Announcing The 3rd Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Quarter-finalists

by ScreenCraft on March 2, 2016

The scripts listed below comprise the quarter-finalists of the 3rd annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, culled from over 2,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted.


1001 Bullets by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton

7th Son by William Maurer

A Bishop’s Daughter by J. Curtis Moran

A Bodyguard of Lies by Stefano Jay Bozzo

About: I by Joseph Powell and Adam Louis

Absolute Faith by Mary Haarmeyer

A Brand New Year by Penelpe Poole

Across The Sound by Charlotte Winters

A Culture Of Conflict by Josh Kaplan

A Dangerous Crowd by Leland Frankel

A Dinner for der Fuhrer by Ken Oxman

A Father’s Son by Richard Harris

Aftershock by Evan Tsitsias

A Glimpse Of Sun by Chloé Hung

All Is Fair by Sidd Randey

All She Wrote by Niki Iliev

Alpha Tango Monorail by

A Man Conscious Of Guilt by Taylor Fergus

A Man Named Gunn by Keith Melcher

A Man’s Gotta Do by Rom Weissman

Amare by Scotty Cornfield

American Soldier by Andrew Slattery

Angel In The Marble by Jason Pittock

Animals Of The Golden Triangle by Ciaran Behan

Animator by Roberta Jones

Ankou by Justin Green

An Ocean Apart by LL Young

An Un-Civil War by Diane Williams

An Unnatural Gift by Karen Akins

Apricots by Steven Rothblatt

Arabesque by Dan Cahill

As Good A Place As Any by Craig Gusmann

Ashes In Lima by Jeff Lehman

A Small Town In October by Christian McLeer

Atlantica by Domhnall Smith

At The Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea by Ana Reyes

At The River’s Edge by A.C. Ross

Automaton by Zane Hensel

Babygirl by Robert Garrett

Backfired by David Pantano

Backstop by Manuel Williams & Brandon I. Williams

Back To The Garden by Matthew R. Center

Bad Dads by Sammy James, Jr.

Bang, Baby, Bang by Gareth K. Bennett

Bare Fifth by Gail Willumsen

Before Your Eyes by Eric Mithen

Beneath The Surface by Deirdre L. Brenner

Benjamin The Great by Scott Ruane

Bethlehem City by Nile Cappello

Big Baby by Shane P. Brady

Big Sister by David Chester

Bim-Bam by Yves Lavandier

Birthday Suit by Aemilia Scott

Blackland Salvage by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

Black Sunday by Heidi R. Willis

Blood Relations by Lori Morgan

Blue Sky And I by Durnford Edward King

Borderline by Joshua Paolino

Boudekka by Rachael Roache

Brains Of A Feather by Angelo Campos

Brethren by Terrance Odette

Broken For You by Lisa Halpern

Broken Reed by Michael Reynolds

Bruno Del Bosque by Hernán Jiménez

Buenos Aires by Olga Rojer

Bull Comb Blues by David Warnock

Bune by Harris Kauffman

Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele

By The Hands Of Wally Vine by David Warnock

Cadillac City by Frederick Keeve

Cairo by Ahmed Siddiqui

Cape Tribulation by Cindi Knapton

Carli’s Kills by Kyle Michael Sullivan

Carol by Susan Polk

Chang Apana: Tears Of The Poppy by Douglas Alan Raine

Cincinnatus by J.R. Sackman

Circuits Beneath My Skin by Jeff Harman

City Of Literature by Joy Cheriel Brown

Clean Break by Mathew Zoni

Code Eight by Rosalyn Rosen

Cognition by Robert Trusardi

Colour Me In by Jake White

Company Of Sin by Ronjoy Borthakur

Cosmic by Keridwen Cornelius

Cottontail by Parker Briscoe

Could It Be Magic by Keith A. Bacon

Court Ordered by Nancy Duff

Crazy Woman by Brian Weakland

Cure by Dimitri Neos

Daughters Lost To The Desert by A.M. Sánchez

Deadtention: Deader Than Dead by Casey DeVargas

Dean The Drummer by Tannaz Hazemi

Deep Playa by Alex Shifman

Descension by Jennifer Grand & Michael Maxwell

Diary Of A Failed Minister’s Daughter by Susie Mendoza

Dig by Melanie Toast

Digitalia by Brian Dyko

Dirty Real: The Bukowski Biopic by Phillip E. Hardy

Disconn by Andrew Byrne

Discount Hit Man by Wendy Moulton Tate

Doc by Lori Bowen

Dog by Conall Pendergast

Dogs Of Suburbia by Martin Stitt

Dolly’s Tamales by Paula Kay Hornick

Dominion by April Wolfe

Don’t Open Til Christmas by Nick Sidorovich

Double Decker by Aarthi Ramanathan

Drone Hunters by Shekhar Pandey

Drowned Land by Mark Pariselli

DTF by Dan Gentile

Dust Bowl Brothers by Tristan Aird

e & e by Andrew Ryan

Earthshine by Nancy Dillon

EKE’BOLOS by Stephen C. Settle

Eleven by Dominic Carver

Elle by Kaitlin Puccio

Emma’s War by Glenn Mitchell

End Of Line by Paul Hunt

Entanglement by Rebecca Sue Haber

Escape From El Paso by Brendan Turrill

Etched On Me by Jenn Crowell

Eventyr by Tori Larsen

Fairfax & Waldo Fly The Coop! by Zeke Farrow

Fairy Tale High by Mark Bowes

Faith by Dominic Carver

Faithful by Eric Schneider

False Flag by Mathew Grodsky

Familiar Voices by Mehmet Elbirlik

Fated by Sara O'Reilly & Jeremy Foley

Father Rennie by Bonnie Eaton

FET (Female Engagement Team) by Sarah Hopkins

Fine by Michael Hendricks

First Nation by Rene Andre

First Night by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

#Flashed Fiction by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

Flipside by Stephen Leach

Floe by Charly Nelson

Flyboy by TR Lawrence

Footsteps Of My Father by Erik V. Wolter

For All Mankind by Matthew O’Connell

Forever Man by Jon Giannelli

Forgive Me Father by Michael McLeod

Forward Leaning by Addison LeMay

Freedom Fort by Clint Williams

Frigid by Andrew Mescher

Frontrunner by Timmy Tamisiea

Fuck You From L.A. by Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim

Furious Storm: Curse Of Egypt by Connor Gunnlaugsson

Gagarin by Robert D. Cain

Gamble by Kyle Mumford

Ganja Granny by Rick Meyer

Glimpse Of August by Folayo Lasaki

Gods Of Rock by Sean Woolford

Goldilocks by Michael Hager

Goners by Geoffrey Uhl

Good Saint Binky by Tom Batha

Go To Hell by John La Chase

Grandpa by Ryo Hata

Grapes by Jane C. Rosen

Grass Monkeys by Matt Wildash

Greenhats by TJ King

Grit by Riley S. Wilson

Half Life of Absolution (Charm City) by Doug Mattingly

Halle by Ben Hatt

Handel's Messiah by Scott Fales

Hard Love by Dan Mariano

Harm First by Jocelyn Osier

Hawaiian Carmen by Istvan Szapudi

Henry the Ninth by Nick Boocock

High Steaks by Jasse Christensen

Highway to Nowhere by Lanre Olabisi

Hollywood Goes to the Moon by Mark Penrose

Home by Chad Faust

Honeybird by Daniel Corrieri

How May I Help You? by S.A. Hussain

Hunters Pointe by Scott Liapis

I Blame Juliet by H.B. Fish

I Hope You’re Here Forever by Nathaniel Adam Boggess

Immortal by Robert Allaire & Natalie Metzger

Imprisoned by Justin Andrew Smith

In Chrysalis by Nelson Downend

Indian Summer by Brad Baldwin

Infracted by Joe Chiodo

In Search of an Ending by Paul Bissett

In Search of the Sedger More by Catherine Wright

In the Shadows of Dogs by Christopher Gallegos

Incurable by Jeff York

Information Society by John Olvera

Into the Darkness by Will Saunders

Iris and Rudolph and Pauly and Frederick Are Liars by Susan Brunig

Jan Air by Wendy Rich Stetson

Jefferson Davis by Gilberto Villahermosa

Julie 2.0 by Dwayne Conyers

KeV and CuZ by Alexander Abrahamian

Killing Crickets by Fred T. Rossi

Kill Star by Jade S. Bokhari

Kingwood by Gus Avila

Klondike Kalahari by Lulu Keating

La Tierra Que Yo Amo (Land That I Love) by Jonathan Szatkowski & Natalia Porras Sivolobova

Lacking by Kyle W. Russell

Lady Jazz by Jean Hunter

Last Chance Cafe by John T. Rice

Last Of The Wildcats by Alexandra N. Reid

Last Run Of Chickenman by Edward Trent Robinson

Last Shot by Leanne Templeton

Lay Down and Die by Joe Farr

Leonard Cohen Saved My Life by Deborah Allen

Less Ordinary by Monica Chereches

Letters from Heaven by Frederick Keeve

Liberty by Andy Judge

Life and Seth by Matthew Hirons

Life as a Peach by Stephen Folker

Life to Life by Terri Sissman

Lilith The Vampire by Jose Padilha & Yoya Wursch

Little Bird by Thomas Downs

Little Wars Everywhere by Nan Schmid

Love and Blood in the Third Reich by Jennifer Null

Love is a Battlefield by Jai Brandon

Loveless (Working Title) by Emily Rush

Love's Duty by Joy Cheriel Brown

Lovestuck by Rachel Kelly

Lysistrata Cell by Lisa Scott

Made In China by Belinda Bates

Mad to Live by Katrina Mense Chase

Manly Guys Club by David Ernesto Vendrell

Mars Project by Nancy Duff

Mecha by Jonathan Stevenson

Me, Her by Jaskaran Singh

Mercy by Balazs Istvan Lucza

Metamorphosis by Prince Gomolvilas

Metronome by Ben Jones and Samuel Cheung

Minimum Rage by Michael J. Reyes

Mister Sister by Michael Doshier

Mockingbird by Alex Forstenhausler & John Rotondo

Moments of Lucidity by Amanda Samaroo

Mother Up by Chris Crowley

Nameless by Josh Cootner

Neuro Confinement by Rory White

Nightjars by Thomas Kennedy Pope

No Fun by Scott Howard

No Way Out by Andrew Mescher

Of Mine by Manuel Benito de Valle

Off the Hook by John Arvai

Old Moon by Calvin Pembroke

Old Timers by Scott Shoemaker

Oliver Clark & The Future Unknown by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne

Once Again by Greg Wishart

One Warm Spark by T. Finnegan

Orion by Dennis Luu

Pacific City Blues by Fernando Javier Alcivar

Painting 779 by Jonathan James

Paradise Ends Here by Jason A. Rostovsky

Paradox Lost by Daniel Hart Donoghue

Patchwork by Amanda Keener

Patenting the Sun by Gerald Gregory

Pawn by Michael Davis

Payola by Edward Klau

Pentagram by Tom Omokaro

Perimortem by Yuval Bymel

Pheon by Younghoo Kwon

Plainview by Mich Reese & Adam Schwartz

Play by Dustin Grinnell

Play Dirty by Jeff York

Polkaholics by Matthew Gill

Pop by Young-Sun Kim

Project Snowflake by Sasha C. Damjanovski

Pullman by Karen Schmidt

Purify My Heart by Kate Hackett

Quest For Light, Adventure Of The Magi by Byron Anderson

Quiet Borderline by Elizabeth Samaroo

Raven Winters and The Spirit Vortex by Heather Ostrove

Red Runners by Tracey Bradley

Remembering Maddy by Nancee Beal

Respawn by Toofun West

Retreat by Henry Snyder

Ripple by Heather Faris

River Blindness by Vivian Celeste Wenzel

Checkpoint 54 by Rossa McPhilips

Run by J. Pinder

Running with Goats by Christopher Guiness

Saluda by Rod Thompson & Tim Westland

Sargent by Julia Batavia

Schizo by Matthew Sidney Long & Christopher Virnig

Sea Star by William C. Stephens

Searching 4 Michael by David Olson

Selma & Charlene by Melanie Schiele

Senner's Gold by Michael Gaun

Separate Journeys by Maureen O'Grady

Sexton by Elizabeth Oyebode

Shadow Company by Daniel Araujo

Shadow Machine by Thomas Hayes

Shadowman by Mike Miller

Shangri-LA by Bryan Allen Fierro

Shoe City by Renee Buck

Silence in Berlin by Matthew C. Wolff

SI-TE-CAH: The Ghost Warrior by David Kent Greenley

Skyburner by David Baugnon

Slade by Jean Hunter

Solomon's Bane by Helena Derett

Somata by Alex Mathias

Some Kind of Miracle by Arun Narayanan

Somewhere There's Music by Geordie Sabbagh

Southern Belle by Gary Laney

Sovereign Citizen by Craig Peters

Speak of the Devil by Jesse J. Cook

Speechless by Molly Gerth

Spookwood Academy by Jim Loezzo

SRV by Chris Drzewiecki

Star-Crossed by Gregory A. Noel

State of Believerment by Kristen Tracy

St. Chloe by Stacie Shellner

Stone Drive by Sylvia Marie Llewellyn

S-Town by Jimi Izrael

Student Body by Michael Sajewski Jr.

Suicide Boy by Lara Hainke

Surviving Limbo by Andre Eateon Jr.

Swampgrass by Aaron Yeung

Sweet Souls Atrocious by Tracey Bradley

Taken Paths by Noah Harris

Tangled Spirits by Eric P. Granger

Tansen by Aarthi Ramanathan

Tasty Bud's by Trinity Shi

Tears of a Samurai by Christopher Gonzalez Cecchin

Terminal Doubt by J.C. Carleson

The Adventure Club by Jordan Scott

The Angel of Terror by Sheila Fox

The Appeal by Yoav Potash

The Assassin’s Shadow by Bert Pigg

The Au Pair by Eric Chambers

The Bake-Off by Dawn A. Macleod

The Baltimore School Of Charm by Kelli McNeil

The Birth Of A Nation by Dustin Amick

The Brothers of Blackwater County by Kevin Jackson

The Camel Jockey by Scott Walker

The Chess Man by Matt Ocks

The Chicken Thief by Christine Mofardin

The Color of Love by Frederick Leach

The Courage Inside by Melissa Emery

The Dark Nowhere by Clay Fusco

The Dead Father’s Club by Elizabeth Appell

The Death of Angelique Vitry by John Stark

The Debt by Michelle Patkowski

The Descent Of The Gods by Jacob Mooney

The Devil, A Rebel, A Fool by Clay Fusco

The Disappeared by Sameera Steward

The Dream Doctor by Peter Dudasko

The Dutchman by Michael Montgomery

The Emissary by Andrew Slattery

The End Of The World As We Know It by Carrie Wachob

The Eyes Of Blind Tom by Matt H. Mayes

The Fairer Sex by Lori J. Rowton

The Fall by Hooman Hassani

The Floating Of Hayes by John Woodard

The German Son by Ashley Matteson

The Ghost Light by Thomas Vohasek

The Giant of Illinois by Adam Sleper

The Girls in the Shadows by Tim Davis

The Grad List by Tara DeMarco

The Groundlings by William Prenetta

The Hammer by Fennon Wisseh

The Haunting of Rachel Gottlieb by Anna Ray-Jones

The Heart Has Its Reasons by Joe Madalena

The Holiday Party by Geoffrey Shrewsbury & Robert Perales

The Hoopla by Thomas Nesti

The Hourglass by Joel Karlinsky

The Initiates by Michael A. Nelson

The Instrument by Zach Stratton

The Job Offer by Massimiliano Mauceri

The Last Adventure of Shay Blaze by Howard Fridkin

The Last Indian War by Michael Graf

The Last Taxman by Jacob Kamhis

The Life of Kiyoshi Tanimoto by Zack Sigel

The Lonely Road by Nicole Donadio

The Loose Ends by Andrew Garrett and Eric Thompson

The Looter by Lisa Scott

The Magician by Garin Hovannisian

The Memory of You by Amanda Toye

The Minnow by Sean William Kortschot

The Missing Link by Chris Gillespie

The Murder Of Mae Crow by Troy Dempsey

The Ones That Flutter by Sylvia Reed

The Paper Sister by Angel Mirou

The Passion Child by Amir Sade

The Plastic Boat by Hanaa Saleh Alfassi

The Playlists by Michael Kotsiros

The Privilege by Javier Sanchez

The Quantum State Of True Love by Seth Nesenholtz

The Rainkeeper by Sarah Brogen

The Rapids by Brian Jun

The Remarkable Lives of Dismal Nobodies by Rachel Stevens

The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher

The Rubber Room by Jennifer Dunbar

The Sad Triumph of Caroline Norton by KT Parker

The Science Teacher by Phil Davey

The Scoundrels Club by Jeff York

The Scythe by Terrance Thibodeaux

The Skins Game by Justin Neal

The Spotter by Julian Awoonor Renner

The Starry Messenger by Kristy Hamilton

The Strange Days by Alice Seabright

The Timecatcher by Kevin Keller

The Tribunal by Mathew McCarthy

The Truth of All Things by Krystal White

The Undertakers by J.B. Goerke

The Welcome by Gesha-Marie Bland

The Velvet Prison by Joshua W. Wagner

The Wall by Anne-Marie Caluwaert and Dominic Carver

The Way Of Briars by Matthew Ivan Bennett & Mark D. Matthews

The Weight She Carries by Elbert Wyche, III

The Wilderness Treatment by Tom Cavanaugh

The Wishing Stone by Barbara Rye

The World Above by John Sobhy

Thots by Theodore Franklin Taylor

Thunder & Iron by Brendan Casey

Time of Your Life by Michael Ostrowski

Time Zero by Carlo Carere and Erin Muir

Tims by Kerwin Yarde

Tina Fey is My Friend by Melissa Kong

The Land That God Forgot by J. A. Lugo-Ponce

To Be Forgiven by Roxanne Paukner

Trial By Fire by Zena Dell Lowe

Trieste, 1912 by Ben Hanah

Trip by Lee Matsumoto

Troublesome Creek by Wesley Mullins

True Fiction by Braden Croft

Tune In Turn On Drop Dead by Mary Ann Koenig & Denise Papas Meechan

Two Wolves by Olivia Abtahi

Unboxing by Chris Lewis Carter

Underground by Ted Cambell

Unhinged by Mirtha Vega

Union by Marc Moody

Verity by Marie Macneill

Video Nasty by Alexander Birrell

Viking Fjord by John Venable & Anthony Smircic

Virtual Witness by Diana Osberg

Voices by Susan Klos

Vuk by Ksenija Popović

Wake Willo Dragon by Nell E. Scannon

Wartime Revelations by Carlo Bordone

Wasters by Kevin M. Keller

Weeley Pop Festival by Toby Roberts

Wela Amalia by Missy Hernandez

What Makes Crazy by Kristine M. Skeie

What Rough Beast by Kranti Pally

What Would Dolly Do? by Kd Amond and Lulu Marcil

When Babies Cry by Mary Beth Holland

When Jeff Tried to Save the World by Kendall Goldberg

When Kingdoms Collide by Laura Maxant

Whispers from the Watchtower by Jai Brandon

Wide Open by Darla Phillips

Wildheart by Jacklyn Saferstein-Hansen

Winters of Kashmir by Danish Renzu

With All Deliberate Speed by Marcus Herzberg

Where the Men Are by Wendy Wilkins

W-O-R-K by Alfredo Abaunza

Writing The End by Aisha Cerami and Massimiliano Mauceri

Year 73 by Jeff Shevlowitz

You Gotta Be by Zoe Canner

Your Friends Are Crazy by Jody Thompson

Zombie Cop by Joel Karlinsky


Across the Line by Heidi Putallaz

Alexander the Pretty Good by Stephen McNamee

Alma Mater by Jenny Deiker

Alt Alex by Danny Baram

Amarna by Dan Gentile

Americana by Neto DePaula Pimenta

Analog by Tyler Hardy and Teddy Levine

An Anthropological Study of the Nuknuk Tribe of the Amazon by Cassie Ramoska

Arkham, Mass by Andrew Aguirre

Arranged by Zubaira Ahmed

Beacons of Hope by Eudie Pak

Berkeley by Nadia Selvaggi

Blackrush by Brent Beath

Bleecker Street, Noir by Joshua Montcalm

Blended by Andre J. Edmonds

Blue Watch by Andrew Judge

Boy Up by Cynthia Furey

Bread and Circuses by Larry Pollack

Censors by Alex Wregg

Chasing Rainbows by Micah Cohen

Children of the Sun by Jordan Dumbroff

Coldwater by Craig Berger

Company Town by Samantha Levenshus

Convergence by Matthew J. Schutt

Crime Drama Rama by Alex Kennedy and Hannah Checkley

Cuauhtemoc in the Sky with Jade Beads by Juan Carlos Gutierrez

Culmination and Nat by Michael McCollor

Cupid’s Arrow by Daniel Lawlor

Daddy’s Girl by Brennan Czar

Dark Forest by Xander Bernstein

Dark Providence by Elise Bischoff

Daybreaker by Phil Singleton

Dead Drop by Nancy Duff

Dead Man Walking by Sean Klooster

Deal by Giovanni Porta

Decimator by Steven Snell

Delta Gamma Awesome by Cara Rothenberg

Devil’s Playground by George Felipe Gutierrez

Down with the Bureaucracy by Dimitry Pompée

Duty Of Care by Joel A. Mitchell

Eleah by Rob LaMorgese               

Erin & Erin Are No Longer Friends by Cristina Sanza

Esterfall by Victoria L. Hicks

Foreign Exchange Students by David Koutsouridis

Fight by Ben Kim

Five Stars by Michael Schatz

Fortunate Ones by Brittany Hilgers & Katelin Saufley

Free Spirits by Craig Fleming

Fried by Rob Putnam

Fugue by Anthony Natoli

Fun & Games by Ruth Sinanian

Georgie Girl by Ned Kissam

Gunshot Surgeon by Diane Hanks

Hamtramck by Diana Densmore

Harmony Falls by Anthony Nero and Todd Zing

Haters by Dante Russo

Havana by Mike Diaz

Hellas by Jacklyn Saferstein-Hansen

Hell in Heels by Sarah Marsh

Hereditary by Craig Berger

Hidden Star by Colette and Greg Jeffs

Hoover’s Men by Chris Cornwell

Horsemen by Chris Lewis Carter

How You Livin’? by Andrew Zeoli

Human Resources by Andrew Wood

Inconvenienced by Katie Benvenuto

Insiders by Jane Gregorio McLean and W. Troup Wood

Ivory Tower by W. Troup Wood

Jesus Land by Michael James Nelson

K-Town by Shelley Dennis

Keeper of the Pleas by L. Barbier

Kimi: Fashionista Ninja by Ren Hanami & Jill Narcisco

Kingdom of God by Travis Opgenorth

Kodak Moment by John Alarid

Lake of Fire by David Skeele

Law Show by Marc Shuter

Life Coach by Bob Rasouli and Sam Vesti

Lineage by Michael Koehler and Ryan Patch

Logged On by Amelia Sims

Mahogany Hall by Ashley Charbonnet

Marquette, NE by May-Mei Lee

Matryoshka by Angela Berliner

Me No More by Øystein Ulsberg Brager

Mermaiden by Lori J. Rowton and Tania Penn

Misery Eater by Alicia R. Norman

Mr. Doom by Nick Watson

New Money by Ashley Charbonnet

Newton: Prince of Gravity by William J. Zide

Nightmare by Lance Wayne

Omaha by Timmy Tamisiea & Alisha Ketry

Only in San Francisco by Janene Lin

Patient by M. Rowan Meyer

Phoenix by Natasha M. Hall

Pico-Union by Michael Flores

Porn Again Kristen by Tania Penn

Porter by Coli B. Sylla

Power Players by Amelia Sims

Projection by Ramsey Isler

Quarry by Ash Corristine

Quarters by Tony Nichols

Reader’s Group Guide by Amelia Sims

Reconstruction by Jeff Bower

Revenants by David Sullivan

Rivers by Andy Kushnir

Safety Force Squad by Brian Barnes and Matthew Merenda

Savage by Stephanie Bousley

Seeing Red by Andrea D. McGee

Seeing the Elephant by Sarah Venezio

Seven by Lisa Prosvetova

(?) Sexual by Eduardo Passarelli

Shattered by Ryan Gavan

Shining City by Douglas Stark

Sidekicked – Intro to Heroics by Dan Reuel Young

Silverlake by Rachelle Romberg

Skin & Bones by Paul Portis

Socio-Pam by Rowan Wheeler

Sophomoric by Marcus Shorter

Spy Mistresses by KT Parker

St. Basil’s by Katie I Williams

Star Academy: 3013 by Christopher J. Valin

Strange Entanglements by Jeffrey Gold

Strangelore by Viktor Kerney

Substance by Clark Carroll

Tampa by David Dasilma

Tarr by Greg Hirshland

Terra by Kendal Ludwig

The Agency by Wes Marfield

The Black Terror by Ed Wiles

The Choice by Erica Warnock

The Circuit by David Michael Kushner

The Circuit by Nadia Selvaggi

The Classassin by S. David Acuff

The Detail by Will Taylor

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

The Golden Age by Jon Davis

The Hunter by Angela Berliner

The IT Guy by Evan Worth

The King Of Oontz by Roderick Kashani

The Line by Tor Kristoffersen

The Line by Ty Leisher

The Lottery of Life by Marina Eve

The Messiah Project by David E. Baugnon

The Order of All Things by Braden R. Duemmler

The Outlaw Years by M. O’Connell

The Relief by Ross Denyer

The Rider by Natalie Nathan

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The Shadow by Christina Barclay

The System by Chris Edgerly and Dean Wolfe

The Unveiling by LaDarrion Williams

The Upper Hand by Alex Lane

The War at Home by Samantha Aird

The Write-In by Troy Hampton

Through the Cracks by Brian Grady

Trying by Jean Andrei

The DeVols by David Chester, Blake Pinter, and Kimberly Tierney

Use Your Words by Julia Batavia

Verbatim by Sydney Mitchel

Vincent Locke: Villain-At-Law by Christiaan Alexander Kutlik

Warren by Francesca Butler

Waterton by Corina Maritescu

Whitemarsh Island by Justin Stoeckel

Wilde Girl by Allison Rose

With Life and Limb by Tanna Paul

Within by Henry C. Byrd and Burnell Bowie

You’ll Do by Cassie Feldman


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