Announcing The 4th Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalists

by Cameron Cubbison on April 19, 2017

The scripts listed below comprise the semifinalists of the 4th annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, representing approximately the top 10% of submissions received. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, to the quarter-finalists, and thank you to everyone who applied.


A Rose To Georgia by Nadira Pankey

A Woman Dies by Andrea Jaag

Amaranthine by Megan Janet Turner

Arverni by Mitchell Shinderman

Baggage by Ryan Elkins

Beyond The Gap by Zach Waggoner

Beyond The Painted Line by Theresa Tierney and Eileen Tierney

Big Red by Brennig Hayden

Billy & Ray by Mike Bencivenga

Bird Of Prey by Thivanka R. Perera

Black Ice Below by Peter Fraser

Black Star by Eric Anthony Glover

Blackland Salvage by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

Blind Dog Travels by Katherine J. Yee

Bloody Williamson by Sara Caldwell and James Ballowe

Chocolate Potato by Neil O’Neil

Cole & Mika by Young-Sun Kim

Comic Book Kings by Amanda Keener

D(a)emons by Denise M. Kulawik

Darlings by Aaron Yeung

Dean The Drummer by Tannaz Hazemi

Decimator by Steven Snell

Defiance, Ohio by Sarah Stunt

Dirty Back Road by Matt Clemons

Divine Providence by Ann Tomoko Rosen

Don’t Throw Stones by Allison Buckmelter & Nicolas Buckmelter

Drawing Dead by Sydney Haven

Driving Her by Dawn Burgess

Dru Hill Rising by Mark Landry (story by Emile Hirsch & Ace Norton and Mark Landry)

Eastern Son by Y.S. Kim

Enemyway by P.K. Meyer

Forever And Never by Danté Orange

Fortunate Son by Lucas Sachs

Gingerbread by Grant Laine

Giving Up The Ghost by Jessica DiGiacinto

Glitches by Kelly Beck Byrnes

Guerrilla by Jake Sheets

Guns And Grace by Odin Ozdil

Half Angels by Déjà Cresencia Bernhardt

Horses On Mars by Eric Law Anderson

In The Shade by Ian Masters

Jacaranda by Ryan W. Smith

Jade by Micah Light

Klifford by Khaled Ridgeway and Dan Ochwat

Kukhuree by Rodney Wilson

Lines Unseen by Kevin Foong

Mark Of Cain by Jamie Bircoll

Martyr by Scott Pittock

Melting Pot by Mark Finguerra

Mine by Scott Parisien

Mister 314 by Robin Jensen

Mister Wolf by Robert Porter

Model American by Nathan Adolfson

Moonstone Shadow Wolf by Ryan Dellaquila

Mr. Moon by Mike Langer

Muddy Water by Jess Neuhauser

Nixie by Dexter Goad & Jim McQuaid

Office Pool by Eric Monsky

One World by Bradley Stryker

Orphans by Robert Porter

Oval by Giacomo Cimini

P.O. Box 1142 by Lillian Wang

Patchwork by Amanda Keener

Pentagram by Tom Omokaro

Perdido by Eduardo Maytorena III

Plausible by Shelli Wright

Quinn The Eskimo by Susan Brunig

Represent! by Todd Serlin

Residual by The Brothers Lynch

Ripple by Heather Faris

Saving Lexie Lee Kennedy by Michael D. Morra

Sedger Mor by Catherine Wright

Séverin by Maggy Torres-Rodriguez

Skies Of Fire by Wys Duncan

Snow by Dagmar Blommaert

Syvertsen’s Complex by Marni Sullivan

Taking The King by Nelson Adrian Blish

Taminex by Anya Meksin and William Gerrard

Teacher by Adam Dick

The ‘Terp by Tom Austin

The 49th Day by Craig Peters

The Appeal by Yoav Potash

The Boy Who Shot the Sheriff by Nancy Bartley

The Bushwacker by Lauri Donahue

The Countdown by Daniel Weingart

The Coyote King by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson & Dalton Leeb

The Dealy Yo by Alain Alfaro

The Essential Rhett & Luther by Desirée Proctor & Erica Harrell

The Fairy King by Steven Snell

The German Quote by Ari Dassa

The Ghost Soldier by Ben Sztajnkrycer

The Iron Horse Of Lucy Steele by Paul E. Zeidman

The Linen Bands by Jeffrey van Davis

Thembi by Tom Glasson

The Mobile by Patrick Lewis

The Narrow Path To Heaven by Amy Monaghan

The Timbermen by Colin Dalvit & Andrew Lahmann (story by Andrew Lahmann & Colin Dalvit & Ben Eisner)

The Whipping Father by Andrew Mescher

The White House by Mike Stern

Until The Candle Burns Out by Rich Van Tine

Vilna by Matt Huston

Virgin Killers by Tannaz Hazemi

Walking Point by Diann Beck

War-Torn by Michael J. Daniels

When I Grow Up by Elizabeth R. Rossi

When Pigs Fly by Andrew Wood

You Really Got A Hold On Me by M.R. Campbell

Zebra Victor One by Adam Bradley


116 Elm by Steven Arciniega

14 Words by Anna Klassen

Aeternum by Heidi Nyburg

America Rise, America Fall by Giovanni Taveras

Anarchy by Zach Stratton

Annabelle Moore by Damion L. Smith

Arranged by Zubaira Ahmed

Atlanta 9-1-1 by B. R. Stanley

Beacons of Hope by Eudie Pak

Below The Fold by Eudie Pak

Buscón by Jeffrey S. Storms

Chaplin: A Comedian Sees the World by Ian Masters

Chase by Adam Hussein

End of Days by Sonja Verpoort

Fade by Alexis Siegel

Fake Rehab by Daniel Wiengart

Feral by Bryan Kett

First Family by Cameron A. Mitchell

Focus by Heidi Nyburg

Game Life by Odin Ozdil

God, Complex by Sam Alford & Ben Cody

Growing Up Gangster by Kay Landon (based on the book by Gregory Marshall)

Highgate by J. Elizabeth Martin

Landers End by Jeremy D. Christensen

Levee by Jeffrey S. Storms

Missing Pieces by Julia Skikavich

Monsters 101 by Brian and Dusty Rhoads

N.T.S.B. Last Flight by Richard Roth

Neiman/Virgil by Raymond Santos

New Orlean by H.M. Shepherd

Oceanside by Tate Hanyok

Open Sexuality by Brandon Bentley

Otranto by Jon Smith & Ian Masters

Outreach by Tom Sykes

Overpowered by Wendy Pierce

Peer Leadership by Marc Cruz

Pharmland by Jon Davis

Plight by Michael Barlow

Predator by Marisa Hardwicke

Primary Language by Yvonne Hana Yi

Punchbags by Steven Snell

Quarry by Ash Corristine

Racket by Adam Sleper

Scabs by Paul Moncrieffe & Shane Mahoney

Secret and Confidential by Ben Maraniss

Set Them Free by Mathew Duriez

Smut by Becky Bradshaw

St. Claire by Jessica A. Sieff

Taffy by Hank Isaac

The Ax Man by Ryan Little

The Bard in Time by Christopher Lastrapes

The Bible Belt by Steven Pipps

The Cabal by Frank Perrotto

The Community by Steve Coats-Dennis

The Defenders by Antoine Tardif

The Devil in Evelyn by Tyler Soper & Ben Soper

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

Thee Bronx by Megan Patricia Doyle

The Eleventh Hour by Rebecca Stahl

The Exchange by Juliette Garrigues

The Factory by Jon Davis

The Land by Steve Coulter

The Marionette Unit by Azhur Saleem

The Radicals by Nate Gualtieri

The Recovery by Angela Berliner

The Ryman by Hugh Moffatt

The Scoundrels Club by Jeff York

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The Slope by Eudie Pak

The Young Executioners by Tom Sykes

Thoroughly Mormon Millie by Paul Ditty

Transatlantic by Ella Eklund & Marlowe Fawcett

Un/Attached by Adi Blotman

Undocumented by Melissa White

Unleashed by Robert Axelrod

Verge by Bryce McLellan

Vicarious by Jason Kubik

War Shadows by Dragos Berghia

Whereabouts Unknown by Allen Glover


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