darkness Douglas Forrester
Cecil's Woods CJ Hatch, Kevin Renshaw
Ceremony Nathaniel Hendricks, Spencer Lucas
Chicken Skin Craig Richey
Child Giovanni Labadessa
CHIMERA Justin Hughes
Chinatown Q.T. Ly
Cinephile Jack Kyser, Grant Rosenmeyer
CLASS OF 2000 Leanna Adams, Rachel Cross
COLORS OF WHITE ROCK Khoroldorj Choijoovanchig, Chantal Perrin
Coming of (Middle) Age Katy Schutte
CONSUMED Emily Robinson
Contact Tracing Amy Tofte
Conversations With Mom Angel Williams
Copy Cat Vanessa Branch
Cracked Candace Singh
Cringe Ian Hunt
Culturally Mallory Sparks
Dance of the Pumpkin People Mikael Trench
Dancing on the Elephant Lisa Hagen
DANTE Matteo Mascanzoni
DAYLIGHT Yaa Asantewaa Faraji
DEADLINE Tyler Hansen
Deaf Santa Claus Anthony Mowl
Dear Eszter Alex Balassa, Marisol Mijares, Alejandro Orozco, Mario Székely
Death Valley Matthew Beck
Desde adentro (From the Inside) Javier Colon-Caraballo
Desolation's Edge Michael Castaldo
Diffraction Kristin Holodak
Digging Out Lara Britton
Dinner for Two? Marcus Stricklin
Disc Golf, Zombies! Joshua Bryson
Disrepair Clayton Au
Dog Days Elle Misko
Doldrums Chau LE
Doll #195 Anja Ramaroson, Martin Lloyd
Doors Will Open Leah Welch
Dragonfly Julia Morizawa
Dream Raouf Zaki
Eagle Claw Anna Kagarakis
Earl's Gotta Die Heather Shapiro
Echoes From The Dark Dayo Okeniyi
Edge of the Rainbow Barbara West
Ekelbrode Sascha Montgomery, Ben Pierson
Enchantress Brian Rawlins
End of the Line Rani DeMuth
Every Sunday Ashley Whelan
Everyone is Coming Over for a Party Linus Ignatius
Everything Is Fine Alex Vance
Eyesore Jonathan Shander
Fallout Desiree Zielinski
Fame & Lies Seda Anbarci
Fan Fiction Ben Lederman
Farewell, Portugal Nick Greene
FIRST Jahmela Yarbrough
First Gens Nahreen Tarzi
Fish Bowl Rachel Sweeney
Foibles Ryan Oksenberg
Fomosexuals Gabriel Notarangelo
FORESIGHT Samantha Wilson
Forgotten Lovers Aliza Brugger
Fortified Ross Compton
Foster Home Hoku Uchiyama
Fragmented Scars Yanatha Desouvre
Frida does Flamenco Eva Midgley
Friends from Home Joe Blank, Mike Koslov
Future Date Patrick Dorsey, Stanley Wong
GABRIELA Evelyn Lorena
GABRIELA Evelyn Lorena
Generation Service k. rose
Ghosts of Mexico James Arrabito
Ginger Jesus Ian D Murphy
Giny Aliyah Curry
Golden Child Hannah Levin
Good Side of Bad Alethea Root
GREENER Keyanna Wigglesworth
GREENWOOD Felicity Evans , Toby Venables
Greetings From Arizona Margaret Sclafani, Zach Singer
Grip Angus McMaster
Hand Twins Macee Binns
HANNAH Claire Dixon
Happy Campers Amy Nicholson
HAUNTED HEART Mike Bencivenga
Heartstrings J.D. Zelman, Matthew Dushkes
Heaven Doesn't Know My Name Carol Aó
Heels Kevin Rosa
HELL-O Bethany Gould
Here to There Faith Nolan
Heritage Charliese West, Chasah West
HICK Michael Tyre, Eric Myrieckes
Hide & Seek Alison Flierl
Hillbilly Bath Lauren Kleeman
HIM TOO! (Working title) Elahe Esmaili
Hintsa the Great Zena Wood
Hollowcene Elle Rigg
Holy Driver Gavin Rapp
Honey Fingers Maddie Grammatopoulos
HOPE Jochen Isensee
Hot Angry Mom Mel House
HOT MESS Evelyne Werzowa
House of Leather Jamison Karon
How Not To Date Your Husband Sandra Darnell
How the Yellow Mellow Eljohn Macaranas
How to Ruin the Holidays Kevin Gillese
humble schist Bailey Beltramo
Hurt Zac Kish
I Don't Dream In Spanish Anymore Missy Hernandez
I Hope This Email Finds You Well Quinton Buxton
I Was a Paid Propagandist Joe Tripician
I Wish I Cared Ruby Mainieri
I’m digging a hole Noel Taylor
Ibu (Mother) Friakanya Iwana
Ice Cream, Man Mona Shahab
Imagine Jeffrey Barton
Imperfect* David Crane, Nicole Evans
Impulse Aditya Kripalani
In Our Own Hands Gabrielle Nehring, Jennifer Varenchik
In The Pines Caleb Dillon
IN TOW Sharon Arteaga
In Wonderland Andrea McCracken
Inappropriate Autumn Silvas
Inhabitants Matt McClung
INTERLOPER Richard Mooney
Ir-ish? Mandy Celine
Iskra Snejina Latev
Jane Doe Bonnie Black
Jester Todd Hartsell, Jeff LaGrone
Joe Eats a Tiger Salieu Sidique
Jolt Survival Series Pilot Roberta M Roy
Jordan Just Needs to Relax Neil Davis
Joselito's Ashton Avila
Julie and Romeo Lyn Pinezich
Jupiter in Love Marianne Titiriga, Heidi Janson
Just A Friend Courtney Deelen
Just Kids Alessandro Riconda
Just Potential Piyali Syam
Kersdale Motors Shaun Lowthian, Chris Gau
Kids Go Free to Fun Fun Time Ben Hicks
Knee High Marissa Vonn
La Costa (The Coast) Adriana Ducassi, Nick Ducassi
La Ruta Edith D Rodriguez
Ladies of Fortune Ruth Hanson
Lady Parts Riley Scott
Lenore Goldie Jones
Life of Tai: The Diaries of Tai Atlas Henry Simpson-Gray
Life Twice Lost Mark Roush
Like Moonlight On Water Kayla Saunders
LIMERENCE Allison Herrera
Line In The Sand Andrew Richardson
Little S Caitlin Woods
Little Wolf Rust, The Sunflower Club Studio
Living With You C.B. Jacobson
Long Pork Gabrielle Makower, Iris Dukatt
LOONS Jackie Katzman
Lost Time Ben Hickernell
LOVE IS... Valerie Connelly
Love School Julia Maryanska
Lucky Us - Season 2 Kyle Moreland
Lucy & Patrick Friedrich Kohle
Lucy Gone Wild Abigail Mason
MAGIC HOUR Jacqueline Christy
Mammals Anthony Yanick, Keith Ford
MAN FREED Will Rittweger
Marconiville Tony Clemente Jr
Mariposa Nathan Downs
Maxine Lynne Bond
May I Put You On Hold Ryan Self
MERCY ROAD Maria Doctor, Ta'Sha Douglas, Marion Jones
Midnight at the Caravelle - Pilot "Summer Storms" Rudi O'Meara
Missile Christopher Kim
MONEY Chelsea Steele
Monkeybars Michael Canon
Month to Month Derrick Owens, Mike Koslov Koslov
Motherhood Annie Bradford
Mountains Monica Sorelle, Robert Colom
Moving In Stereo Andrew Sindt
Mr Perfect 2022 Desi Lyon
Mr Talent Constantin Weber
Mumbly Peg Mark Lesser
My Ancestors’ Song Melissa Mars
My Bully Mia Laura Stubbs
My Father's Favorite Places Marie Cheng
My Life As A Bed Kara Sachs
My Little Renaissance Girl Amy Heller
My Mother's Daughter Lillian Fitzmaurice
My Sweet Sweet Child Armie Hicks Jr
Mysterious Ways Tyler Eaton
Nemesis Eterna Stephen van Vuuren
Night Owl Rebekah Miskin
Night Train Rachel Cora Wood
NOLA: The Beginning Mildred Langford
Now Again pt.2 "The Taster" Louis Cox
On the Last Day Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid
On The Line Connor Austin JONES
Open to It Frank Smith
Operation Jericho Jonathan Ball, Jody Hart
Orange Juice Luisa Novo
Orson Jared Egol
Outlet Jared White
P.E. Daniel Colella
Pacific Vampires of America Ricky Barca, Dakoda Bigelow
Package for Jim Santiago Seth Colón
Pairs to the Floor Lu Lenoxx
Paradise Bijon Imtiaz
Paring Heather McCallum
Parts Mia Fowler
Passion Project Colleen McAllister
Peaches and The City Aaron Gray
Peachy Kaite Fitz
Pen Pals Juliet Lucas
Perfectly Good Moment Amanda Stern
Picking Up Porter Douglas Ann LeSchander
Pink Dish Gloves Mary McCormick
Pink Moon Carol Brandt
Pitmaster Wes Humphrey
Places of Worship Bridget Frances Harris
PLAY COUSINS Maurice Walls
Pocket Watch Daniel Grasskamp
Pretty Drawings Ace Kazkayasi
Prince Jessica Rowlands
Punderneath It All Abby Hagan
Queen & Sober Corinne Chapman
Quran Camp Samah Meghjee
Rabbit Hole Lauren Zoë
Ransoms Jungkyu Hwang
Red David Windecher
Red ( 红色) Madison Lin
Red Shirt Joshua Moise
Rehab, INC. Tara Plizga
Renacer Jenniffer Gonzalez Martinez
Residual Cristi Rumpza
Roadkill Lindsay Clift
Romance Package for Two Carlen May-Mann
Roswell 47 Anniken Gjelstad
Royal Highness Tiera Dashae
Rupture Derek Nelson
Sanctuary of Butterflies Daniel Sznajderman
Sardinia Paul Kowalski
SAVE THE WEDDING Helen Fernandez, Stephanie Osuna-Hernandez
Scare Fighter 3 Maxfield Brown
Science Fiction Gilles François
Score Lonnie Ray Atkinson
SCRAPS - Short Film Ryan Nordin
Second Generation Frank Smith
Security Theater Daniel Sole
See Her Kat Davila
Sendgeance! Nathan Wetherington
Series Title: My Lizard-Alien Dad; Episode Title: It Ain't Easy Being Green Jeff Kronenfeld
She Flys Unnamed
She’s Roxanne! Adrienne Maslin
Shining in the Dark Ariel Baska
Shuffle Benjamin Flaherty
Sickteen Matt Hartman
Silent as the Grave Brad Podowski
Sink or Swim Jeff Bretl
SISTERS Genine Amada Tillotson
SITRA ACHRA Levi Buchanan
Sitting Bird Athena Han
Six Letter Word Lisanne Sartor
Slates Ben Cunis
Smile As You Kill Michael Sarrow
Snapshots of Confinement Whitney Peterson, Esteban Gomez
Solidarity Dustin Brown
Some Kind of Joy Garrett Hines
Soul to Keep Krista O'Connor
Sour Milk Sophia Sabella, Pablo Feldman
Southern Baobei Jill V. Dae
Stacy, God of Pain Benjamin Thompson
Step Into The Mattress Erin Vassilopoulos
Stephie With A Why PILOT Mirra Kardonne
Stone Fate Dani Craig, Angel Williams
Stop Calling Me Karen! Karan Batta
Strange Weather Kio Shijiki
Stripper Boyz Stephen Sanow, Joe Fahey
Suburban Witch Lily Emalfarb
Suffer Kerry Carlock, Nick Lund-Ulrich
Sugar Tooth Ellie Hall
Summer Always Comes Ethel Wu
Sunflower Ashlee Harris
Swing Low Sam Marine, Michael Borowiec
Sync Carolina Alvarez
Syrena Elizabeth Dinkova
Tanami Annabel Maclean
Tape 22 Callie Bloem, Christopher Ewing
Terminal Lake Andrew Blackman
The Aloha Way Scott Guinn
The Art of Cooking Annie Bradford
The Audition Chelsey Morgan
The Ballad of Fred Fort Bruno Rubeiz
The Beldham Angela Gulner
The Binding of Isaac Casiano Hamer
The Blouse Kseni Avonavi
The Bonus Michael Lovett, Caroline McCallum, Sumeet Sarin
The Border Irshad Ashraf
The Bushwick Psycho Brian DiLorenzo
The Chocolate Kandinsky Suzanne Griffin
The Choice Anya Raza
The Comebackers Sam Juergens
The Cosmopolitan West Molly Ratermann
The Decay Adam Davis
The Deep End Helga Fontánez
The Desert Can't Have Us Victoria Lucia
The Down Window Silvano-Mari Robinson
The Eremite Mark Sposato
The Exchange Afraah Farhana
The Fairchild Danny Rogers
The Fall Girl Tara Hall
The Forest Hannah Kean
The Fruit of Our Womb Marina Shron
The Girl in the Woods James Ryan
The Glow of Amber Michael Canon
The Gospel According to Charlie Kamal John Iskander
The Heart of Long Beach Damian Apunte
The Hood Dante Desmond
The Invention Ryan Byrne
The Lift Lorien Haynes
The Machine Isabel Steuble-Johnson, Colin Waitt
The Method Jace Anderson
The Moon is in Aquarius Jesse Kuba
The Mourning Of Merced Elizondo
The New Guard Sophia Flot-Warner
The Note Kyle Asperger
The Note Dale Janda
The Outlier Francisco Castro
The Party People Stephanie Turci
The Peregrine Justin Giddings
The Plantation Randall Snare
The Pulpit Tosin Morohunfola
The Question Peter Tamaribuchi
The Recruit Max Minus
The Red Shoes Tina Love
The Resonance Colter Knebel
The Retreat Drew Brown
The Ride Home Cole Depner
The Secret of Ridgemoor Resort Justin O'Hanley
The Slasher Experience Edward White
The Sleepover Dayna Noffke, Paul S. Casey
The Small Hours Larry Johnson
The Sound Guy Jenny Gorelick
The Swelter Ebaa Mohmed
THE TAROT Peter Hyoguchi
The Timberline Terror Molly Jacobs
The Vast Lonesome Gus Holwerda
The Waltz Ava Davis
The Wayfarer Marc Gallagher
THE WILD ONE Tessa Louise Salomé, Sarah Contou Terquem
The Will of Monsters Christopher Wade
The Wound Wood Andrew Mudge
Thirdy: Gold Rush Marquise Mickey
Thirstygirl Alexandra Qin
This I Know LaLa Halsema, Carrie Schrader
This Light of Mine Quinn Martin
Three Generations of Me Christopher Roland, Tyrone Breaux Jr.
Throuple Michael Doshier
Tiny House Dewey Taylor
Top Foam Tara Grover Smith
TOUCH RED Michaela Zannou
Tower Theatre Austin Thomas Wood
Transference Yessica Lepe
Travelling Past Rory Power-Gibb
Treat Day Lisa Kockeritz
Trevor Hurt Someone Sam Pinnelas
Tropical Utopia João Amorim
Turn Back Time Jon Saks
Twinky Doo's Magic World Alessandro Izzo
Under the Burning Sun Krina Gajjar
Under the Lights Miles Levin
Unlovables: A Church Comedy Margie Templo Parks
Untitled Pilot Kevin Turner
Unwavering Christine Hughes
Upstream Hannah Taragan
Urban Ed Wade Wofford
Use your words L M
Van der Pals Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda
VIOLET Sarah Deakins
Visionary Olivia Mayberry
Wall Erin Cantelo
We Suffer the Damage Nikki Durbin
Welcome to Fear City Michael Rohatyn
WELCOME TO THE STAGE... Kyle Casey Chu, Roisin Isner
What Will I Become? Lexie and Logan Bean and Rozos
Whatever Lola Wants Thomas Calandra
When is Now Luke Stanaway, Adam Lehnert-Spalding
When the Wolf Came to Town Jessica Aceti
When You Left Me On That Boulevard Kayla Galang
Where in the Hell Laramie Dennis
Whitch Hoku Uchiyama
White Lupara Jared Hada Smith
Who Are You, Nanu? Anjini Taneja Azhar
Who's Annie? SOPHIA PEER, Annie Sicherman
Who's Annie? Sophia Peer, Annie Sicherman
Wight Jonathan Chen
Winston Aashish Gadhvi
With Her Own Hands Kathryn McCarthy
With Salt Nikki Syreeta, Phyllis Bancroft
World Of Sleepers David Schultz
Yasodhara Gabriel Constans, Shandra McDonald
You Can Tell Me Anything Maria Belen Poncio
Young Again Cassidy Civiero

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