Announcing the 2019 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on January 8, 2020

Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Stage Play competition. These impressive projects written for the stage were selected from nearly 700 entries. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.

This year's jury is comprised of three Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights, an agent at Creative Artists Agency, and an Emerging Playwright and Award-winning writer on OWN's Queen Sugar.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists, finalists and grand prize winners here and our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists:

101 Sunee Foley
30th Ave Matt Fried
60 Yards North of Roanoke Greg Harrison Davis
A Couple of Months Deborah Riley
A Favoured Species Michael Ball
A Fractal Pile-Up of Unexpectedness Divided By The Inevitable With The Alternative Title of Bucket Michael Beckley
A Green Old Age Bryan Crockett
A Problem of Evil RC Atchisson
Ageless Bridgette Portman
Alchemy of the Spirit J. Thalia Cunningham
All the Dead Biddles Shelli Pentimall Bookler
Armistice Paul Farrell
At the Battlefront Gursimrat  Kaur
Baby Come Back Lea Sellers
Bad Hearts Mike Bencivenga
Before You Go John C Ashton
Behind the Opera Mathias Lefevre
Between Panic and Desire Bear Kosik
Bismillah or In the Name of God Nakisa Aschtiani
Black Sky Amanda Andrei
BlackHawk Christopher Aronsten
Bless This House Lovell McFadden
Bound By Truth Sheila Rinear
Broken: Devlin Elliott
Butterfly's Child Ralph Protsik
Buying Time Michelle Bergamo
By the Grace Go I Allison Lahikainen
Centurions Sally Stubbs
Chicken In A Box Whitney Powell
Child of Lions Jared Michael Delaney
CJ, An Aspanglish Play Mercedes Floresislas
Colloquia David Zarko
Color Timer Michael Long
COMPROMISED Mike Bencivenga
Conversation Peace Richard  Butler
Creating a Kosher Pig Mack Edwards
D'Eon Renny Krupinski
Dateline: Greensboro Paul Woolverton & John Merritt
Daughters of the Sexual Revolution Dana Leslie Goldstein
Dead Enough Biljana  Radovic
Delusions of Power David Dubczak
Do Not Go Gentle Paul McLaughlin
Don't Marry No Fool Wendy Speights
Doppelgänger Craig Donnelly
ED IV Joe Carlisle
Elvira Arnold Gold
Emily Adams and her Wonderful, Amazing, Extraordinary Death Ray Ryan Costello
Even Flowers Bloom in Hell, sometimes Franky Gonzalez
Evening Michael Raver
Every Little Nookie Sunny Drake
Exhibit I Raymond Santos
ExWhy Jared Hamilton
Fair is Foul Marc Ellis
Fathers on Earth Zac Thompson
Finding Mr. Rightstein Nancy Davidoff Kelton
Fire And Fae Marisa Wexler
Fixx Me Marisa Wexler
For Better, For Worse Reed Arnold
Forger Simon Bowler
Four White Flowers Kendall Fowler
Free Birdie DeLaney Hardy-Ray
Funeral for a Fish Michelle DeFranco
Gentleman's War W.  Colin McKay
George & Martha's Wedding Gift Charles Leipart
Happy Hour Sam Roseme
Hate Street Frank Tumminia
Heroine Addiction Melodie Edwards
Hit and Run Kate Herbert
How to Stage a Coup Josiah Houston
Huntington Jamie Cowperthwait
I Heard a Rumor Judy Klass
Icarus in the Sea Saige Cross
In the Sauce M. J.  Putnik
In The Winter of Pretty Kristeen Tadich
Ink'dWell Erin Adams
Isaac, A Documentary Play in Two Acts Lee Franklin
Jamal Jennifer Rowland
Kill 'Em With Aloha; Or, Da Big Mouth Pidgin English Play Shanti Reinhardt
Lavender Men Roger Mason
Leftovers Ellen Wittlinger
Let's Misbehave Lawrence Gullo
Liberty Sarah Lawrence
Linchpin Jake Arky
Losing Patients Emma Oberle
Made in Heaven Steven Bogart
Men Express Their Feelings Sunny Drake
Minuet on Third Mike Bencivenga
Monsters Ian Fletcher
Mr. Waheeb David Loughlin
Munjoy Hill Jack Fuhrmann
Noblesse Oblige Kieran Angelini
Nurse Cadden Kate Mickere
On Love Clare Sladden
On the Border Howard Waxman
One Kill Rule Mare Jones
Open Casket Miriam Kopec
OTOSOTR (On the Other Side of the River) Anatoliy Ogay
Palace of Secrets Jon Fraser
Parczew 45 Michael Nachoff
Parlour Games Michael Baroto
Pheasant Hunting R.B. Fischer
Pirandello's Wife Lynn Elliott
Pun Off: A Musical Inside the High-Stakes World of Pun Competitions Matthew Patrick Davis & Joe Chandler
QC, the gay rodeo musical Bear Kosik
Sealed Orders Jean Collinsworth
Sentenced Tevin Knight
Shelter Jack Gilbert
Simulating Flight Mark  Dylan Brown
Sins of the Father Greg Bolanos
Song To The Moon Ron Elisha
Swan Doubles Reed Arnold
Taste of Soap Ariel Zucker
The Advocate Bill Mesce, Jr.
The Ascent Thomas Morison
The C Word Carolyn Wright
The Carrie Variations Vin Morreale, Jr.
The Crying Tree Peter Gunter
The Demonic Legend of John Faust Christopher Bramble
The Dishonoured Aamina  Ahmad
The Dogs Pond Travis Baker
The Even More Lamentable Tragedy of Lavinia Laura Zlatos
The Faults They Built In Ashley Kjos
The Fohole Mark Liebert
The Frisco Flash Julius Galacki
The Gift Mildred Lewis
The Gods of the Ozarks Matthew Kelly
The Goodbye Levee Mike Solomonson
The Invisible Box Jane Bernard
The Lost Art of Making Cheese Tracy Schumer
The Manager (half-way dead) Douglas Gearhart
The Other Place Christopher Bryant
The Scandalous Zelda Divine Jane Allison Jones
The Senator's Bad Day Elaine Purnell
The Stands Eric Thomas
The Tin Whistle Bryan Crockett
The Tragedy of Yorick Patrick Cannon
The Turkey Farm Chris Wellard
The Watertown Primary Jim  Macak
The Way We Fell Out of Touch Toni Ann Johnson
Three Chords Kim Kolarich
Three Men Steven Elliott Jackson
TickTickBoom M Lee Speyer
Toss of the Dice David Saffan
Truth Be Told William Cameron
Unentitled Charles White
Various Emporia Howard Ho
veils of Justice Tita Anntares
Violet Volcano Sheila Jenca
Vultures Ernest  Langston
Watchers Patrick Shaw
What's Lost Paula B Stanic
Wicked Smaht Kevin Scott Chess
Women on the Verge Kimba Henderson
Words to the Wise Greg  Minster
WTF Douglas Baker

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