Announcing the 2018 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on October 12, 2018

We’re excited to feature the scripts listed below that comprise the semifinalists of the 2018 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Contest. With the rise in demand for high-quality short content across new platforms and devices, and the increased industry importance placed on short filmmaking worldwide, we’re honoring the craft of short-form narrative screenwriting via this 4th annual competition, which features a prestigious jury of industry-leading professionals.

This year’s jury includes executives from Warner Bros’ stage13, Super Deluxe, Vimeo Staff, and VICE!

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the finalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

Without further ado, here are the semifinalists:

A Hungry Feeling Jonathon Rodgers
A Second Husband Thomas Britt
After FX L.A. Singletary
Ambergris Insa Langhorst
Amendment Belinda Gosbee
An Agent of Love Joseph Stilwell
At Home Marissa High
Be Advised Tom Hipp
Benny Liz Felix
Big Things Margaret MacDonald
Blight Brittany Clemons
Blind Man Bounty Shiva Ramanathan
Blue Ashley Eakin & Noelle Liljedahl
Born Still Ashley Platz
Breaking out Mandy Vicsai
Brownie Curtis Adair, Jr.
Bucky Jeffrey Doiron
Bumper Sticker Girl Ash Lazer
Call Me Lina Demetris Yiapanis
Carry Tiger to Mountain Rajiv Shah
Charlie Alejandro Parga & Emily Pasternak
Cheater Shaun Ford
Cherry Trevor Jue
Cherry Pie Dominic Finocchiaro
Chilanka Neely Kartha
Closure Daniyal N. Khan
Como se Dice Gwendolyn Hulet
Dead End Cameron Rogers-Hawson
Discord Helene Taylor & Jax Smith
Do Us Part Isaac Siegemund-Broka
Doggie Christos Kardana
Dolls in the Walls Katherine Cox & Matt McCarthy
Dopplebanger Sofian Khan
Double Tap Junot Lee
Dr. Hash Josh Smooha
Droplet Simon Deeley
Electro William Gilmore
Filch Kiran  Deol
Fire Alarm Tyler Gooden
Fish Head Marcos Durian
Forever, Your Fireplace Kristina Zill
Freeze! Maya Albanese
Freezer Elisabeth Watts
Freya Sophia Tamaro & Jo Fox
Gelato Katy McClellan
Ghost Roommate David Kopp
Go Your Own Way Adam Harris
Goodnight Death Elsa Levytsky, Richard Weems & Mick Lexington
Grace Peter Szemmelveisz
Grace Olivier Surprenant
Grandma Maxwell Klaiber
Gun Shy Rachel Barrett
Handful of Water James Byrne
Harriet Sarah Mize
Heaven Is A Place On Earth Danish Aslam
Her Own Music Olivia Aleksoski
Home Nir Shelter
Home Invasion Cedrick May
How to Kill Your Roommate Dave Byer
Hyper Real Adam Cosco
I Live Alone, Everyone Does George Snape
Ignored Shaun Radecki
In Suspension Amara Mesnik
It's OK. He's Friendly. Brian Menz
Johnny Jump Up Shiva Ramanathan
JoJo Dreams in Black and White Alex Haney
Judgement Day Jacob Davison
Juggernaut Michael Goyert
Just Between Us Pamela Perry
Just Me Darcy Bahensky
Kahuna Rich Figel
Kaya Catherine Fordham
La La Land of Shame Erin Greider
Let Go Matt Brothers
Life After Carrie Certa
Little Icarus Irene Herbruger
Lollipops Ivo Huahua
Lotus & Jazmine Afnan Linjawi
Lucinda and the Fish Keith Elias
Manifestations of Violet Alisha Hnatjuk
Meet Me Someplace Better Daniel Strauss
Memory Lane Sherrill Schmidt
Methodism in Middle America Trey Leonard
Miranda of Mind Bianca Ahonor
My Love Eric Gable
Native Land, Rising Sun Short Screenplay Ren Hanami
Nearer, My God, To Thee Peter Jones
Night of the Shtriga DD Goldberg
No God at Night Amanda Quintos
North Star P.J. Palmer
Nothing Left R. Cadell Cook, II
Obi Wiley McCain
Oleanders Tonia Kempler
Our Father Francesca Nider
Outta the Blue Trudi Kennedy
Past Partum Jeffrey Howe
Phantom War Scott Jeschke & Micah McFarland
Picnic at the end of the World Chris Dumbleton
Pieces or A West Hollywood Club Called Rage Chris Phillips
Progeny Anthony Weintraub
Raw Drake Shannon
Reach Out and Touch Someone Penelope Karageorge
Rectitude Or Justice Lewis Reckline II
Reel Life Jeremy Span
Rinds Faye Viviana
Roboh Allan George
Robotomy Michael Pizzano
Sabina Nicole Starrett
Saint. Sinner. J. Franklin Evans
Seeing The Light Bronwyn King
Sensory Che  Rucker
Sergio: A Scorpion's Tale Shaun Radecki
Shazia Dilshad Vadsaria
Sky Burial Terry Selucky
Slots: A Commuters' Fantasy Anthony Povah
Springerle Finley Mulligan
Stage Five Alexandra Timmer
Star of David Sydney Deeter
Subunderstood Jack Heyden
Sundown County Victor Ridaura
T.G.I.F. Arthur Menko & Roy van Kessells
That Girl Is Poison Jessica DiGiacinto
The Astronaut Joey Connolley
The Brain In The Woods Adam Makarenko
The Cronus Program David Oster
The Day He Blinked the World Away (Blink) Joseph Vranas
The Dead Girl Garrett Foster
The Discarded James Boyce
The Doll Chris Walkley
The Foster Elliot Seidel
The Fridge Dianna Craig
The Gazebo Richard Willett
The Great Kopycinski Susannah Hunt
The House on Carter Road Shawn Gerrard
The Key Darek Cioch
The Kilima Chain Josh Folan
The Knight of Nogales Jason McCausland
The Last Human Jeffrey Gerein
The Ledge Joel Karlinsky
The Light Tony Ferrendelli
The Morning Glory of Saint Winwaloe V.C. Lennox
The Mother Load Talia Osteen
The Oracle of Del Phi Katrina Duclos
The Parrot Adrienne Kohler
The Partisan Harry Greenberger
The Redemption of Frank Malone Mary Goldman
The Rubicon Aminah Hughes
The Tug of War Aaron Sweetman
The Wind Janae Green & Maria Mitchell
The Zit Mark Landry
Things That Fall Sy Huq
This Mortal Coil Andrea Ashton
This New West Ryan Evans
To Hear From You Charles Hopkins
To The Dead Sea Philip Hogan
Torn Lily Cheng
Transplant Leah Sarbib
Traps Tyler Gooden
Twenty Questions Arla Bowers
Unconditional Eva Sylvestre
Voices James Beeler
Wa Wa Amy Wang
Wall Erin Cantelo
What's Normal? J. Ernesto Dominguez
Whatever Happened to Muffin Robert Frankel
Where the Wires Lead Jason Huls
Whistler's Mother Robbie Robertson
White-Collar Crime for Kids Jason Petrovitch
Whose Son Are You? Michael Ouzas
Winter Winds Joshua Yi
Your Insides Vanessa Branch
Zero T Camila Ohara Tanabe

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