Announcing: 3rd Annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semifinalists!

by Cameron Cubbison on April 15, 2016

After extended deliberations, we're excited to finally announce the semifinalists!  The scripts listed below comprise the semifinalists of the 3rd annual ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship, representing the top 10% of submissions received. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for the finalists and winners announcement in a few weeks!


1001 Bullets by Scott Hamilton & PJ Hamilton

7th Son by William Maurer

Absolute Faith by Mary Haarmeyer

A Brand New Year by Penelope Poole

Across The Sound by Charlotte Winters

Amare by Scotty Cornfield

Angel In The Marble by Jason Pittock

Ankou by Justin Green

An Ocean Apart by LL Young

An Un-Civil War by Diane Williams

As Good A Place As Any by Craig Gusmann

At The Bottom Of The Deep Blue Sea by Ana Reyes

Before Your Eyes by Eric Mithen

Blackland Salvage by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

Black Sunday by Heidi R. Willis

Blood Relations by Lori Morgan

Borderline by Joshua Paolino

Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele

By The Hands Of Wally Vine by David Warnock

Cadillac City by Frederick Keeve

Carli’s Kills by Kyle Michael Sullivan

Carol by Susan Polk

Cure by Dimitri Neos

Daughters Lost To The Desert by A.M. Sánchez

Deadtention: Deader Than Dead by Casey DeVargas

Dean The Drummer by Tannaz Hazemi

Dig by Melanie Toast

Dirty Real: The Bukowski Biopic by Phillip E. Hardy

Disconn by Andrew Byrne

Don’t Open Til Christmas by Nick Sidorovich

Double Decker by Aarthi Ramanathan

e & e by Andrew Ryan

Earthshine by Nancy Dillon

Elle by Kaitlin Puccio

Emma’s War by Glenn Mitchell

Escape From El Paso by Brendan Turrill

Etched On Me by Jenn Crowell

Fairfax & Waldo Fly The Coop! by Zeke Farrow

Faith by Dominic Carver

Faithful by Eric Schneider

False Flag by Mathew Grodsky

First Nation by Rene Andre

Freedom Fort by Clint Williams

Gagarin by Robert D. Cain

Goners by Geoffrey Uhl

Go To Hell by John La Chase

Grass Monkeys by Matt Wildash

Halle by Ben Hatt

Hollywood Goes to the Moon by Mark Penrose

Home by Chad Faust

Incurable by Jeff York

Infracted by Joe Chiodo

Into the Darkness by Will Saunders

Julie 2.0 by Dwayne Conyers

KeV and CuZ by Alexander Abrahamian

Kingwood by Gus Avila

Last Shot by Leanne Templeton

Less Ordinary by Monica Chereches

Lysistrata Cell by Lisa Scott

Mars Project by Nancy Duff

Oliver Clark & The Future Unknown by Nick Shepherd & Toni Wynne

Pentagram by Tom Omokaro

Perimortem by Yuval Bymel

Pop by Young-Sun Kim

Remembering Maddy by Nancee Beal

Ripple by Heather Faris

River Blindness by Vivian Celeste Wenzel

Run by J. Pinder

Saluda by Rod Thompson & Tim Westland

Sargent by Julia Batavia

Separate Journeys by Maureen O’Grady

Silence in Berlin by Matthew C. Wolff

Skyburner by David Baugnon

Solomon’s Bane by Helena Derett

Some Kind of Miracle by Arun Narayanan

Speak of the Devil by Jesse J. Cook

St. Chloe by Stacie Shellner

Suicide Boy by Lara Hainke

Swampgrass by Aaron Yeung

Sweet Souls Atrocious by Tracey Bradley

Tansen by Aarthi Ramanathan

Terminal Doubt by J.C. Carleson

The Appeal by Yoav Potash

The Assassin’s Shadow by Bert Pigg

The Baltimore School Of Charm by Kelli McNeil

The Birth Of A Nation by Dustin Amick

The Camel Jockey by Scott Walker

The Chess Man by Matt Ocks

The Chicken Thief by Christine Mofardin

The Color of Love by Frederick Leach

The Courage Inside by Melissa Emery

The Dark Nowhere by Clay Fusco

The Dream Doctor by Peter Dudasko

The Fairer Sex by Lori J. Rowton

The Fall by Hooman Hassani

The Floating Of Hayes by John Woodard

The German Son by Ashley Matteson

The Girls in the Shadows by Tim Davis

The Instrument by Zach Stratton

The Last Indian War by Michael Graf

The Loose Ends by Andrew Garrett and Eric Thompson

The Magician by Garin Hovannisian

The Memory of You by Amanda Toye

The Minnow by Sean William Kortschot

The Paper Sister by Angel Mirou

The Righteous Man by Andrew Mescher

The Science Teacher by Phil Davey

The Scoundrels Club by Jeff York

The Spotter by Julian Awoonor Renner

The Undertakers by J.B. Goerke

The Weight She Carries by Elbert Wyche, III

Thunder & Iron by Brendan Casey

Trial by Fire by Zena Dell Lowe

True Fiction by Braden Croft

Unboxing by Chris Lewis Carter

Underground by Ted Cambell

Virtual Witness by Diana Osberg

Voices by Susan Klos

Wartime Revelations by Carlo Bordone

What Rough Beast by Kranti Pally

Whispers from the Watchtower by Jai Brandon

Winters of Kashmir by Danish Renzu

With All Deliberate Speed by Marcus Herzberg

Where the Men Are by Wendy Wilkins

Wildheart by Jacklyn Saferstein-Hansen

Writing The End by Aisha Cerami Massimiliano Mauceri

Year 73 by Jeff Shevlowitz



Alma Mater by Jenny Deiker

Alt Alex by Danny Baram

Beacons of Hope by Eudie Pak

Berkeley by Nadia Selvaggi

Blended by Andre J. Edmonds

Chasing Rainbows by Micah Cohen

Coldwater by Craig Berger

Company Town by Samantha Levenshus

Cupid’s Arrow by Daniel Lawlor

Daddy’s Girl by Brennan Czar

Dark Forest by Xander Bernstein

Daybreaker by Phil Singleton

Dead Drop by Nancy Duff

Decimator by Steven Snell

Eleah by Rob LaMorgese               

Fight by Ben Kim

Hamtramck by Diana Densmore

Haters by Dante Russo

Havana by Mike Diaz

Hellas by Jacklyn Saferstein-Hansen

Hoover’s Men by Chris Cornwell

How You Livin’? by Andrew Zeoli

Insiders by Jane Gregorio McLean and W. Troup Wood

Mahogany Hall by Ashley Charbonnet

Matryoshka by Angela Berliner

New Money by Ashley Charbonnet

Patient by M. Rowan Meyer

Porter by Coli B. Sylla

Quarry by Ash Corristine

Quarters by Tony Nichols

Reconstruction by Jeff Bower

Safety Force Squad by Brian Barnes & Matthew Merenda

Savage by Stephanie Bousley

Shining City by Douglas Stark

Socio-Pam by Rowan Wheeler

Substance by Clark Carroll

Tampa by David Dasilma

Tarr by Greg Hirshland

The Circuit by David Michael Kushner

The Circuit by Nadia Selvaggi

The Classassin by S. David Acuff

The Divinity Cycle by Nelson Downend

The Line by Ty Leisher

The Messiah Project by David E. Baugnon

The Relief by Ross Denyer

The Sensualist by Suzanne Griffin

The System by Chris Edgerly and Dean Wolfe

Use Your Words by Julia Batavia

Verbatim by Sydney Mitchel

Warren by Francesca Butler


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