Announcing the 2016 ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest Quarter-Finalists

by ScreenCraft on February 9, 2017

Listed below are the quarter-finalists of the 2016  ScreenCraft Family-Friendly Screenplay Contest, culled from over 900 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thanks to everyone who submitted.  Stay tuned for the upcoming announcements of the semifinalists and grand prize winners here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

3D At The Palace by Kent Wilson

90’s Kid by Amal Al-Agroobi

10.31 by Laurie Ashbourne

12 Days by Shaun Jorgensen and Todd Wahlquist

A Christmas Tail by Carolyn McCray and Ben Hopkin

Action Figures by Adam Farhi

A Doggone Christmas by Michael Toay & Travis Mann

Afterlife by Z.R. Denis

Alletoria by Teigan Isobel

Alwilda by Dean Anello, Bernardo Gigliotti and Brittney Ryan

American Ridge by Carl B. Clark

A Muse In Muir Woods by Rick Kauffman

A Relative Unknown by Lynne Logan

Arizona Sunrise by John Martins III

Artie Filbert Is Comin’ To Town by David Mickel & Ted Collins

"Artie" The First Artificial Christmas Tree by Bernice (Dee) Maner

A Shot At Faith by Carl D. Lord

Badgarth’s Promise by Dan Doyle

Because I Can by Cynthia Helwig

Bee 52 by Stefan Leblanc

Being Earnest by Harley Wallis

Bitsy by G.R. White

Black Hickory by Ronald L. Ecker (story by Evan M. Pinchuk)

Black Tears by Audrey Levy

Bradigan And The Banshee by Arlene Kalem

Briar Rose by Miles Kimball

Bryan’s Girl by Cheryl Rodes Soriano

Calico Jack by Craig Clyde & James Hennessy

Call Me Luke by David Bennett Carren

Camouflage Reality by Patti Willingham

Canine Cops by Dee Leone & Alex Malone

Captain No Beard by Adam Slutsky

Carol by Susan Polk

Catching Claus by Kevin Murphy & Joseph Murphy

Catspiracy! by Kate Sheffield

Caught Looking by Linda MacPherson Davidson

Chances by Jeff Trently & Anthony Stitt

Changing Stripes by Atul N. Rao

Chaos Theory As Applied to Love, Baseball, and the Rest of the Universe by Mark Herder

Chaotic Good by Adam Taylor

Charley From The War by Terry Lynam

Charming by Tom Albanese & Christopher Jones

Chasing Bubbles by Faith Dawn Cox

Christopher Dean by Ron Stewart

Clarence The Bully Caterpillar by Will Hughes

Cockroach Saves The World by Waka T. Brown

Completely Amateur by Ryan Toyama

Conjure Seven by Erik Day

Cordelia’s First Adventure by Anthony Barone

Cowgirl by James J. Syring

Dashing Through The Snow by D.B. Gilles

Dauntless by Daniel D. Jackson

David vs. Vegas by Dennis DeBon

Dear Diary by Mark J. Layne

Dear Diary by Michael Szczurko

Delay Of Game by Jan Maxwell & Tom Maxwell

Divorce Court by Joyce M. Peim

Dog Star by Blake Ritchen

Doing Time In A Bottle by Gina Cresse

Dolphin Code by K.J. Moore

Domestic Spy by BL Lithgow

Doug The Pug’s Final Adventure

Drosselbart by Effie Bathen

Earth To My Parents by Ryan Peckinpaugh

Ellis Academy by Cassandra Marie

Endurance by Rich Orstad

Eternalizing Chihiro by Liam Engels

Eulila And The Lighthouse by Jeff Thomas

Ex-Mrs. Xmas by David Larson

Family Treasures by Crescent McGlone

Fantasy Camp by Harry Kleinman

Fashionista by Jill Sclafani

Father Krampus by Jason Pawlett

Fats by Mitchel C. Resnick

Fellstone by Marjory Kaptanoglu

Fertile Ground by David Fisher

Finding Distance by Jodi Levitan (story by Daniel Levitan and Jodi Levitan)

Finding Mayberry by Jennifer M.N. Koon

Finding Puffles by Suzanne Gill

First To Find by Liana Winters Thomas

Fly by Zach Grossman

Fly Girl by Patrick Byrne

Footsteps Of My Father by Erik V. Wolter (based on the book Loyalty on Trial: One American's Battle with the FBI by Erik V. Wolter)

Forever Home by Ann Marie Williams

From Aardmore To Zelda With Love by Debbie Allyn Jett

Geek by Benjamin Cooper

Germs by Mark Littleton

Gideon by Theresa Drew

Gods’ Island by Kris Kosaka

Goners by Geoffrey Uhl

Goodbye Galápagos by Derek Asaff

Grandma’s Coming To Stay by Paul Martin Mahoney

Grandpa And Me by Bruce Blumberg

Guinea Pigs by Derek Asaff

Happy Holidays From The BIggers by Ginia Desmond

‘H’ Is For Happiness by Lisa Hoppe (based on the book My Life As An Alphabet by Barry Jonsberg)

Hero In A Yellow Jacket by Thomas Matzeit

Holiday Do Over by Nick Abdo

Holiday Magic by Rex Carter

Holidays On Ice by Samuel C. Spitale

Holidays With The A-Group by Danny Pellegrino

Holly Blossums by Joanne Groshardt and Sarah Walker

Holy Coyote by A.Y. Dorsey

Hooked by Timothy M. Benson

Hot Potato by Phyllis Zimbler Miller & Mitchell R. Miller

How Santa Lost His Job by Michael J. Veasey (based on the novel by Stephen Krensky)

Ice Cream Wars by Lisa Marie Sandoval

Ice Dragon by Paul Bayford

Imagination by Bryan Jager

Incident On I-15 by Ben Shupe

Independent Living by Sarah Harrell

In Love With Christmas by Lelia Alford

In My Garden by Kenata O. Martins

Island Of The Sunken Spirit by Kay Landon

Jacob And The Invisi-Belle by Tom Mann

Jordan Freeman by Steven Jon Whritner (based on the novel by Jordan Freeman Was My Friend by Richard White)

Jude by WL (Bud) Gorman

Just Be Cool by Heidi Nyburg

kick bACK by RC Atchisson

Kid Combat by James O. White, Wilson Coneybeare and Christopher A. Helwink

Kids Rule by Jill Gurr

Kingdom Camelot by C.E. West

King Of Pain by Julie Grist

Kissin’ Kuzins by Deana Costner

Knight By Fire by Tom T. Skore

Knights Of The Valiant Heart by Edward Santiago

Lafitte by Gary Stewart Branfman Gary

Learning To Live Again by Paul Adamian

Let’s Break Up Mom And Dad by Nicholas David Brandt & Lisa Hamil

Little Reaper by Peter Dukes

Loose Change by Susan Fontaine

Love Me Tomorrow by Kent Moran

Lovestuck by Rachel Kelly

Love Thy Neighbor by Scott Shoemaker

Magefield by Justine Trimboli

Magicians’ Help Desk by Brian Sherwin

Martin Mapes And The Misfits Of Otherworld by Daniel J. Pike

Marvin In Love by Scott Lipanovich

Max Flemming Saves The Day by Michael Field

Max The Ax by Patricia K. Meyer

Maybe One Day by Peter Varga

Meeting Lorne Michaels by Heidi Nyburg

Meet Me At The End Of The World by Desiree Middleton

Me Go Up by Kat Smith

Miss Christmas Daisy by Michelle Bergamo and Michele Gianussa

Mission 405 by S.E. Dryden

Mister Wolf by Robert Porter

Monsterkind by Jeff Delaney

Mr. Lee by Vanessa Stewart

Mr. Moon by Mike Langer

Mutiny In The Dugout by Rod Kent, Terry Allen, and Rebecca Foster

My Capone Summer by Steven Hakeman

My College Essay by Mary Krell-Oishi

My Dog Loves Broccoli by Sam Gasch

My Million Dollar Mom by Ross Farley Schriftman

My Monster by David B. Carren

No Kicks Left Behind by Lai Cheung

No More Goodbyes by Rebekah R. Ganiere

November Ice by Kimberly Canedy

Off The Hook by John Arvai

Oggleswog The Dragon by Monique Amado

Oliver’s Sea Monster by Michael Gibney

Ollie Of France by Mark Miller

Once Upon His Shoe by Pamela Allison Kay

On The Eve Of Conflict by Colin K Stewart (based on the book On the Eve of Conflict,

Book 1 of Journey Into Darkness by J. Arthur Moore)

On Track by Jodi Levitan

Operation Black Christmas by David D. Jones

Orphans by Robert Porter

Pageant Dad by Liam Healy

Parallel U by Nathan Zoebl & Ben Bailey

Peanut And Cracker Jack by Tim Lane

Pieces Of Eight by Bruce Leaf

Pipsqueak by Kathi Twomey Wahed

Profectio (Theta) by Suki Katz

Pysanky by Phineas R. Fiske

Queen Of The Channel by Mark Williams-Abrams

Raiders Of The Lost Barque by Marina Michaels & Louise Nicholson

Raining Cats by Deb Havener

Reindeer Park by Stan Himes

Rescue Dog by Rich Orstad

Riding Freedom by Anne Weisenstein

Roamers by Constance Hasapopoulos

Robo4ce by Jeffrey Howe

Rocket Girl by Joe Gonzales & Bradford N. Smith

Rowing Underwater by Chris Vincent

Safe Harbor by Audrey Levy

Saga Of The Dwarf by Andy Smullin

Sally Bax by Robert Trusardi

Sandstorm by Neil Chase

Saving Christmas by Bob Shayne & William Schmidt

School Nights by John Killoran

Secret City by Glennyce Lynn

Secret Of The Crystal Skulls by Nadya Wynd

Secret Santa by David L. Tank

Seirios by Angela Schultz

Shear Luck by Mark M. Osburn

Sheila The Gila Monster by Donna Laemmlen

Shooting G.I. Joe by Rich Dalmas

Signs Of Warning by Taylor Albertson

Smelling Roses by Michael John Fox

Snoops, Or The Ouchaoucha Bird Ate Red Snapper by Dave Mac

Snowflake by Julie Redfield Young

Socks, A Tale of Two Sole Mates by Jonathan Gagnon

Soul Of The Nation by Jeff Shevlowitz

Sox by Steve Harrison

Spookwood Academy by Jim Lopezzo

Squire & Knight by Devon McBride-Wilson

Squirt by Ronald Pergola

Starr Brawl by Gerrard Hartland

Sticks And Stones by Jerry Klein

Stolen Angels by James Pendergast

Strive by Byron Tokarz

Stroke Of Luck by Wendy Moulton Tate

Stubby by Joseph Masao Warner

Super Luke by Cynthia Neely

Survival Of The Misfits by Chris Saranchock & Melinda Saranchock

Swamp Monster Island by Dana Holyfield

Sweetwater Blues by Charles Shields

Tatanka by Russell Koos

The Abductions Of Dorothy by Paul E. Clinco

The Christmas Cave by David R. Beshears

The Confection Connection by Suraj Das

The Contessa’s Leaf by Gina Surles

The Door by Robert Cox

The Dragon Angel by Dana Ziyasheva

The Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov

The Emperor Of Luna Park by Robert N. Skir (based on the novel Luna Park by Olivia Monti)

The Family Trade by Erin Hayes

The Gallery’s Trapdoor by Stephen JJ MacNeil

The Grape Arbor by C.M. Webb

The Handyman by Cilla Lowen

The Interpreter’s Son by Constance Hasapopoulos

The Jollicote by David H. Luz

The Journey Of Jefferson Lee by Mark Beech

The Least Of These by Ellen Winburn

The L.O.C.H. (The League of Cryptid Heroes) by Robert Wagner and Daniel Unruh

The Lot by Adam Taylor

The Magic Movie by Audrey Levy

The Magnificent Kevin by Brian Holm & Christopher John


The Man Who Beat Mark Spitz by David Bryant Perkins

The Mirror Of Mirabelle by Shayna Weber

The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer

The Mythfitz by Nicholas Julius

The Naughty List by Randall C. Willis

The Paperback Kid by Guy Prevost

The Phoenix by Pierre Dawalibi

The Quest For The Orb by Leann Barna

The Ringleader by Lee Cipolla

The Second Story Santa by Stan Williamson

The Signers by Deana Costner

The Sock Opera by Janice Garden Macdonald

The Spare by Kay Landon

The Star Caller by Danny Matier

The Story Of Nala And Damayanti by Gil Ben-Herut and Jeremy Sobel

The Summer I Shrank My Grandmother by Anita Brandt Burgoyne (based on the novel by Elvira Woodruff)

The Summer My Brother Left Home by Paul Dooley & Adam Dooley

The Transcendental Dryad by Judi Lane

The Transformation Of Bobby Taylor by Ron Friedman

The Undertakers by J.B. Goerke

The World That Time Forgot by Michael J. Rogers

The Usual Quest by Paul E. Clinco

The Yankees Of Fenway Park by Keith Betts (story by Emily Betts)

Thicker Than Forget by Shannon Rody

This Moment Now by Kay Landon

‘Til There Was Christmas by Catherine Freericks

Tink by Edward Ybarra

Tink, James, And Peter by Andy Thomsom

Totem by Heidi Morrell

Tursiops by David Howell

Tut by Jacob Stark

Two Keys by Laura Woodworth

Way Of The Sword by Bretten Hannam and Chaz Thorne

Where Is Shruti? by Kelly Sharon Lamphear-Dash

Whistlestop by Angelo Campos

Why Does An Airplane Fly? by Craig Spirko

Wishful Thinking by Alex Ryan Klein

Wonderland Creek by Duane Kellogg, Jr. (based on the novel by Lynn Austin)

Woot! by Janice K. Lipsky


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