2023 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on March 1, 2023

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2023 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition. These exceptional projects were selected from almost 1,500 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on March 29th on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

'79 Kacy Boccumini
'97 Sarah Ward
"The Camera" Steven Sasaki
#peopleyoumayknow Christian Wisecarver
A Dream Come True Frank Scott
A Good Day Will Come Amir Zargara
A Helping Hand Mitchell Condon
A Long Trip Dan McGeehan
A One Time Thing Justin Nosler
A Perfect Murder Giacomo Giammatteo
A Tale of Sun and Wine Fabrizzio Lerma
A Woman's Body Tiffany Tenille
Adagio for Mr. CHIPS Robin Russin, Pete Nelson
An Unlikely Trio John Walberg
Anokhi Rohini Jadhav
April and Mr. Stockman Montgomery Burt
Ask. Nanni Mann
Assisted Juliet Mace
Audience Questions Ben Gottlieb
Ave Maria Cesar Monroy Jimenez
Baby Joseph Becker
Bad Witness Eduardo Petersen
Balmy Lynette Roqueta
Bar-back Katherine (Kat) Olson
Be My Baby Nuri Tal
Be My Baby Unnamed
Before The Winter Flora Jiang
Beginner Spells forAngry Teens Maddie Messina
Being Craig Pickens
Below The Line Alexander Reinach
Benny's Second Birthday R.J. Glass
Bessie Sarah Lavis
Best Friends Forever Rachel Troche
Between the Walls Clarke Wainikka
Billiard Boys William Pelletier
BITTEN Brett Hauze
BLEED - a Julie d’Aubigny story Jim Onyemenam
Bless Drea Castro
Blood & Sweat & Spit & Piss Jonathan Pottins
Blueberry Smoothie Darren Murphy
Blurred Edges Russell Knight
Border Hopper Nico Casavecchia
Breath Play Jeremy Schmidt
Bunny Rabbit Ian Baaske
Call of the Void (Short) Edward Nenedzhyan
CARROTS Jake Redmond
Chickentown Matthew Edmonds, Madeline Poeta
Chocolate Heart Jacob Melamed
Chuck and Fern Henry Alexander Kelly
Cluster Kevin Dembinsky
Control Erick Salazar
Cooking Lessons with Baba Yaga Julia Diddy
Criminal Lauren Davis
Cringe Warren Lane
DADDY - a short film Shawn Christopher Lovell Nabors
Dancid Jared Barnett
DE-STRESSER Alfredo Rodriguez-Allen
Dead Reckoning Francis John
Dear Society Jodie Bullock
Death Valley - "The Bluff" Adam Scott Mazer
Desert Gifts Kevin Lewis
Deserted Paris Herbert-Taylor
Earl's Gotta Die Heather Shapiro
Eat the Rich Liv Senghor
Ebony Isaiah Dennis
Eden Tiyan Newman
Edgar and the Undead Montgomery Burt
Empress of Saigon Aaron Michael Bailey
Empty Nester Sophia Czertak
End Over End Sam Robotham
Equal Opportunity Rick-kendy Noziere
Esther Diana F. Bryden
Everything Comes Back Eventually Josh Evans
Exhumation Steven Stiefel, M.E. Ellington
Eyewitness Benn Flore
F*ck Your Cousin Jamie Sykes
Fade to White James Mulcahy
Family Reunion Savithri Machiraju
Fangers Willa Cuthrell-Tuttleman
Feral Matthew Phenix
First Kiss Gary Rose
Flour Girl Jada Bethea
Fomosexuals Gabriel Notarangelo
For My Mother Marc Vecchio
Formicarium Jarrett Paperno
Fou Gabrielle Barlatier
FOUND Ellen Ancui
free martin sj thompson, hayes ht
Gerald Juliana D’Ercole
Ghosts Abigail Pañares
Girl in Seoul Missy Greenberg
Glitter in the Air Aja Payton
Glove Saves and the U Save Christa Davis
Go Ah (Orphan) Joy (MiYu) Cha
Going Rogue Julia Stier
Good Sport Lisa Shaw
Grace Michelle Truong
Gravel Eliesha Steel
Gulp Emma Steele
Gusto! Jacob Watson
Halloween Kisses Veronica Cooper
Ham Jenna Ebersberger
Hat Trick Daccia Bloomfiled, WJ Wilson
Have You Seen Me? Brett Roedel
Heart of Chicago Samantha Hart, Julie Hall
Heartbreak Hotel Annabel Zammit
Hearts in a Sling Stephanie Gould
Heartstrings J.D. Zelman, Matthew Dushkes
Hero Mom Abra Moore
Hidden Silence Lily-Anna Jacobs
Hitchhiker Samantha Walker
Home Caledonia Hanson
Homesick Sophie Bellone
Honour Thicker Than Blood Umut Ipek
Hotwave Jared Fembleaux
How Do You Recognize Crazy? Katharine Rex
How to be The Perfect Housewife Irene Chen
Hyena Bloodbath Jeff Athey
I'll Wait For You Forever Sabrina Barton
I'm Not Here DeDe Drake
I'm sorry I missed you Ethan Rogers
Iceberg Hectin Roales
If This Was A Horror Movie Alex Britten
im in love with edgar allan poe Andrea A Walter
Imitates Life Kelly & Dustin Finerty
In Between Solomon Radley
IN THE MIDST Patrick Leahy
Inferno Aaron Archuleta
Invisible Hands Gaby Wilson
IT IS WHAT IT IS (or The Standards of Outrage) Jon Fletcher
It's a Wonder Dylan Koller
Kate's Ballad Rory O'Connor
Katy & Adam Jess Hendel
Killer Robots Steve Stoddard
Kinetic Dispersal Robert McCain
Kitty Holden Weihs
L-8 Gillian Rabin
Last Best Place Payne Patchett
Last Ship East Eris Qian
Leading Man Whitney Houser
Lesbophilia Tennessee Martin
Little Genes Matthew Clingempeel, Skye Emerson
Living Space Chris Glithero
Lost & Found Again Dion Moosa
Lost Dogs Christine Boyer
Lou + Alt - Delete Cody Wasson
Love to Go Bernhard Riedhammer
Magnolias Lenea Key
Man Up Fairy Dust Christopher Schwartz
Mångata Maja Costa
Mariposa - Angels of Valhalla Nathan Grimm
Melabration Kiz Mentor
Miner One J.D. Elliby
Mira's Big Plan Kevin Tavolaro
Miseria Jiming Lindal
Model Citizen Rachael Dahl
Mom Leslie Hoppenrath
Mrs. Anne Parker Elisabeth Hayward
MS TAKEN ALISON Moir Markinson
Mulligan David Stanley
My Communist Ron Hansen
My Two Left Feet Damian
My World's On Fire, How About Yours? Samantha Shane
Never Getting Rid of Me, Bitch Olivia Cohen, Isabella Cohen
Niki Tomi Beto Jon Ayon Alonso
Nobody's Perfect James Mulcahy
Nonno Gregory Fields
Numb Like You Felipe Figueroa
Occupational Hazards Laura Medeiros
Oh the Games We Play Stephanie Mathews
Oh, That I Were a Man... Nicole Knudsen
Old Habits Ricardo Blayde Diaz
On the Coast of Lonesome Mark Wasserman
One Kind Act Marian Mangoubi
One World Vasco Saraiva
Open Up Tiina Chisola Lantz-Hirvonen
Or Best Offer Sean Winans
Other People Kat Svaldi
Over There Andrew Phillips
PADATING NA Chris Osterndorf, Joseph Gonzales
Pearls For Ruby Jack Schrader
Pie and Pancakes Liz Kovac
Please and Thank You Hal Kirkland
Pomegranate Blood Alex Bijan Zandi
Put To Sleep Eric Yang
Quarter-Life-Crisis Andrew Kauffman
r.e.g.g.i.N A. D. Smith
Raven's Fire Liz Wallace
Reading of the Will Amanda Lay
Red Lucas Fernandez
Red Alexandra Addams
Reflection Anika Jamieson
REMORSE Einar Gunn
Screaming Nick Ray McCann
Set Me Free Emily Li
Seventeen Jo Davis
Shabbat Shaolin Brian Cohen
She Hath Come Cat Dale
Shoot that mother down! Nuki Rhodes
Siren's Call Katerina Bakolias
Sleigh Ride Ethan Gunn
Smoke Head James Morgan
Sonny's Blues Tevin Simpson
Sorry I'm Sad Chloe Detrick
Sou desu girl and The Jellyfish Kevin Gilvear
Speed Humps Kimberley Pember
Spilled Flowers Nancy Castro
Stalker, Inc. Brian Fuller
Stone Garden Alysha Haran
Stuck in the Middle Trey Clough
Sub Luv Samip Raval
SummerFun31 Luke Larsen
Sunhat Naomi Christie
superстарик Andrew McGowan
Tale of the Gummy Bear Killer Casey Vickers
The Assignment Laura Kenner
The Bog Andrea Millard
The CEO Annarosa Schiavone
The Comic Cristopher Esparza
The Communion of Isaac Frankenstein Lucas Hardwick
The Delusion Joshua T. Harrel
The Diva and The Squirrel Jamie Shriner, Diego Torrado
The Enemy Next Door Aashish Gadhvi
THE FELLOWSHIP Daniel Fathers, Christien Anholt
The Flamingo Corina Marie Mazzi
The Flower Girl Anne Carmack
The Game Camera Kristen Bush
The Ghostodians Leila Murton Poole
The Good Samaritan Phil Vengrinovich
The Homecoming Malcolm Johnson
The Interview Andrew Jasperson
The Last Fax Ever Steven Demmler
The Last Tsukune James Knudsen
The Lottery Victor Ridaura
The Machine For Time John Broadhead
The Mannequin's Tailor Melanie McCoy
The Memorial Lauren Lola
The Monkey Bars Matt Farquharson
The New Bartenders Travis Land
The Point After Kris Kaiser
The Pumpkin Theory RJ Collins
THE RAINCOAT Susan Maddocks
The REVVER Mike Hanson, Kelly Moothart
The Rhyme of the Ancient Pensioner Ryan McDaid
The Secret Person Lilian Sumner
The Selfie Chad Wellinger
The Soul Train Abubakar Alawy
The Specimen Ed Wiles
The Suit Chris Muir
The Super Man Christopher Romano
The Syrian Photo Mark Albracht
The Trap Sam Findlay
The Vanishing Rider James Cirenza
The Whatever Wars Brock Barber
The Worth of Things Jane Ballentyne
There's a Frog on Mars (It's True!) Shaun Radecki
Third Wheel Kylie Sparks
Though I Do Not Know This Raven, We Seem to Share a Familiar Pain.       Evan Siegal
Three by the River and Two to Go Dylan James Amick
Thrice Upon a Midnight Clear David Overton
Ticket for Life Jeffrey Huish
Tofu Camille Ramos
Together Simamkele Dlamba
Togs William Winston
Tommy Super Sniffer: Protector of Glendale Erika Smith
Tos-ka Camilla Marchese
Towering Times Franck Benayoun
Trophy Boy Kevin Hanna
Tryst Claire Epstein
Under The Pomegranate Tree Maddie Grammatopoulos, Luca Sardelis
Unjustice Jennifer Milne
Vape Barn Scout Stolpmann
Virago Kai Crawford
Waiting for Schrödinger Kevin Hanna
Wanle Alison Week, Zoe Eisenberg
Wanted Pete Michaels
Warts and All Diego Ros
Weeping Wall Mark Dollard
WET! Elizabeth Raia
What I Want Bennett Weinschenk
What Men Do For Love karan talwar
Wheel Bite Jackson DeLoach
When It's Over celine arden
Willow and Wu Kathy Meng
Wish You Were Here Nicholas Zakrajcek
Wither Sean Levitt
Worst Enemy KEVIN MACHATE, Todd Rodgers
Zombie In The Play Park James Hannan

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