Announcing the 2016 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest Quarter-finalists

by Ken Miyamoto - updated on June 13, 2016

We're excited to feature the scripts listed below that comprise the quarter-finalists of the 2016 ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Contest, culled from over 900 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far, and thank you to everyone who submitted. Stay tuned for the semifinalists and winners announcement within the next couple of weeks!

#2WeeksMax by Michael DeMartin & Nicole Stanton

#FlashedFiction by Carol A. Sabik-Jaffe

#Super$lut by Lindsay Stidham & Angela Gulner

1 Too Many by L.A. Singletary

40 Something Love by Declan Butvick

Acting Out by Carolyn Marzette-Bolivar

Adam and Eve: Serpent Slayers by Curtis L. Nelson

A Family Affair by Warren Fischer

A Fistful of Euros by Dominic Carver

After Party by Justin Green

Air Guitar Hero by Nino Abate

All Alone Together by Derrick Shaw

Amazing Fantasy by Alex Hunt

A Meeting in Seville by Paul Mendelson

A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement by Mark L. Feinsod

Angel by Russell Hainline

Aspiration Date by Kelly Beck-Byrnes

Autumn Knights by Bruce Rogers

A Posthumous Performance by Drew Wagner

Bad Rap by B. Green & S. Cameron

Back in the Game by Joe Farinella & Tom McGuire

Bailey by Jeff Lewis

Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk

Before Fathers by John Killoran

Ben and Vanessa by Seth Newton

Berlin Is for Lovers by Rachel Upshaw

Better Man by Jeff Cooper & Bryan Erwin

Better Off Undead by Ray Keller

Bikini Baristas by Matthew Weaver

Billy & Ray by Mike Bencivenga

Bim-Bam by Yves Lavandier

Biting the Bullet by Mark Flood

Bourn Into Porn by Jason Kubik

Brotherly Love by Kristen Haakerud

Bubba by Jeremy Filiatrault

Bury the Hatchett by James Lawrence Schwartz

Bush Kill by Ross Evison

Call Me, Crazy by Bill Poore

Camp Blossom by Dawn Duncan & Susanna Dominguez

Camp Happily Ever After by Amy Fredericks

Cannabis Circle by Tom McIntire

Cannabis Gingantis by Michael J. Leider

Chilly Killy by Brian C. Simerl

Claim the Dead by Kevin Ascolillo II

Coffins & Chrysanthemums by Michael E. Bierman

Colorado by Habib Yazda & Eric Westerlind

Conflict Resolution by Matt Costaris

Coral Cove by Desiree Proctor & Erica Harrell

Cougar Camp by Dena McKinnon & Kevin Lenihan

Damn 18th Amendment by Alex Walker

Dating Up by Anne-Cecile Ville

Deadtention by Phil Fasso & Chris Cartusciello

Death 'N' Texas by Nicholas Horwood

Death Becomes Him by Donald H. Haynes & Brian D. Damude

Debbie the Viking by Graham Parke

Digger by Dave Wade

Dirty Rats by B.K. Ward

Dog House by Malcolm Scott

Do the Rites Thing by Rosario Pellerito

Downsizeable by Stephanie K. Deal

Dream Smashers by Bob Gebert

Dressing Up by Nadia Selvaggi

Drivers Ed by Ty Leisher & Ed Morrone

Ed, Ted & Mo! by David Mackey

Electric City: The Life and Times of Alphonse Mucha by Sandra Bekvalac

Ellis Academy by Cassandra Marie

Emma and Vincent Get Married by Roxie Ortiz

Fanatics by Tim Boland

Fat Burner by Mark Zakeri

Feeders by Bethan Gibbs

Fertilizer by Peter Sterk

Finding Fiona by John McCormack

First Night by Carol Sabik-Jaffe

First Man by Jake Bradbury

Flotus Down by Ilana Rein & Brian Smith

Fomo by Michael Dunker

For Sale By Owner by Michelle Davidson & Jeffrey Field

Foreign America by Nahreen Tarzi

Frank Retrieval by Jo Sparkes

Freedom Island by Nolan Janssens

From Here to Neiman Marcus by Carolyn Childers

Furry Thieves by Chris Russell

Gemini Rising by Ginia Desmond

Goners by Ken Hegan

Good with Words by Irina Schmedes

Grandfella by JoAnn Hess

Grandparents by Brian Strickland

Grape Expectations by Bob Slusarczyk

Grass Monkeys by Matt Wildash

Gray Berets by Alicia J. Keyes

Green Carded by Kathy S. Yamamoto

Greeting From Jerry by John Killoran

Grounded by Adam Choit & David Wheeler

Growing Forward by Amanda Jo Scott & Veronica Rose Slattery

GSOH by Paul Mendelson & Alan Moscowitz

Happy Millie by Pliler

Harry Jonson: Diary of a Gigolo Porn Star by Scott Kihm & Ronald Farnham

Haunter by Jacoby Bancroft

Heaven Sent by Roz Hall Farlam

Hedges by Charlie Zicari

High Steaks by Jesse Christensen

Hired Goons by Tom Fallows

Hoosier Daddy by Jeffrey R. Field

Hormones Unite by Debra Johnson

Hot Match by Marjory Kaptanoglu

How to Be a Goddess by Emily Paul

Hypnotized by Eric Rawson

In Search of an Ending by Paul Bissett

In the Matter of Isobel by Paul Mendelson

Inner Bull by Adriel Leff

In the Wink of a Heartbeat by Wendy Jo Cohen

Izzy Screwd by Rebecca Walch & Scott Taylor

Junebug Day by Summer Johnson

Just a Fantasy by Andrew Schwaba

Kiss and Make Up William Brown

Larp Life by Mark Hertzler

Laughing All the Way by Jim Bernfield

Laundry Zen by James J. Cullinane

Legato by Steve Wexler

Lies Jake Ryan Told Me by Jennifer Jackson

Life as an Island by Ben G. Morton

Lilac Man by Edward W. Dorgan

Lost Souls by Paul Mendelson & Alan Moskowitz

Lovestuck by Bob Cousins

Megaballs by Marc Baron

Meme by Chris Sardinha

Metamorphosis by Prince Gomolvilas

Miss Understood by Taylor Lail

Mom and Dad Must Die by Paul Mendelson & Alan Moskowitz

Mr. Ten Days by Jon Baker

Murder Included by James Oliver

Murder Me by David H. Luz

My Bad Fairy Godmother by Reginald Scott Park

My Wedding at Auschwitz by Evelyne Tollman-Werzowa

Newton's Laws of Emotion by Eugene Ramos

No Friends by Joey Dizon

Nowhere Fast by Josh Winker

Nuclear Family by Lou Wollin

October Surprise by Jennifer Vandever

Old Maids by Nahreen Tarzi

Once More Before I Die by Helen Wentland

One More Run: The Powerhouse Indians of Yesteryear by Jason Klingensmith

One More Time by Alistair Audsley

Operation Snowjob by Ryan Cull & Jack Cheshire

Our Ugly Baby by Ray Keller

Out for America by Sergio Camara

Paintball the Movie by Rebecca Acker, Chris Moberg & Mark Joenks

Pale Blue Dot by Alex Shifman

Partnered Up! by Matthew Lippart

Part of the Game by Daniel L. David

Penny Finch by Kelly Beck-Byrnes

Play Dirty by Jeff York

Podunk by Jared Jay Mason

Point and Shoot by Ben Bushell

Powderpuff by Chelsea Watkins

Powderpuff by Kyle Little

Precious Little Snowflakes by Toby Schwartz

Project Green Card by Du Kirpalani

Prom Night Inferno by David Aslan

Psycho Therapy by Jimmy Franklin

PTA Wars by C.K. Steefel

Radioactive Sandy Koufax by Rich Resch

Rasta Ho-Tep: Rise of the Mummies by Peter Fraser

Rave by Nicholas and Christopher Anthony

Reasons  Not to be Dead by Riley Madincea

Rebound by Sean Cabiling

Red, White and Bluey by Jericho Johnson

Rent A White Guy by Josh Hallman

Revelation by Jonah Jones

Road to the Outback by Geoff Lipton

Rocket Money by Joseph Baker

Rope-A-Dope by David Bonner, Jim Duncanson & James DR Hickox

RSVP by Anne Robinson

Sallywood by Xaque Gruber

Salt Creek by Mac Hendrickson & Patrick Hendrickson

Sammy Claus by Frank V. Furino

School Nights by John Killoran

Scumbags and Sleeping Pills by Nick Pulos

Seasons of Blood by Billy Ray Brewton

Seb's Ski Trip by Peter Elkin

Sex & Violence by David P. Schreiber

Standby Hero by Shawn H. Mahan

Sidekicked by Angelo Campos

Simon Says by Lisa Hepner

Skinny and Fatso by Deepak Kapoor

Snatchers by Neal Avram Schneider

Someone to Love by Jill Jaress

Sorry Boys by Tom Leggett

Step Mommy by Hamilton Mitchell

Stirling Silver by Justin Grundfast

Strangers in the Night by Melissa L. White

Strung Out by Gigi Arnold

Suicidal Tendencies by Steven D'Ambrose

Tanked by Jackson Malle & Nick Roth

Test of Strength by Danny Baram

The Amazing Colossal Baby by George Putnam & Carl Bresk

The Angel and the Stoner by John Pallas & Jaredblake Burrell

The Anklebiter by Andy Jones

The Big 3-0 by Christina Nation

The Big Damn Deal by Jeffrey R. Field

The Body by Sally Shepard

The Chronicles of Count Carlos by Armando Leduc, Samuel F. Brantley & Michael Dardant

The Clean-Cut Dude by Christopher Sansone

The Contest by Jill Stevens

The Count of Monte Ceito by Jeff Eagle

The Day Job by Heidi Liese Edsall

The Day We Tried to Live by Sergio Padilla

The Fake by Samuel Laskey

The Family Value by Qaseem Fazal

The Fast and the Hazardous by Harrison Lebowitz

The Fixer-Upper by Fia Perera & Dava Krause

The Gloomy Gus by Peter Barnes

The Goddess of Calabasas by Roxanne Beck

The Grind by Jake Mynatt

The Groundlings by William Prenetta

The Inve$tment Club by Jerrad Burford

The Invisible Kid and Dr. Poof's Magic Soap by Terry Baltz & Wayne Baltz

The Legal Avengers by Marc Ellis & Michael Lange

The Lower Plateau by Liz Singh

The Mayor of Harlem by Bill Lee Brown & Edwonda White

The Mistake by Diana Shafter Gliedman

The Monster of Perfect, California by Paul Sheridan

The Naughty List by Randall C. Willis

The Navigator by Carey Mark Watkins

The New Me by Bridget Geraghty

The Next Big Thing by Jason Fox

The Nipple Tassel Tango by Michael Mendoza

The One(s) That Got Away by Benjamin A. Friedman

The Pink Elephant by Lowell Jon Smith

The Registry by Morley Shulman & Christine Autrand Mitchell

The Return of the Dakota Kid by Buzz Belmondo

The Selfie by Declan Butvick

The Sex Master by Daniel Bridges

The Smyths by Ian Goodwillie

The Wedding Jackpot by Sung-Ju Suya Lee

There's a Storm Coming by Jeffrey Radlauer

The Treasure by Elisandro Gonzalez

The Umpire by Howard Grieves

The Way of the Dance Lord by Michael Dwyer

Three Ring Circus by Kristen Haakerud

Three Months by Tanya Henley

Throwdown in Tokyo by An Le

Time Tourists by Josh Miller

Tina Fey Is My Friend by Melissa Kong

Tiny Hairless Penis by Greg Wayne

Tippy the Elf by William Sikorski Jr. & William Sikorski III

To Elsewhere by T.J. Peters

Tombstone Gang by John Arvai

Too Cool for School by Nicholas Martin Johnson

Trapped in a First Kiss by Matthew Weaver

Trip by Lee Matsumoto

Uncorked by James Papa

Ungolden Child by Celene Paramo

Unhooking by Scott A. Aiman

Unlove Conquers All by Dane McCauley

Untitled Action Comedy  by James Sims II

Up Yours, Bridget Jones by Pippa Hinchley

Vacant Stairs by Patrick Welsh

Vertical by Paul Moxham

Very Bad Timing by Ginia Desmond

Viking Fjord by John Venable & Anthony Smircic

Virgin Wanted by Casey Geisen & Jamie M. Fox

Volleyball Retribution by Jason Azcar

Warpaint by Tom Freyer and Ann Kimbrough

Wayward Son by Kyle Price

Wedding Derangements by John Bain

Weird and Annoying by Marie Louise Cookson

Welcome to F******, Ohio by Sadie Dean & Eric Zacharias

Whacked by Darrell Costa & Frank Schultz

When a Boy Becomes a Man by Jeremy Dorfman

When the Wolf Came to Town by Jessica Aceti

White Lightning by Justin Stoeckel

Winifred & Flora Mae by P.H. Moore

Would You Like an Extra Shot? by Johnny Griffith

Wurst Wedding by Todd Devon Smolar

Year of Service by Paul Lewis & Matt Stanzler

Yes It Hurts by Brad Small & Mark Paone

You Gotta Have Faith by Maria Cozzi

You're Dead by Cameron Pattison

Zenda by Paul Alexander & Paul Mendelson

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