Announcing the 5th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft - updated on June 27, 2018

The scripts listed below comprise the semifinalists of the 5th annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, representing approximately the top 10% of submissions received. This has been a remarkably competitive competition with many strong applicants.  All these writers, as well as the quarterfinalists, and all who entered, deserve a warm congratulations.

The following list are the writers who remain in consideration for this Fellowship. Up to four emerging TV or film screenwriters will receive the ScreenCraft Fellowship, which includes lodging at the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, round-trip travel to Los Angeles for a week of meetings, mentorship and personal introductions to major studio executives, literary agents, managers and top film and TV producers. Nearly all ScreenCraft Fellowship winners have gone on to receive offers for representation from top literary managers, and many past recipients have sold their projects to studios and been hired for open screenwriting assignments.

Stay tuned for the June 8th finalist announcement here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

The 6th annual ScreenCraft Fellowship will open for applications in September.

Here are this year's semifinalists, separated into two different lists (Features at the top, Television Pilots at the bottom):


...Can't Die Amy Huckabay
No Show Dennis Baxter
46 Seconds To Impact Vince Mazzara
A Love Story David Kushner
A Minor Rebellion Lorraine Devon Wilke
A Second Chance Manny Jimenez Sr.
Abbey Katherine Hill
Alpha Nathan Bunker
Another Theater of War Mark Schwiesow
Another Woman's Story Travis Heermann
Apocrypha Jason Harper
Backlot Rebels Cody Wonnacott
Baggage Ryan Elkins
Balance Edward Klau
Balkanized at Sunrise Joe Tripician
Bandits, Bullets, and A WHOLE LOTTA BAD! Phillip Rogers
Behind You Olney Atwell
Bingo Bar Ben-Yossef
Black Friday Andy Greskoviak
Black Jack Stephen Curran
Blue on Blue David Dasilma
Broken Sinclair Elizabeth Ashby
Brooklyn Baby Maria Edible
Calendar Girl Chris Hanratty
Cephalopod Dani Parker
Chess Robbins and the Search for Courage Ming-En Cui
Collage Dilia Oviedo-Luciano
Confinement Abigail Taylor-Sansom
Coyote Warrior Roberta Rovner Pieczenik
Dark Ritual Kevin Kneupper
Darryn Bold and The Sword of Boldness Justin Best
Don't Look Back In Anger Adam Pliskin & Stuey Pliskin
Dream Warriors D.C. Lozar
DroneGames John Kim
Eblis Tom Omokaro
Edgar Shaw Stuart Heinlein
Escort Boot Camp Gary Sharp
Face the Color Matthew Viscuse
Fat Fatty Edward Varga
Fender Bender Sara O'Reilly & Jeremy Foley
Fireflies Amanda Keener
Fish Kelly Beam
For the Love of God Kate Watkins
Forty Thieves Scott Hamilton & Peter Hamilton
Francie & Frank Ellen Waddell
Free Syd Blue
Freedom Soldier Armelle Lajus
Fuck You, John Zac Kish
Game-Changer Patrick Sherman
Get It Together Matthew Ryan
Gold Medal Domination Karolyn Carnie
Gramercy Park Toni Ann Johnson
Greenwood Nathan Patton
Hello Karla Spika
Henchman Andrew  Wood
Here to Stay Ella Gabriel
Heterophobia Steve Miranda
High Tisha Robinson-Daly
His Name Patrick Biesemans
I am Yusuf Zain Sheikh
I Blame Juliet H. Fish
Immaculate Gareth Smith
In Love & On The Run Jimmy Grace
In Memory of Sophie Ruth Jones
Insomnia! Danielle Karagannis
Iron Maiden Travis Opgenorth
Junction Emma Schranz
Killing Crickets Fred T. Rossi
Knight Watch Aaron Daniel Jacob
Lara And The Dead Boy Erin Reinelt
Last Bullet Brock Newell
Last Days of August Will Malin
Last Days of Last João Figueiredo
Last of the Burly Girls John Pisano-Thomsen
Lenore Goldie Jones
Liberty Andy Judge
Lifers Michael Sajewski
Lineage Kathy Patterson
Lois Bridget Visser
Lost Giant Grace Cleere
Love Inc. Jordan Rawlins
Madrigal Chance Muehleck
Man Wedding Amos Posner
Mexican/American Michael Hahn
Minyan Adam Ansell
Mountain of Knives Kelly Yaksich
Mr. Moon Michael Langer
Murder Me David Luz
Newton, NV David Keffer
No Heroes Brian O'Donnell
Orwell's War L.M. Bogad
Out Cold Tracy Scarlato
Outmoder Azhur Saleem
Paradise Strikes Kyler Boudreau
Passaic Michael Klausner
Pawn's Game Tom Lewis
Persist Melissa Emery
Pig Georgina Love
Plan B Paige Gresty
Potter's Ground Pearse Lehane
Privateer Jonathan Solinsky
QC Bear Kosik
Quest for the Tiger's Eye Dylan Morgan
Rapture Scott Hildula
Ravenous Brock Newell
Relentless Jay Fisher
Resistance Caitlin McCarthy
Ripple Heather Faris
Ryegrass Taj Musco
Sankaty Light Caroline Osborne
Scarlet Keaton McGruder
Scattering Jake Erica Tachoir
Sedger Mor Catherine Wright
Send Mark Anderson
SEX APPeal Tate Elizabeth Hanyok
Shine a Light Jordan Blilie
Shrimp Nicole Jones
Shutters down Rick Limentani
Six Letter Word Lisanne Sartor
Smothering Christina Shaver
Space/Time Danny Baram
Special Guest Aharon Kampe
Stan's Killing Himself Billy Kirland
Star Machine William Hernandez
Tap Out Mike Miller
The Albatross Dave Paterson
The American Vanessa Carmichael
The Arcadia Logan Bush
The Aridathia David Kopp
The Crying Man Walker Hare
The Disease Khalil Sullins
The Empty Sea David Poulshock
The Fairy King Steven Snell
The Fast Break Sam Thomas
The G.O.A.T. Sid Grey
The Great Pretenders Jillian Lauren
The Heart of a Tiger SreyRam Kuy
The Hiding Place Stephen Martin
The Hoffman Experiment Richard Stokes
The King of California Cybele Knowles & Laura Owen
The Last Fall Cate Honzl
The Last Priestess of Avalon Megan Williams
The Loneliest Whale Brad Klipfel
The Long Mile Ryan Hartley
The Magnificent Library - Ivan & The Firebird Matthias Sundberg
The Old Wolves Club Charles Pieper
The Other Confession Georges Saad
The Paper Route Danny Howell
The Return of the Santa Fe Super Chief Douglas Folsom
The Schlep Annie Wood
The Sorrow Veil Russ Lindway
The Speaker Tin Gill
The Talon and the Undersnake Mike Carruthers
The Thousand-Yard Stare Peter Gazdag
The Timely Demise of Huckleberry Finn Illya Konstantin & Gordon Tashjian
The Witch of Pungo J Darin Wales
Three Blind Mice Kerry Dye
Time Trip Mark Roeder
Too Young To Die Daniel Albino
Undocumented Giovanna Cassese
Unnatural Selection Farooq Ahmed
Western Approaches Andrew Judge
Will Be the Strength Robb Hanson
Will to Power Michael Mul
Without Christopher O'Bryant
Wounded Knee '73 Richard Keehn
Youth Brett Marty

Television Pilots

Dogs, Donkeys and Women Mack Edwards
4-F: Operation Underworld Greg Beck
Above Snakes Mohammad Shirazi
Alt Alex Danny Baram
American Mayhem Daniel Sheiman
Ammo Daisy Martey
Ascendancy Randall Whitlow
Bad Feelings Greg Smith
Big Stick Joseph Perruccio & Dennis Fallon
Bit Players Matthew Tiemstra & Robert Tiemstra
Blackwood: "Pilot" Casey Jones
Bonti Bay Linn Markussen
Branded Christian Lybrook
Brown Gringo Nicholas Manuel Pino
Channel Third Jonathan Murnane
Charm City Cheddar Brett Melnick
Colony 14 Helen Truong
Concrete Jungle David Kushner
Connection Jace Lacob
Dark Horizons Carlo Carere
Double Time Dames Davia Carter
Extraterrestrial Delinquents Dennis Coleman
Glory of the West Roslind Sanders
Grimlock Brandon Botta & Casey Tollett Botta
Hard Dead Nazi Dick William Luke Schreiber & Emily Winter
Hard is the Good Susan Brunig
Hellknights o' Holopaw Noah Shalom
Highwire Gareth Smith
Hoodoo Tonia Kempler
In Chrysalis Nelson Downend
Inside Oceanside Tate Elizabeth Hanyok
Irrelevant Jaquie Brown
Ivanhoe Justin Bregman
Jailbird Adam Tinius
Kids of the Black Hole Nate O'Mahoney
King Street Justin Kohlas
Kralik Brady Walker
Lifers Anonymous : "Pilot" Sean Collins-Smith
Masters & Demons Alexandra Segel
Morretti and Jones Publishing and Emergency Plumbing Steven Snell
Mount Pleasant Cat Dale
Mythical Happiness Jordan Dumbroff
No Money Down Charlie Herrmann
Offspring Melanie Schiele
Orphans Jonathan Murnane
Otherworld Dawn Prato
Parish Bay Kevin Clark-Ryan
Personhood Benjamin Bode
Phineas Eudie Pak
Pipe Bomb Michael Orlando
Radicals Timothy Fasano
Red Ball Anna Bierhaus
Red Dirt David Sullivan
Republic Faith Liu
Runaway Train Naomi Brodkin
Sandwiched Christina Shaver
Scoper Elliot Seidel
Shine Jennifer Bianchi
Shitstorm David Luz
Silencers Sean Dennison
Silicon Curve Heidi Nyburg
Single-Sex Claire Bostrom
Someone Else: episode one -  Bloody Bloody Blood Judith Clucas
Sonnenrad Chris Dennis
The Bridge to Pagan Bay:  "Lovin' Hurts" Alva Moore
The Chafe: "Pilot" Liam Allen-McGoran
The Descent David Cohen
The Divinity Cycle Nelson Downend
The Father Of Rochester Peter Short & Sue Batterton
The Golden Mean Sarah Goodman
The Great Gay Hope James Berg
The Indian Line Lori Rowton
The Lone Star Ryan Little
The Monarch Guild Jason Ancona
The Monkeyface Chronicles: "Pilot" Richard Scarsbrook
The Nation Mark Lickona
The Order Jonathan Mason
The Pahlavan Neda Aslani
The Program Yada Z
The Queen Of Caspary Laura Solow
Two Rivers Amber Alexander
Veritas Nadia Selvaggi
Voices: "Electric Dreams" Steve Coats-Dennis
Wasteland Adam Tinius
We Will Rise Hayley Fox
Welcome to the Slums Bryan Young
Year Without Summer Amanda Eberhardt
Yellow Zara Meerza
Yonge Street Strip Lisa Gold
You Got Served Frank Trezzi & Tom Nanos
Zero Tolerance Nick Coviello



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