BIFF Screenwriters Residency Program Quarter-Finalists Announced

by ScreenCraft - updated on October 12, 2015

Update: Winners selected - see list here!

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2015 Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) Screenwriters Residency Program, presented by Buffalo 8 Productions and ScreenCraft. These writers and projects remain in contention to be selected for the program. Congratulations to those who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for the semifinalists announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We're accepting six additional tuition-paying applicants until October 31st, 2015. Click here for full info

Congratulations to these talented quarter-finalists!


1947 by Summer Pervez

2nd Viewing by David Allain

30 Something by Katy Pannell

Abby Morse by Chance D. Muehleck

A Circle Of Souls by Preetham Grandhi

A Dolphin In Our Lake by David Nicholas Hartmann

A Face To Paint by KT Parker

A Gun by Rob Yescombe

Always The Dressmaker by Clare Sladden

A Most Dangerous Current by Amanda Glassman

A Mother’s Legacy by Cilla Lowen and Vivien Lourens

Angel In The Marble by Jason Pittock

Angel Tendencies by Moez Solis

An Honorable Profession by Andrew David Irvine

Aspasia, First Lady of Athens by Kristin Johnson

Atlantean Tablets by Rafal Zlak

Attorney-At-Lore by Max Moore

Bad Place by Spencer Berger (story by Monty Miranda & Spencer Berger)

Bahama Mama by Terry Stanley

Bikini Baristas by Matthew Weaver

Black Sunday by Heidi R. Willis

Blood Moon by Monique Mata

Borrowed And Blue by Lauren Smerkanich

Brother Down by Jeff Garneau

Buenos Aires by Olga Rojer

Bushido by Arnold Vongsuvanh

Butterscotch On The Rocks by Craig Paulsen

Cabo by Andrew Siara

Cargo Cult by D.L. Hamilton

Carol by Susan Polk

Chas Addams by Kendell Courtney Klein

Completists by Scott Kawczynski

Confessors by Manny Rey

Copparay by Lilo Bolen

Crater by John J. Griffin

Crossing The Line by Nick Scown

Dalton’s Gate by Jim Gillies

D-Day by Tamika R. Guishard

Dead Reckoning by Robbie Fraser

Dead Tomorrows by Thomas Hill

Dean The Drummer by Tannaz Hazemi

Death In The Evening by William Arnold

Death Wind by Travis Heermann and Jim Pinto

Devils And Dust by Dagmar Blommaert

Digging Deeper by Lee Crompton

Dinner And Three Vignettes by Brady Katzman-Rooks

Dinner With Rembrandt by Gabrielle Restivo

Disruption by Todd Serlin

Dissected by Scott Pittock

Dr. Dean’s Journey To Surgery by Leonard Tachmes, M.D.

Dreams by Magdelena Ilieva and Jonathan Heidelberger

Dust To Dust by Cate Honzl

End Of The Line by Nickolas Gilbert

Faith Found Wanting by Margo Trueblood

Fernando, The Life Of A Spaniard by Mildred McDermott

Flipside by Stephen Leach

#FollowMe by Paul O’Malley

Fort Raptor by Lisa Jay

Fox-Tare Two-Eight by Shelia Watson & Anthony Watson

Frying Bacon With Aaron Cohen by Nadia A. Selvaggi

Galway’s Chattel by Dave Schmeling & David A. Pasquarelli

Glen Sherley by Joe Rassulo & Bob Gibson

Goat by Jake Lee Hanne

Goat by Jordan Rane

Godmother by Karen Willoughby

Goners by Ken Hegan

Gringas by Estella Gabriel

Hammer Of God by David Michael Kushner

Happy Birthday, Ray! by Kathryne Isabelle Easton

Headhunters by Terry Drayer (based on the books Headhunting in the Solomon Islands Around the Coral Sea and New Guinea Headhunt by Caroline Mytinger

Heart Of Winter by Wade F. Jackson

Hell And Hallelujah! by Margaret Ford Rogers and Shaytee Gadson

Hell To Pay by Melody Reams

Hilda by Eileen Cabiling

His Son by Tim Schildberger

Howler by Sydney Lloyd Smith

I Am Not A Dummy by Kareem J. Mortimer

Insight by Joseph Murkijanian

In The Crease by Ted Nusbaum

Incinta by William Schlichter

Invisible Scars by Edward Klau

Iris by Frank Edward Kelly

Izzy by Ian Kaye

Jamal E. Garcia by Nora Contreras-Almeida

Jaya by Puja Maewal

Kill Your Cold Love by Erin Granat

Last Mile by Sylvia Batey Alcalá

Layla…And Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek Weissbein

Leap by Nicole Finney

Less Ordinary by Monica Chereches

Light My Fire by Bruce Dundore (story by Marty Katz)

Light Of The Moon by Jeremy Kirk

Lilith The Vampire by Jose Padilha

Little Angel by Jay Reid

Little Kingdoms by Kim Doose

Lost Touch by Richard M. Lamborne

Love Beach by Jaffar Mahmood

Love In Alaska by Jordan Rawlins & Courtney Daniels

Made In China by Billie Bates

Making Of A Faith Healer by Rachelle Chartrand

Man Can Cook by Heather Donnell

Map Of The Universe by Joshua Rebell

Martinez, CA by Hernando Bansuelo

Metal Heart by J.M. Reimer

Midnight Morning by Aisha Porter-Christie and Brandon Zuck

Midnight Omen Déjà Vu by Marti Melville & Kevin du Toit

Molineaux by Deron Albright

Momma Was A Traveling Man by Amy Taylor

Monkey River by Laurie Weltz and Jay C. Key

My Sister Ellie by Samantha Collins

Narco Division by Rafal Zlak

Nemesis: Retribution by Javier Loverde

Nessun Dorma (No One Sleeps) by Melissa Anderson Sweazy & Matteo Servente

No Direction Home by John Damien

Oliver Clark & The Future Unknown by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne

Off The Chain by Nathan Olney

One Nation Under Drones by Jarrett Oakley

One White Crow by Pippa Hinchley

Only The Devil Knows by Kathleen M. Mullin

Outside The Wire by Rob Yescombe

Paradise by Will Edward

Paul & The Pirates by Harv Zimmel

PDA by Jason Nunes

Perfectly Spoiled by Sally Ann Walsh

Plausible by Shelli Wright

Poe, A Metaphysical Love Story by Sally Norvell (story by Karen Bellone & Sally Norvell)

Portraits Of Ophelia by Adriana Alexandrova

Powder Manor by Eric Munier

Precious Little Snowflakes by Toby Schwartz

Prion by Ronnie Mackintosh

Professional Beauty by Kathleen Eccles

Purify My Heart by Kate Hackett

Rachelle by David A. Pasquarelli And Dave Schmeling

Realm by Dan Tonkin

Redman’s Revenge by John Patishnock

Red Rover by Philip Landa

Requiem For A Bantamweight by Enrique Berumen

Ron And Zoe by Frank Arciszewski

Run This Town by Ricky Tollman

Sardis The Merciful by Christian Thomas

Saving Shenandoah by Alessandra Bautze

Scared Stillman by Justin Kagan

Scars by David Denis Martin

Scheme Of Things by Jim Ritterhoff & Brian Forrest

Sea Monsters by Karl Mather

Sexton by Elizabeth Oyebode

Shadows On The Nile by Etienne Verhaegen

Shawn’s Redemption by Frank Arciszewski

Shift by James Jackson

Sideshow by Emily Shesh

Skyburner by David E. Baugnon

Solomon’s Bane by Helena Derett

Spiked by Jonny Stearn & Jane Butler

Sprawl by Matthew Edward

Squall by Elizabeth Hemmerdinger

Stone Drive by Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

Sugar Baby by Tessa Fixter-Coniglio

Sweethome by Tanisha Quilter-Williams

Swing State by Jonathan Sheldon

Taking Her In by Jim Hemphill

Talk Show Host by Jake Blandford

Tavarua by Josh Cootner & Barry E. Price

Temporary by Andrew Laurenson

Ten Chunks Of Dead Bitch by Cliff Zimowski

Teton Reckoning by Debi Yazbeck

The Afghan Diaries by May Kay

The Aviaries of Dr. Vogel by Daniel J. Pike

The Aviatrix by Stephen Kelly

The Bahama Queen by Alon Bar & Nancy Sexton

The Bet by Ann Angelheart

The Black Code by Charmaine DeGraté

The Blues According To Royal Richie by M.L. Post

The Book Of Revenge by David Keith Miller

The Cold by Scott Swartz

The Consultant by Jordan Rawlins & Courtney Daniels

The Contest by Andrew David Irvine

The Cuban Circuit by Pamela Jaye Smith and Monty Hayes McMillan

The Family Ruins by David Lee

The Fix by Kelsey Egan

The Girls in The Shadows by Tim Davis

The Grey Man by Marcia Chandler Rhea and Margaret Ford Rogers

The Hunters by Karl Shefelman

The Judgment of Parrish by Mark Ching

The Last Fall by Adam Honzl and Cate Honzl

The Last Indian War by Michael Graf

The Late Great Henry Yates by Val Emmich & Matt Schuman

The Life And Times Of by Emily Chadick Weiss

The Long Way Home by Jason Pates

The Maharaja by Amardeep Rehal

The Money Flight by Hannah L. Feller

The Mulberry Boys by Christopher A. Smith

The Museum Of Unnatural History by Charles Zigman

The Mythfitz by Nicholas Julius

The One Trick Rip-Off by Sridhar M. Reddy (adapted from the graphic novel by Paul Pope)

The Princess And The Pirate by Dana Biscotti Myskowski

The Prophets by Michael Dunaway

The Reconstruction Of Huck Finn by Tim Plaehn

The Resort by Stephan Grauwels

The Rum Cure by Addison Proctor

The Science Of Love And Laughter by Sam Baron

The Society Of Bruce by Kevin Ash

The Song Of The Toadfish by David C. Hill

The Storm King by Vin Morreale, JR.

The Third Bomb by Phillip Parker

The Vacuum Dealer by David Berrade

The Virgin Mary by Craig Paulsen

The Whip by Karen Kondazian and Ryan Oksenberg

The Word Of God by Michael Fodera

There Goes The Bride by Adam Farhi

There Is A Season by Stuart A. Creque

Thicker Than Water by Lauren B. Hendler

Thrace by D.B. Prospero

Tiger In The Woods by James McNulty

To Grow Free And Fertile by Andrew Gilchrist

Too Cool For School by Charles Zigman

To Provincetown by Karyn Kobayashi

Treasure Island by Shail Kamini Ramcharan (based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson)

Triple Agent by Caitlin Durante

Under The Radar by Anne Marie DiNardo

Unstable by Kerry Douglas Dye

Urban Archaeologists by Nicholas Izzo & Michael Schmueck

Vara by Beth Curry

Waikiki by Patricia K. Meyer

West Asheville (Should I Kill Myself, or Have a Cup of Coffee?) by Tim Plaehn

What Rough Beast by Kranti Pally

Wish You Were Here by Austin Kase

Worst In The World by Peter Kimball


12 by Adam Bonfanti

Allergic To Nuts by Craig T. Williams

Beans & Scenes by David F.M. Vaughn

Berkeley by Nadia A. Selvaggi

Better by Josh Cootner & Dr. Brett D. Shurman

Bloodstone by Erik H. Bernard & Lyndon Tait (based on the novel Ox In The Culvert by Gerald Brence)

Blowback by David Case

Born Crazy by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell

Caffeine Kings by Jon Goldman

Case Of Darkness by Stephen Hoover

Cloud Jockeys by Rob Putnam

Colin by Allan George & Greg Stubbings

College Kid by Cody Brotter

Daybreaker by Phil Singleton

Doomsday Messenger Service by Sylvia Batey Alcalá

Drunk With The Irish Blood by Justen Naughton

Evolution by Cara Winter

Football Family by Zachary Weinstock

Frat Lines by Jay Gormley

Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

Harvest by Tierney St. James

Hero List by David Crane

Horseman by Terry Erickson

HR by Stewart Gold & Mark Haapala

Human Resources by Andrew Wood

I Am Warfare by Eduardo H. Garza

I Hate This Town by Martha Michaels

Island Time by Alex Smith

It’s Just Ballet by Kelly Cooper

Jack Pot by Blair Donahue

Jake by C.S.L. Colpitts

John L by Daniel Hart Donoghue

Judastown by Greta Heinemann

Kick The Bucket List by Matt Laughery

Kingdom by Sarah Wisner

Lenny At The Zoo by Damir Konjicija and Dario Konjicija

Life Around Death by Stephanie Lombardo & Rafael Frankenberg

Lineage by Michael Koehler & Ryan Patch

Living Metal by C. S. McMullen

Losing It by Rachel Wortherley

More Than A Game by Ian Craig Walker

Monster Suit Blues by Russell Costanzo, Jeff Haber, Jim Russo

My Pesky Brother by Sid Ramesh & Shruthi Mathur

Nauti Girls by Linda Toussaint

Night Gaunts by Kevin Lenihan

Offspring by Melanie Schiele

Outpost by Chris Hood

Overleaf by Adam Zacharias

Peculiar Institution by Kendell Courtney Klein

Possession by Faisal Lutchmedial

Prodigal by Adam Zacharias

Project Omega by James Norris

Pyramid by Edward Klau

Rumspringing by Cotton Ciaverelli

Savage by Stephanie Bousley

Shining City by Douglas Stark

Skijoring Isn’t Just For Cowboys by Megan Bacharach

Socio-Pam by Rowan Wheeler

Spirit Squad by Matt Morgan

Spokes Of Love by Lara Ameen

Sugar Land by R.B. Ripley

The Adventures Of Ash And Owen by Arun Narayanan

The Arena by Damond Fudge

The Circuit by Nadia A. Selvaggi

The Little Known Life Of Anne Frank by Becky Tahel Bordo

The Numbered by Matthew Hirons

The People’s Will by Hernando Bansuelo and Josh Watson

The Refugees by Damir Konjicija and Dario Konjicija

The Smoky Mountain Killer by Eli Edelson

The Union by Joseph Cavalier

The Wakes Of Wilbur Poe by Vicki Speegle

Two Harbors by Jim Macak

Verbatim by Sydney Mitchel

Voodoo Tattoo by L.M.Harter and JD Carrera

When The Blackbird Crows by Mark Allen

Winston by Adam Bonfanti

Wood by Matthew Weaver

Zealot by Paul Barakat


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