Announcing the 2018 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on November 16, 2018

Listed below are the quarterfinalists of the inaugural ScreenCraft Stage Play competition. These impressive projects written for the stage were selected from nearly 700 entries. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting.

This year's jury is comprised of two Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights, managers at Kaplan/Perone Entertainment and The Gotham Group, the Art Director for The Theatre Under the Stars in Houston, and an Emerging Playwright and Award-winning writer on OWN's Queen Sugar.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists and grand prize winners here and our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

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Here are the quarterfinalists:


Richard Willett
A Champagne Glass in the Moonlight John Schugard
A Field Gide to the Amazon Phoebe Eaton
A Kind of Marriage Charles Leipart
A Night in Jerusalem Marc Aronoff
A Pound of Flesh Kenneth Butler
A Shvitz in Hell Paddy O'Carroll
A Step Beyond the Rain Merridith Allen
A Windmill in Chinatown Mike McGee
Afterlife Faizah Tiffany Adjepong
All That Remains Ursula Jordaan
And They Call it Puppet Love Kayla  Mancuso
Apples and Tangerines Erica Bennett
Awakening Ocean Barbara Baker
Bad Hearts Mike Bencivenga
Badge of the Love Deputy Janet  Burnham
BAEv2.0 Michael Lee
Beach Break Joanna  Pickering
Best Friend Christopher Sullivan
Beyond the Glass Francis DiClemente
Birdy Casey Adler
Birthday Pie Arthur Wooten
Black Hearts & Hungry Bears Steve Shear
Bloody Kansas Jeff Bergquist
Bordeline Kelli McNeil
Boundaries Morgan English
Boy About Ten Jon Tuttle
Broken Heart Land Vicki Mooney
Butterflies Don't Die Theresa  Sailes
Case Officer Lou Yang
Castle on the Farm Alaina Baskerville-Bridges
Children of Camelot Nakisa Aschtiani
Chrysalis J.D. Volk
Company Christmas Diana Woody
Convicted Riley Thomas
Crawling From the Wreckage Kim Curlee
Cross Words Scott Gibson
Curved Kristin Shepherd
Dance Bright Gods Ben Collum
Dark Am I, Yet Lovely Becky MacDormand
Diamond Girl Bruce Calhoun
Dionysus on the Down Low Michael Proft
Disposable Necessities Neil McGowan
Djarum Vanilla Cary Simowitz
Dogmai Jonathan Vick
Dolphin Study Tom Senning
Dr. Arthur Goldman's Birthday Party William Ludel
Driver's Ed CM Webb
Drone Norman  Mathews
Eco Village Phoebe Nir
Elephant David Gow
Embers of Tent City Tita Anntares
Familiar Strangers Nina Joshi Ramsey
First, Do No Harm J. Thalia Cunningham
Flame Broiled, or the ugly play Rodney Hicks
Freak Show Jordan Beswick
Free Free Free Free Haleh Roshan
Free Tom Mooney Margaret Lynch
Freudian Sip Nicholas Camacho
From Out Beyond My Shame Shawn Nabors
Geriatric Marisa Wexler
Go Be Joan Nathaniel Adams
Hank & Jim Build a Plane David Gregory
How to be an Immigeant Gillian Royes
How Will We Live Tomorrow? Paul Fallon
I Shot Mussolini Alice Bishop
In a Clearing Karen Saari
In The Winter of Pretty Kristeen Tadich
Indigo Rising Justin Smith
Invasions and Penetrations Mike Solomonson
Joint Account Laurence Klavan
Joy After The Pain Ayasha Tripp
Just Like Stealing Douglas Gearhart
Karma Michelle Morgan
Kill All Politicians Thomas Yungerberg
King Lesbian Adi Eshman
La Casa Azul Gregory  Hancock
La Mujer Barbuda Cristina Luzarraga
Lean Age Nicholas Guerreiro
Light of the Blues Jisoo Yoon
Like Forever Merridith Allen
Lincoln 2020 Holiday Kinard
Lineage Anne Flanagan
Look Up, or Why We Don't Go Camping Anymore Hannah  Vaughn
Losing My Religion (in 140 Characters or Less) Hannah Langley
Manilamen Jeff Bergquist
Marianas Trench Scott  Sickles
Metadata Amy Crider
Metta Physics, or The Great Flash Victoria Moyer
Mine & Yours Carolyn Kras
Misconduct Nalsey Tinberg
Monica: This Play Is Not About Monica Lewinsky Dianne Nora
Monsters Ian Fletcher
Mr. Boom Jake Fallon
Murder In Little Italy Sebastian Milito
Mysterious Ecstasy of the Lonely Business Traveler Scott McCrea
Myth Of The Ostrich Matt Murray
New Wave David Hudacek
Nickie and the Dragon Elixeo Flores
North Avenue Christopher Kess
Nothing But the Truth Eve Lederman
Nowhere Man Rob Dames
O George Schwimmer
Passionfruit Jacob Menke
Petie Lori Fischer
Pharaoh Paul Wootton
Piece n' Harmony Robert Small
Quilters of Gee's Bend Betty K Bynum
Rain on Fire Karen Saari
Rebound Warren Glover
Reflections Dominic Witkop
Revelations: A Play on Words Stan Werse
Right In Front Of Us Mary Ruth  Clarke
Roadkill Leah Sarbib
Salon of '77 Sophie Hood
Salvatori Sindy McKay
Setting Sun Andre  Thierry
She's Not There Ali MacLean
Ship Douglas Williams
Signature Photo Michael Bucklin
Silence and the Machine Liam Salmon
Silk Purse Project Ward Kay
Some Type of Ecstasy Khari Wyatt
Spanish Nuts! Angela J.  Davis
Spinning You Home Sally Stubbs
Sputnik: A Love Story Lowell Williams
Sraddha Ari Abraham
Starcrossed Nevin Millan
Stripped Colleen O'Doherty
Successsion Charles White
TENDER David Preece
Tennis Lessons Peter Gunter
Terms of Use Patrick Brennan
The Apeman of Manhattan Rosalyn Rosen
The Audit Lynda Crawford
The Battles of Richmond Hill Penny Jackson
The Best Thing We Do Max Berry
The Blizzard: A Rehabilitation of THE TEMPEST Richard Morell
The Bronte Girls, Part I: Ghosts and Attraction Caroline Kelly Franklin
The Bronte Girls, Part II: Monsters and Etiquette Caroline Kelly Franklin
The Bronte Girls, Part III: Gods and Correspondence Caroline Kelly Franklin
The Cheapest Hope in Town Quintin Peterson
The Coat of Looking On Dianne  Cutlack
The Crying Tree Peter Gunter
The Day After My Suicide Cary Wong
The Diagonal Trilogy Vita Morales
The Dig Sites Mark Alvarado
The Dog Lives In The End Jake Arky
The Egg David  Boito
The Fixer Susan Pak
The Forgotten Place Jeff Locker
The Fred Allen Show Rory Lance
The Friendzone Ian Fletcher
The Garbologists Lindsay Joelle
The Ghost of Jimmy Dean Stephen Wright
The Gods of the Ozarks Matthew Kelly
The Haze Heather Marlowe
The Jewel in the Manuscript Rosemary Zibart
The Judas Sheep Jeff Boam
The Last Comrade Jack Raymond
The Lavender Mafia Luke Yankee
The Lighthouse David  Boito
The Lost Virginity Tour Cricket Daniel
The Mapmakers Lines are Crooked Robert Gardner
The Men of Las Charcas Carlos  Rojas
The Reckoning Kimba Henderson
The Screenwriter Dies Of His Own Free Will JIm Shankman
The Spanish Prayer Book Angela J. Davis
The Sunset Gazette Kim Canedy
The Torso Paige Esterly
The Trial Simon Bowler
The Value Nicholas Dunn
The Vultures Mark Ridge
The White Dress Roger Mason
Third Quarter Michelle  Howe
Time Traveler (Please Don't @*ck Anyone Else While I'm Gone) Douglas Gearhart
Tuesday Morning Has No Doors John Schugard
Two Plus Two Plus One Jaye Hansin
Unbound Steve Apostolina
Unburied Rebecca Norris
Wanda Johnson and the Kingdom of Hair Janet Burnham
We Are The Futurists! Jeffrey Bracco
Welcome Home Stephen Brown
Where Fairy Tales Live? Olga Verasen
Where's Helen? Shiva Ramanathan
Woman Descending a Staircase Phoebe Eaton
World War < 3 Harrison Bryan
World's End Michael McGoldrick
Worms Laura Leininger-Campbell

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