Announcing The Spring 2018 Film Fund Semifinalists!

by ScreenCraft on September 14, 2018

The following projects have been shortlisted as semifinalists to be recipients of the 2018 Spring ScreenCraft Film Fund backed by BondIt. Culled from nearly two thousand applications, the projects in contention are listed below.

Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far! And let's give a warm round of congratulations to them via Facebook here. And on Twitter here.

We’re also proud to partner MUBI for our 2018 Spring Film Fund.

MUBI is a community for lovers of great cinema and a streaming service showing the best independent, award-winning, and classic films from around the globe. Whether it’s an exclusive festival gem, a cult sensation, or a beloved masterpiece, every film is hand-picked by experts. All Spring 2018 Film Fund applicants will receive a free month subscription to MUBI, and the top 10 finalists will receive a full year subscription, compliments of MUBI!

The 2018 Fall Film Fund is currently open for applications on this page here.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcement of the finalists her and on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and via @Bondit_film.

Without further ado, here are the semifinalists:

A Girl from Mogadishu Mary McGuckian
A Journey of Winter and Summer Amie Williams
A Life Zachary Beck
A Little Fellow Anna Laclergue
A Woman's Work Yu Gu
Air J.R. Wicker & Joey Sisson
Amal Dilek  Ince
Amendment Belinda Gosbee
American Zero Dillon Tucker
Anomaly Chris Butler
Another Day in Baghdad Maysoon Pachachi & Irada Al Jabbouri
Awake Andrew Palmer
Barbie Girl Kim Booker
BB Melody Herr
Bingo Annakate Chappell
Birth/Rebirth Laura Moss
Black Hands in Red Lands Larry Baer
Blank Shores Alex Kyrou
Blink Kyle Lavore & Amy Fruchtman
Body and Son Christopher Hamilton
Bon Fet Emily Marquet
Can You Take My Picture Cameron Thrower
Catfight Ariel Sinelnikoff & Sarah Mahan
Cheer Up, Charlie Kara Grace Miller & Anthony Holiday
Cherry Blossoms in March Riley Rheyan
Como se Dice Gwendolyn Hulet
Complimentary Colors Alyssa Haddad
Crane Amanda Dreschler
Cupcake Obiageli Odimegwu
Dancing with Natalia Susy Pena
Darya Alies Sluiter
Dead Shelter Tim Hewitt
Demon's Vale Zebulon Eckles
Devils from the Goats Christina Masciotti
Dissonance Jonathan Everett
Duty Free Sian-Pierre Regis
El Luke Howe
El Pueblo Unido (The People United) Jonathan Machado
Elegy John Flynn
End Zone Guy Kozak
Fender Bender Jeremy Foley & Sara O'Reilly
First Words Meegan May
Fish & Chip Hank Isaac
Good Night, Moon Saaret Yoseph
Gramercy Jamil McGinnis & Pat Heywood
Greetings from Nowhere Lindsay Bruno
Hells Canyon Jo Hannah Afton
Hiking Buddies Megan Morrison
Honor Thy Father Will Goodfellow
How Does It Start? Matt Miller
How to Have an American Baby Leslie Tai
Ice Cream Ora Yashar
Imagine: "Epitaph for Eleanor Rigby" Thomas O'Connor
Inez and Doug and Kira Julia Kots
Inhuman Steffan Delpiano
Into The Dark Randy  Kornfield
Javelin Cinqué Lee
Jon the Seagull Caleb Scott
Kaylee, Age 8 Molly Coffee & Charles Thomas
Lily Philip Staal
Little Chief Erica Tremblay
Little Lying Wild Samantha Aldana & Bryce  Parsons-Twesten
Lotus & Jazmine Afnan Linjawi
Love. Hate. Repeat Francesca Fowler
Morning Glory William Winston
My G. Miguel  Ortiz
My Secret Country Marlo McKenzie
My Week With Maisy Mark Oxtoby
Number One Mohammad Homouda
Odium -- A Requiem For Love Annika Pampel
Old Dog Dream Colt Sheldon
One Last Run Daniel Grasskamp
Orientation Eve Symington
Pedestrian (Rahadari) Shahir Daud
Progeny Anthony Weintraub
Remember the Alamo Andrew van Baal
Rocking Horses Rachel Barth
Rocksteady Jed Goldstein
Rooster Kyle Rynicki
Sacrifice Zones: The 48217 Ben Corona
Scout Samuel  Goodwin
Searching for Justice Raza Rizvi
Shelly Gillian Kinser
Showpony Scott Kalberer
Sila Mischa Hedges
Storage Wendy Stetson
Tackling Homelessness:  A Hard Look at Why We Fail the Homeless Community Robert Fisher
The Campaign of Miner Bo Todd Drezner
The Condor & The Eagle Clement Guerra
The Confessions of Billie the Kid Kyle D'Odorico
The Dead Ones Fred Armesto
The Descendants Nicole Collins
The Devil's Crown Jessica Valentine & Richard Valentine
The Girl With Seven Names Madeleine Gavin
The Handy Man Nicholas  Clifford
The Hard Song Christen Kimbell
The History of White People in America Jonathan Halperin
The House on Carter Road Shawn Gerrard
The Institution Christopher Crane
The Loneliest Whale Brad Klipfel
The Love Bugs Allison Otto
The Molok Xander Chauncey & Sam Wilson
The Offshore Pirate Ryan M. Moore
The Perpetrator Jessica  Franz
The Scarlet Pimpernel David Ruben
The Snow Panda Michelle Calderon
The Specter Adam Thede
The Speed of Light Jorge Barboza
The Thorns In Our Side Tony Gapastione
The Three Bobs Roxanne Marciniak
The Village That Once Was Tyrrell Shaffner
The Violinist Michael Lavers
The Wind Janae Green & Maria Mitchell
Together Ryan Still
Transfer Sage Mears
Transistor Radio Georgia Bloo
Tucumcari Kristin Goodman
Tumbleweed Christopher Seehase
Twister Evan Kelman
Violence Ian Stoker-Long
When The Desert Was Home Corey Deshon
Wingmen Nicole Emanuele
Wolves Inside Samantha Ireland
Women of the Holocaust Bob Massie

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