Announcing the 2019 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on August 28, 2019

We’re excited to feature the scripts listed below that comprise the quarterfinalists of the 2019 ScreenCraft Short Screenplay Competition. With the rise in demand for high-quality short content across new platforms and devices, and the increased industry importance placed on short filmmaking worldwide, we are honoring the craft of short-form narrative screenwriting via this competition, which features a prestigious jury of industry-leading professionals.

This year's jury includes executives and programmers from the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Short of the Week, and Shorts.TV.

Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists, finalists and grand prize winner here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks!

And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries in 2020, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Without further ado, here are the quarterfinalists:


Alex Simon
6:18 to Omaha Leah Curney
A Balloon Story Joe Taft
A Beautiful Day Logan Alexander
A Crowded Bed Eric Althen
A Dream of Flight Neil Westley
A Feather Within the Fog Dave Drinkwater
A Graduation Peier Shen
A Lady of Vassar Anthony Fernandez
A Last Night In LA Jameel Shivji
A Machine For Time John Broadhead
A Mother's Love Camille J. Mitchell
A Portrait of Fances, Enclosed Jacob Levy
Active Shooter Amanda Herley
Adhan Charles Vuolo
Adjunto Felix Pineiro
Affirmation Greg Willybiro
Agwajiing the Sanatorium Michael O'Rourke
AlieNation Ray Raghavan & Nick Purrier
Angel Anna Koukouli
Animal Guardian Denisha Read
Anyone Listening? Yvonne Arnett
Appointed Benjamin Stenner
Arboreal Simon Deeley
Arriving At Manuel Fil Medina
Ashes Edith Rodriguez
Asking For It Yusra  Khan
Ava Angelique Wilson
Background Check Ellen Rodnianski
Bad Weather Chris Walkley
Bahar, Born At Night Michael Bina
Battle Rapped Elliott Pascascio
Becky Walter Diaz
Before Dishonor Travis J. Opgenorth
Below The Surface Sam Kidd
Best Laid Plans Richard Geiwitz
Bingo-The Last True Blood Sport Joe Starzyk
Bird's Eye Mike Kravinsky
Birds of a Feather Claire Lawson
Blackbird Mike Thompson
Blood and Ash Kenneth Sanabria
Blood on the Run Michael Flannelly
Blood Rush William Glenn
BloodGuilt Daymond Roman
bOb Alberto Chumaceiro
Borrowed Time Geoff Murillo
Bruno Charlotte Daniel
Bull and Bear: A Love Story David Healy
Canary jasper chen
Car / Love Marc Barrett
Careful, She Bites Mary Farmer & Greg Stolze
Catfish Killer Gil Hizon & Seth Harrington
Cease Jamiyl Samuels
Cheap Fertilizer Jacob Heayes
Chef's Special Caleb Hermann
Chiaroscuro Camille Cotteverte
Chill Daniel Gillis
Christina Julian Camillieri
Christopher & the Bug Vanessa Esteves
Chualar Ann Pace
Clatterz on Highwayz Eva MeiLing Pollitt
Coat Jordan Ferrell
Cold Water Shaun Perry & Jay Perry'
Complicity Andrew Cooper
Confessions of a Las Vegas Phone Girl Aimee Adell Johnson
Conscience Brandon Kelley
Creativity Mare Jones
Crush Jason Swanson
Dark Timber Ryan Dingus
Dawn Alexandra Ruggieri
Dead Jesus Richard Santoro
Dead Weight Riley Longworth
Dearest Dolly Darling Beckley Vincent
Demons Dianna Craig
DiMaggio Taylor Zaccario
Dirty Angels Julie Hays
Disappearing Daniel Corrieri
DNR Sarah Polhaus
Do It For Her Luke Janisko
Do you agree? Ludo Vici
Dry Heave Adam Rocke
Duck Hilary Burgoon
Dunked John Bickerstaff
Earth Witch Sandy K Baiju
Eight Seconds Bailey Martin
El Barrio Cassidy Harrison & Adam Prince
Elkhart Jaclyn Parker
Every Single One of You Mily Mumford
Figurines Wendy Chandra
Final Issue Ricardo Carrion
For Little Girls Who Are Afraid To Speak Charles Hayes IV
Forest for the Trees Spencer Gillis
Formicarium: Or The Unrelenting Allure of Complacency Jarrett Paperno
Forward Antoine Remy
Fraud Chris Conway
Friendly Fire Riley Longworth
From Far and Wide Jaskaran Gill
Genie Paul Frank
Ghost Ride Eduardo Hanson de Moura
Girl, You Better Chill Tracy Schumer
Girls Who Run Joi B.
Glass Bottles David González
Glass State Shaun Grimsley & Matt Whittle
Greenwood Evan Murray
Greetings Cody Rose
Greg the Puddle Shaun Radecki
Group Justin James Farley & Ashley Bailey Farley
Habibi Christin Campbell
Haniya Nancy Vogl
Harriet Sarah Mize
Hats McGrew Charlotte Barnes
He Was Unarmed Bryce Marrero
Healing (a verb) Bailey Belzora
Henry Owen Dando
Her Babies Letícia Bianco
Hero Lane Stroud
Homefulness Dan LaTourette
Hourglass Kevin Nikroo
How Can I Help You? Thao Nguyen
How To Be A Gem Spade Robinson
Hush Little Baby Ricardo Bravo
I Am Other Tiffany Silver-Tucker
Icarus Christos Kardana
Il Cappello Mickey Vincent
Ilsa William Patton
Impersonal Jacquelyn Li
In Spite of Ourselves Sam Blumenthal
Initiation Pia Cook
Innocent Goodbye Theresa Picciallo
Inside Roderick Kayne Louis Alvarez
It's OK. He's Friendly. Brian Menz
James Adam Jones
Juana Pelos Maria Mealla
Judith-13 Sydney Freedberg
Kade Devin Hermanson
Kid Midnight Mychal Sargent
Killer Samantha  Talbot
Killer Anna Lauren Tufekci
Last Rental Joe Gordon
Last Trip To India Joshua Young
Last Womb On Earth Nancy Safavi
Latchkey Kids David Deignan
Lee and Lelia Hanxiong Bo
Leila's Gift Mithra Alavi
Leonard's Fourteen Lives Molly Stark-Ragsdale
Let the Games Begin Elaine Kleinberg
Letting Go Bill Langan
Liberation Leigh  Hyser
Life is a Drag Kyle  de Villafane
Little Fish D.L. Watson
Little Pistol Gil Saint
Living in the past Bernhard Riedhammer
Lonesome Demon Killing Blues Sean Kelly
Lunchbox Anne Hu
Macho Men Maximilian Williamson
Made Man Cleaning Dylan Wolf
Making & Breaking Rahima Rice
Mala Noche Aurora Acosta
Mason & Jay Save The World! John Woosley
Maxwell's Supplies for the End of Days Matthew Little
Me, Myself, and Ides Edward-Clinton Vasquez
Meadow Valley Dollhouse Competition Kristy Ellington
Metamorphose Simon Deeley
Miles From Home Robert Goodman
Missed Connections Zach Griffin
Missing Ertugrul Musluoglu
Monstre sean birney
Morgue Keith Williams
Moving Day Howard Harband
Muse Laura Vogels
My Arcadia Dianne Cutlack
My Creature J. Franklin Evans
My Mallard Memoir Jakob Brittain
My Name is Tuna Boat Ron Maede
My New Purse Montgomery Burt
My Soul To Take Roniel Tessler
My Sunshine Netania Allen & Welai Kao
Natalie R. Shanea Williams
Neo-Dome Matthew Pfeffer
Never the Bride Luigi Gonzalez
Night Night Zoe Rae
Night of the Shtriga DiDi Goldberg
Night Terror jerrel lawson
Nineveh Jim Gourley
No Future for Rock Stars Sean Taylor
No Good Deed: The Oliver Sipple Story Heather Farlinger
Now That We're Men Celine Held & Logan George
Nuclear Sarah Mitravich
Of Natural Causes Morgan Lariah
One of the (Big) Girls Stephen Marshburn
Only Rock N' Roll Chris Wallis
Outings Will Pei
Over James Smith
Overdue Shaun Radecki
Overseer Federico Casal
Pap Sbeer Marta Reeder
Paper Cranes Emily Vere Nicoll
Past and Future Lives Simon Abbott
Peaches and Cream Chloe White
Perfect Stranger Linda Collison
Personals Sasha Argirov
Pillow Talk Everett Kelsey
Pizza Susan Vermeer
Poemb Daniel Tysdal
Possum Lyndal Simpson
Postive Anna Borden
Precious Life Kenry Cruz
Press Start Claudia Carino
Progeny Anthony Weintraub
Puppet Rising Raynor Arkenbout
Purgatory Samuel Hatcher
Reaper Drive: Ethan Christopher Mendez
Receiver Cavan Campbell
Red Centre Martin Rake
Regular Ordinary Citizen David Hill
Rent-A-Friend Davin Dmitruk-Cook
Reself Omer Ben-Shacar
Residue Matt Thomas & Braden LuBell
Return to Sender Blake Simon
Revelation Tamim Almousa
Ringloom Justin Solaiman
Robotnik Brandon Reid
Rock of Ages Alexandra Keister
Rubber and Glue Cat Dale
Saavan Sidhant Tilokani
Sabina Nicole Starrett
Saigon Kiss Hong Anh Nguyen
Saul's Dance Kosmo Crocco & Matteo Tronchin
Saving Daniel Angela Perkins
Searching Austin Jayes
Shilo's War Nick Denbeigh
Sight Mo Morgan
Sinner's List Simon Sager
Skinface Gary Daniel Giachetti
Slow Wave. Matt None
Smile Samuel Nuñez
Snow Day Brian Sullivan
Snowbird Patrick Curran
Sold Logan Palmer
Soul of the River CL Russo
Soup and a Single Windsor Joel Franke
Space Christ River Donaghey
Space Wankers Robert Duncan
Springerle Finley Mulligan
Steak & Beans Foxx Cant
Sunflower Kenneth Forrest
Sunny Side Up Jacob Mynatt
Survivors Dan Sullivan
Sweet Spot Yoav Rosenberg
Taipei Suicide Story Kevin Wang
Teddy Andrij Witiuk
Tell Tale Walk James Everett
Tent Sx Mary Farmer
Test Drive Brett Hauze
Text, Actually Luke Ward & Elena Melener
Thank You for Soliciting Patrick Murray
The Barn Sophie Black & Tommy Draper
The Battle of the Backwoods Drake Folk
The Bum Kyle  Scimone
The Castle Is My Plus-One Gary Irons
The Children Zahid Gamieldien
The Circle of Chawce Randi LeClair
The Convention Katelyn Harbert
The Cricket Gabe Berry
The Crossing Tom Levesque
The Deal Mitch Olson
The Deal that Debbie Made One Night on a Dark Road in Allegheny County Alec Silberblatt
The Devil's Spawn Christopher Stoll
The Divination of Lilith Katie Ritz
The Drugs Do Work Edward Fisher
The End Fraser White
The First Time Traveler Ever Jared Barnett
The Games Men Play Chelsea Barns
The Good Girl Noelle Loizos
The Guy Matthew Rollins
The History of Obyeah Anisha Woodley
The Influence Anastasia Kousakis
The Killing Room Floor Kyle Andrews
The Kitten Tree Anthony Velgich
The Lab Celeste Courtemanche
The Lamb Sam Blumenthal
The Last Book Shop Michael Crame
The Last Cigarette Robin Hardy
The Lion and The Hare Michael McCoy
The Little Astronaut Brody McKinnon
The Lot Trevor Young
The Nightwatchman Steve George
The Nudist Michael Joseph
The Nuns' Referendum Suzy Miller
The Only One Sandra O'Connell
The Opera Ran Late, or The Best Three Hours in an Otherwise Sorry Excuse of a Life Aidan Kaczynski
The Other Side Snigdha Kapoor
The Other Side Daniel Kim
The Plot Melinda Maerker
The Poet's Daughter Hannah Eakin
The Prophecy Richard Neher
The Radio Thomas Conway
The Railway Ghost Adam Lucas
The Red Mirror Steve Rooney
The Ritualist Jake Lemmen
The Scientist Cameron Thrower & Joe McKernan
The Second Man Dan Duthie
The Seeker's Key Alessa Ellefson
The Shark that Lived in the Pool Mark Haselden
The Telling Jacob Combs
The Unseen Jonathan Laflamme
The Widow and the Witch Moses Hershberger
The Wolf's Whistle Alexandra Nyman
The Woman Under The Tree Prashant Thakker & Roberto Donso
The Wood Thrush Peter Forbes
The Would-Be's Are on the Anvil John Porter
The Year of Lexi and Dawn Carolyn Mazanec
They Were the Wanderers Nicholas Cassol
Thieves Anthony Brenneman
This Is Silence Steven Miller
This Little Cowboy Jordan Keith
This New West Ryan Evans
Thumbs Up Nick Grimwood
Tickets Joel Foster
Til Death Two Us Part Brandon Stroughter
Tomato Pie Tom Flynn
Tony and Annette Daisy Eagan
Toro Jeff Beauvoir
Town Business Jack Larkin
Trapped under a table Nehal Ezz
Two Birds, One Stone Yuko Nakanishi
Two Shores Eva Rodart & Maks Kubis
Unadoptable Sara D'Amico
Unforgettable Raihven Minter
Unforsaken Jeff Guenther
Unorthodox Jonas Oppenheim & Nick Turner
Until the Last One Falls Gabe Berry
Viva Maria Sean Fitz-Gerald
Voices James Beeler
Weird Vicky Buxton
Welcome to America Richard Geiwitz
Welcome to the Homeland Royce Wilmot
Wendigo Jefferson C Robinson
What Child Is This? Joel Reeves
What The Fuck Bryan! Richard  Pengelley
Where the Dog is Buried Santiago Bukovsky
Who Wants To Live In A World? Pamela Perry
Winging It Christine Feldman
Winkies Daniel Duranleau
Xander Sun: Queen Protector of the DiVerse Harold L. Brown
You Janine Gilbert
You Are My Fish And I Will Keep You Alive Emily Frederick
Younger Mare Jones

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