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Announcing The 6th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on May 8, 2019

Listed below are the semifinalists of the 6th annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, selected from roughly 2,500 applications. Congratulations to these talented semifinalists and thanks to all for submitting this year. It was an especially competitive year, with a record number of applicants and exceptional writing samples. We look forward to discovering this year's recipients!

Up to four emerging TV or film screenwriters will receive the ScreenCraft Fellowship, which includes an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles, lodging at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and a week of meetings, mentorship and personal introductions to studio executives, literary agents, managers and producers including Warner Bros., Universal, 20th Century Fox, and more.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the top 50 finalists on June 19th, and the top 10 finalists and grand prize winners on July 10th, here and our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries for the 2020 season, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the semifinalists:

(No) Sex Required Mexi Gremillion
6 Days in November Justin Hughes
A Girl I Used to Know Maria Edible
A Handful of Fire Conor Simpson
A Man's Castle Joseph Whaley
A Native Land Caitlin McCarthy
A Puncher's Chance Gabriel Gonzalez
A War on Terror Peter Haig
Aaron's Law David Boyd
Afro-American Divoni Simon
Albatross Gardens Lee Whitten
All The Way Happy Melinda Hicks
Amasai and The Meaning of Evil Austin Curreri
American Epic Keith and Brian Elias
American Justice Monique Peek
American Tacos Memo Noriega
American Venus Esmeralda Seay-Reynolds
Amok Leanne Mangan
Angel of Rain Lawrence Kennon
Apache Cameron Barsanti
Artist, Unknown Brady Morell
Astral Place Benjamin David Hoffman & Shay Roman
At the Edge of the World Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Automatic Perfection Karim Kamal
Bad Jew Adi Blotman
Bad Luck vs. Karma Aaron Davis
Baron of Havana Alex Simon
Beanstalk Aarthi Ramanathan
Big Kids Ella Gabriel
Bitterroot Matthew Kaler
Black & White Rick McGovern
Blinders Edward Klau
Blood and the Rye Rajiv Shah
Blood Debt Alexis Howell-Jones
Blue Comedy Vincent Accettola
Blurs Jonterri Gadson
Board to Death Jodi Teti
Border-Line Kam Perez & Laith Nakli
Breaking Them Up Dev Wadhwa
Bring The Children Michael Wormald
Broken Promises DJ Burr
Brutus Adam Simmons
Buried At Sea Derek Roy
Burning Sea Christos Kardana
C U Next Tuesday Kimberley Gonsalves & Michele Yeo
Canaan Ben Johnson
Century Row Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
Chicago Overcoat Abby LaMarre
Children of Free Kaycee Hughes
Chinatown Bee Sylvie Hurat
Choke Canyon Duane Graves & Justin Meeks
City of Trees Christian Lybrook
Cold Feat Trent Tackbary
Cold Harbor Guy Polin
Common Good Brady Morell
Concrete Jungle David Kushner
Confessions of a Las Vegas Phone Girl Aimee Adell Johnson
Corolla Jackson Chow
Costa del Crime Samuel  Ellis
Coup D'etat Leslie To
Cricket Ohad Ira Amram
Critical Mass Tom Radovich
Crooked Nalini Sharma
Crossing The Ocean Devin Klos
Dancing on the Edge Aileen Li
Dark Horizons Carlo & Erin Carere
Darwinistas Jerry Landry
Desdemona Nelson Downend
Devotion BT Allen
Digiverse Hotel Scott Thiede
Disbos Leanne Mangan
Disfluency Anna Baumgarten
Disorderly Martin Ingle
Doc Robert Clark
Double Scoop Megan Swertlow
Dream Warriors and The King in Yellow D.C. Lozar
Drifted William Holman
DTF Daniel Gentile
Edison and Tesla Peter Gazdag
Elsa Miller's Monster Manual Brian Otting
Emergent Brian Kazmarck
Encounters Gary King
Entanglement Michael Cavallaro
Ephebe Thomas Mann
Exiles Catherine Hug
Feeling Unreal Mandi Maxwell
Fender Bender Jeremy Foley & Sara O’Reilly
Fernando Adam Lujan
Ferocity Kevin Bachar
Finding Cumberbatch Ivan Tsang
Fireflies Amanda Keener
Fixing Up Kristine Eckert
Flying High Janine DeMaria
From the Wilderness Christina Tucker
FUJH Margaret Colligan
Girls Like Us Randi Pink
Go, Nina, Go! Luisa Parnes
Goodbye My Enemy Matthew Ryan
Great Falls, Montana Lawrence Stroud
Group Josh Sullivan
Guts n' Glory Kat Sieniuc
Hamburg Alexa Schulz
Hammer Mark Diamond
Hard is the Good Susan Brunig
Harlem Days Tiffani Joseph
Harmony Amanda Smith
Harold's Harbor Kyle de Villafane
Harvest Lauren Rouse
Hell Explained! Monique Peek
Hell Is An Open Door Jim Lopezzo
Heroes Guild Dalton Short
Heroin and Dandelions Callum Fordyce
Hinder Riley Longworth
Holy Man Michael Petty
Honey's Unicorn D. A.  Jolivette
How To Make A Man Jake Arky
I'm Not Okay (I Promise) Annie Nishida
Illicit Minji Kang & Luke Spears
Iron Mountain Catherine Kelleher
John and The Funeral Band Nicholas Manuel Pino
Joppatowne Michael Mirabella
Juicy Hotdogs Aaron Kozak
King James Collin Blair
Kiss & Makeup Liz Thompson
Kiss of Darkness Michael McClung
Kuntz Stephanie  Herrera
Lagniappe Yancey Hrobowski
Las Alas Joie Lamar
Last Hawaiian Sugar Deja  Bernhardt
Laurelwood Torry Pendergrass
Light From Above Roi Costa
Like a Thief in the Night Kyle D'Odorico
Little Girl Gone Kaili Capito
Macabre Kelly Krause
Mad Jack Kelsey Nicklaw
Madam Caraveil's Caravan of Curiosities Amanda Keener
Master of the Carpathians Dave  Miller
Measure of Vengeance Danielle Eliska Lyle
Meet Me in a Dark Alley Jessy Lauren Smith
Mendoza Felicity Evans
Midnight Monster Jonathan Wymer
Mind Fuck Jeff Perreca
Minimart Recon Brad Martocello
Mischa Darko Antic
Missing Pete Gordon Hvolka
Monster(s) Aidan Largey
mother Nature: Flood E. Napoletano
Mother Tongue Ann Rosen
Murder Ballads Ben Morse
Muscle and Bark Gina DeAngelis
N A T I V E Kevin Walls
NancyGirl David McMahon
Napoleon Kevin Karp
New World Order Molly Vogel
Newsers Jennifer Kim
Night Music Lukas Huffman
No Man's Land Johnny Gao
Obscured Edward James Anderson
On Probation Sergio Cámara
Operation Diamond David Kushner
Orientation Rebecca Jordan Smith
Orinoco Flow Fidel Ruiz-Healy & Tyler Walker
Other Heavens Roope McGirr
Our Father Patrick Lehe
Over The Rainbow Lucia Tarantino
Pacific Standard Time Alex Calleros
Painted by You Suzan Battah
Paradise, PA Amy Monaghan
Part-Time John Murphy
Parts Craig Page
Passed from Me Brian Mulligan
Passing Strange Claire Brooks
Peculiar Animals Obiageli Odimegwu
Phenom Julio Toro
Plan C David Ngo
Plight Mykell Barlow
Poachers Adam Etheridge
Primal Losers Joshua Smooha
Private Flight Anthony Noto
Quarter Life Breona Johnson
Queenside Federico Manachino & Jessica Romagnoli
Quill and Dagger Maddie Ehrenreich
Raw Data Gareth Wronski
Red Summer Ryan Porter
Rikki Tikki Tavi Tobe Roberts
Roomies Gareth Wronski
S.H.A.R.P. Josh Auter
Safe Words Molly Brady
Salton Seabirds Kyra Rogers
Savage David Schlow
Saving Mark Twain Staton Rabin
Scary Bear Chris Buckingham
Screener Kerry Douglas Dye
Second helpins James Gulian
She can fly too Ushmey Chakraborty
Sheltered Earth Bill Burton
Shooting Stars Michael Lederer
Shores of a New Blood Mark Schmitz
Shoshanna Justin Olstein
Shu's Shadow Ming-En Cui
Signs & Wonders Liz Maestri
Silverfish Robert Vicens
Skin Ahleea Zama
Skyjack Clarke Mayer
Social Engineers Moutaz Jad
Sophie & Valentina Lucy Luna
Spoken Tricia Lee
Start Breaking My Heart Grant  Harvey & Ijaaz Noohu
Steed Eliza Janssen
Stone Cold Crazy Mother Tucker Katterina Powers
Stray Amanda Weier
Student Visa Paul Chang
Sundogs Elizabeth Chatelain
Talk Black Destiny Macon
Tenebrium Elanor Miller
Terminal Kate Gleason
The Academy Brit Cowan
The Botz John  Eleftheriou
The Bronte Girls Caroline Franklin
The Change John Iadarola
The Chindi Nicole Elmer
The Christmas Eve Party Menelek Lumumba
The Coup Joe  Ayella
The Crazy Ones Shaun Perry & Jay Perry
The Dance of the Bull Alex Hodgson
The Danger Inside Tyler Rabinowitz
The Devil, a Rebel, a Fool Clayton Fusco
The Diary of Scotty McBride Tim Hewitt
The Divinity Cycle Nelson Downend
The Doula Chelsea Gray
The Dreamer of Dreams David Kushner & Joshua Bullock
The Empty Sea David Poulshock
The Exile Ryan Bliss
The G.O.A.T. Sid Patwa
The Ghosts of Éire Kerry Patton
The Hammer Jason Hunter
The Hero of The World Staci Greason & Linda Hill
The Italian Lover Suzanne  Griffin
The Last Battleship Michael Levine
The Last Canadian Virgins Evan Rindler & Jon Rizik
The Long Road Elie  El Choufany
The Lost Girls Dustin Schmidt
The Maj Mandy Vicsai
The Napoleon of Crime Mel Evans
The Night Nanny Elizabeth Sekul
The Night Witches Steven Prowse
The No-Goods Michael Hubbard
The Old Soft Shoe Claire Walker
The Paul Bearers Jonathan Hall
The Pharmacist James Trabert
The Pit Kevin Bachar
The Queen Of Caspary Laura Solow
The Queen of Magic Roxanne Beck
The Remnant Michael Natale
The Revolt of the Whales Michael Rhodes
The Salt War John Darbonne
The Seventh Circle Corbin Christopher
The Shadow Of The Beast Felipe Holguin & Andy Sierra
The Shortest Name in the World Dom Chapman
The Silver Screen J.J. Bitters & Marian Xochitl Mendez
The Spirit of Detroit Don Downie
The Steven of Planet Earth David Sajadi
The Surveillance of Ordinary Things Susan Brunig
The Switzerland Incident Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
The Unsung Katy Dore
The White Mouse Molly Gardner
Their Island George Bearpark
Thinking Dirty Stephanie Brister & Michael Buchanan
This Close Marc Messenger
This Town Steve Clark & Alex Williams
Those Who Hear It Charles Hopkins
Three Sisters Jen Gutierrez
Time of Dewa Kesewaa  Boateng
Top of the Hill Kushagra Kundra
Torch Jason McBeth
Touch the Fire Kevin Karp
Towns End Trevor Lawrence
Transfigure Kenneth woodall
Treasure Hunt Eugene La Haye & Buster La Haye
Tribute Artist Richard Stone
Twelve Nights In Hoboken Indigo Hughes
Uncatchable Kofi Oliver
Under an Olive Tree Tara Atashgah
Unto Eden Annette Rodig
Up, Up, And Away! Tommar Wilson
Vile People Tim Neavin
Walt Robert Troccolo
Wavelength Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
Welcome To Hell Ricky Camilleri
Welcome to the Slums Bryan Young
When The Desert Was Home Corey Deshon
Whose Sky is No Less Grand Amanda Norman
Will to Power Chris Mul & Michael Mul
Wolves Don't Cry Scott Fleishman
Word Over Word Tonia Davidson
Written By Elodia Jane Wilder Portia Pennington

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