2024 ScreenCraft Horror Competition Winners

by ScreenCraft on February 28, 2024

Listed below are the Winners of the 2024 ScreenCraft Horror Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,200 submissions. Congratulations to these winning writers and thanks to all for submitting!

Grand Prize Winner

Lenora by Rich Ragsdale

A traumatized young woman raises her daughter locked inside their home, never letting her venture into daylight, believing they are both vampires. But her child's increasing need for independence threatens to reveal a disturbing truth. (Feature)

TV Pilot Winner

This is Not a Place by Kelsey Grace Pfeifer

When a world-famous TV medium dies, she leaves her enormous fortune to whomever is able to solve her murder. As her three kids fight for their inheritance, they begin to understand that the key to the mystery might not lie with the living.

Feature Winner

The Pyre by B.T. Webster

Trapped in a deadly blaze, a crew of female inmate firefighters must fight like hell to escape, but when an army of creatures emerges from the flames, the inmates must use the skills that got them into prison to survive.

Seth Sherwood Mentorship Winner

Ada's Bride by Michelle Domanowski

A mother takes her terminally ill teenager to a mysterious and secluded community that offers healing abilities. But when her daughter makes it clear she’d rather die than stay in this place, she must resort to supernatural measures to keep her there. (Feature)

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