2023 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on January 11, 2023

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2023 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition. These exceptional projects were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on February 1st on our blog and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

180 Degrees Magnetic Jim Schoendaller, Jeanne Stein
A Backpack, a Chair and a Beard Eamon Wood
A Bite of Paris Bethany Maines
A Hobo in the White House John Bateson
A House Down Queer Street Neshantha Harischandra
A House of God Eric David
A Phantasm in Time Raymond Qualls
All the Awful Wondrous Things Andrew MacDonald
All the Idle Weeds That Grow Brian Koukol
An Accident Sean Kearney
Ancient of Genes Dan Gallagher
Another Happy Day David Weisberg
As Wing Unfurl Arthur Doweyko
Azalea House Clare Castleberry
Beachcomb Has A Story Nsikan Udokang
Beast Mom Kim Imas
BLEED THROUGH Nina (pen: Ayin) Reimer (pen: Weaver)
BODIE Anne Sweazy-Kulju
Bone Fruit Alexa Dodd
Bones in the Wash John Barry
Born Under a Bad Sign Rachel Rawlings
Broken Record Unnamed
Brown Skin Girl Mytrae Meliana
Canaryville Charlie Newton
Caper Crush Kathy Strobos
Chuck Masters' Body of Work D. Eric Paster
Cibolero Kermit Lopez
Closer Would Be Better Greta Gize
Cocaine to Bain: Sex, Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll and the Inside Story of the Hollywood Guitar Center Taylor Van Arsdale
Crossroad Blues Ariel Slick
Cults of L.A. D.W. Cropper
Cultus Perfectus Jason Harris
Damaged Goods Debbi Mack
Dark Dweller Gareth Worthington
Dark Whispers Karen Sandler
Dead Air Scott Lettieri
Dead Man's Wine P.K. Simpson
Death Comes For Christmas Pamela Donison
Death Over Troubled Water Nicholas Ponticello
Deep Waters Yolanda Reid
Divine Play: An Epic with Commercials Thomas Ukinski
Dog Lovers Richard Martin
Drown 'Em Like Puppies Maria Wickens
Edwin and the Climbing Boys Benita Cullingford
Empty Cupboards Stacey Powells Lyster
Endpoint: Confluence J.W. Griffin
Exile Music Jennifer F Steil
Fall of the Angels Jon King
Farley's Angel Mackenzie Kyle
Fidele Jenna Brown
Finding Him Vann Chow, Vanessa Lawry
Forgive Us Our Trespasses: A Memoir of a Jewish Teacher in a Catholic School Diane Gensler
Fragments of Quinn Peggi Peacock
Fruit of the Devil Mary Flodin
Future Skinny Peter Rosch
Ghost Agents Nita DeBorde
Girls, Crimes, and the Ruling Body Barry Ziman
Girly Stuff, Inc. It's Personal Carmen Ayala Brown
Goodbye Heiko Goodbye Berlin Owen Levy
Gravity is Green David Zaccaria
Gray Song Sean Johnson
Habitan - The Parallel Place Cheryl Skory Suma
Heart Like A Hole Paula C. Deckard
Heart-Shaped Friendship Andrea Barros
HERMOSA BEACH Peter Melaragno
Hey Jude Kathleen Stone
Hubris: Book 1 of the Siren Tragedies Sarah Hines
Hunted Alex Croft
Hyacinth House Justin Stoeckel
Illa's Journey Maja Simeoni Sruk
In Far Off And Distant Times: Songs and Stories of a Life Cut Short Daniel B. Thomas
In Pursuit of Excellence James Akagami
Into the Mind Arturo Corces
Into The Void Unnamed
Jazzed Jill Dearman
Jin Village Vincent Stoia
Journey of a Cotton Blossom Jennifer Crocker-Villegas
LAB SPILL Robert Rife
Lady Vigilante Hayley Camille
Laid by the Buzzard, Hatched by the Sun - (Novella) Geaux Francois
Land of the Setting Sun Anna Göransdottir
Last Liar Standing Danielle M. Wong
Letters from Tehran Kuros Charney
Letters to Young Carlos Carlos Valenzuela
Like A Hero Michael J Bowler
Lila and Her Demons Nicole Crowley
Little Wade and Watchtower: Abigail and the Great Gang Trap Sean March
Long Lost Kent Mitchell
Lost Angels Jason Morgan
Love is Louder - Novella Susan Hahn
Lyle 129 Scott Zugnoni
Made in Sardinia Cristina Pippa
Maple Grove Daniel Buell
Merlyn's Mistake Dylan Brody
Mesmerized David-Matthew Barnes
Miss del Río: A Novel of Dolores del Río, the first major Latina star in Hollywood Barbara Mujica
Mother May I S. E. Green
Mud Pie Roger Greene
must have GSOH Paul A. Mendelson
Mystic Jason Denzel
No Guns in Little Cavern Craig Sholl
NO ORDINARY LIFE: African Awakenings Mary A. Byron
October: A Novel William Auten
ODDS Tambler Wallace
On Lonesome Roads Dan Flanigan
One Hundred Years of War Anitha Perinchery
One Monsoon in Mumbai Anitha Perinchery
Painting Sunsets Stephen Evans
Peace I Leave J.H. Sackett
Perdition Kingdom Ryan Norris
Pharoni Colin Dodds
Pike Fox Melanie Brown
Pizza Boy Jordan Dee Crabtree
Playtime at the Bagh Reenita Hora
QUEST Marcia Zina Mager
Real Men Play Football Andrew Bumstead
Ring Michelle Lerner
River of Ashes Alexandrea Weis, Lucas Astor
Roma Amor: A Novel of Caligula's Rome Sherry Christie
Running Home Danielle Merchant
Sail Day: Based on a True Story Terri Von Doran
Santa Claus Conquers the Homophobes Robert Devereaux
Second Coming Matt Rayl
Seven Locks Christine Wade
SEX PARTNER #9 Sanyee Yuan
Shadow Realm Reenita Hora
SHADOWEN Matthew Dixon
Sisters of Castle Leod Elizabeth Hutchison Bernard
Sleep Warrior Sandi Jerome
Souls by the Sea Jennifer F Arthur
STROBE LIFE Thomas Atkinson
Suffer! Ann Sloan
Tales of Sebastian Robert Dinsmoor
Tanglewood Shirley Petro-Timura
The Adventures of Isaiah Ollenu Esquire To Be Paula Lennon
The Algorithm Will See You Now JL Lycette
The Art of Letting Go Jason Chan
The Artificial Afterlife: Condemned To Heaven Wayne Wiggins
The Augmented Man Joseph Carrabis
The Boy Who Went Magic Andrew Parrott
The Boys Who Woke Up Early A.D. Hopkins
The Brothers Winkelstein and the Homburg Hat Guy Polin
The Chancer Fiona Graham
The Chateau Tiffany Reisz Shaffer
The Darkness Robbi Bryant
The Dead Chip Syndicate Andrew Pearson
The Death Dealers Matthew Doggett
The Disenchantment of Marnie Macbeth Matthew Brady
The Diver Samsun Knight
The Dream Maker Igor Bede
The Eye of the Storm Brad Hutchinson
The Fall of Bellwether Chad Broughman
The Fifth Horseman Jon Smith
The Finished Man Sean W Murphy
The Forever Moment Paul A Mendelson
The Girl Without a Voice Sandra J. Paul
The Goddess with the Jade Skirt Marissa Silva
The Greatest Escape, a True American Civil War Adventure douglas Miller
The Greatest Trick the Devil Ever Pulled J.E. Haddock
The Hands of Enemies - Book One of the Speed of Light Series Roger Greene
The Hate Lovers Staton Rabin
The Hollowing of Lady Abigail Hector Neil Flinchbaugh
The Illustrator's Daughter Gideon Burrows
The Improbable Wonders of Moojie Littleman Robin Gregory
The Judas Apocalypse Dan McNeil
The Magic of a Billionaire Marie Higgins
The Method Duncan Ralston
The Mime Tommy Tutalo
The Most Important Thing Michelle Matthews
The Mysterious Disappearance of Colby Blue Eric Vasallo
The Myth of the West Katie Li
The New Motel Tambler Wallace
THE OPHANIM James Dillon
The Penalty for Prying Michelle Cullen
The Pirate of Souls Caroline Strong
The Price of Silence Ulla Hakanson
The Priest, the Witch & the Poltergeist Barbara Wade Rose
The Quarter Queen Kayla Hardy
The Rapier Fritz Monde
The Redemption Wall Marcus Miller
The Rich Man's Game Josh Taylor
The Scouts of St Michael OPERATION ARCHANGEL Dan Morales
The Second Law: Lynn Dayton Thriller #3 L.A. Starks
The Seer Raquel Levitt
THE SOUND OF STARLIGHT Steffany Marynovska
The Soundtrack of DJ Mario Quimiro
The Stolen Souls of Butchers Cove Ron McDougall
The Stories We Cannot Tell Leslie A. Rasmussen
The Strange Land Trilogy Ben Anderson
The Strawberry Revolt Andrew Daley
The Take-Over Friend Carol Dines
The Time of New Weather Sean W Murphy
The Triggerfish South D. E. Asher
The Trinity Rivers Trilogy K Blanton Brenner
The Wanted Lawman Anita Smith
The Witch Awakening Karen Nilsen
The Wonder-Filled Norah Minh Lê Neena Phan
The Woodland Adventures of Lucy and Will (Book 2 The Lucy Series) Christina M. Pages
The Zombie Autopsies steven schlozman
They Became Silent: Book 1 LaShawn Evans
They Became Silent: Book 2 LaShawn Evans
Thicker Than Water Agee Nix
Things We Do for Love Nannette Holliday
THIS IS HOW I SAVE MY LIFE: From California to India, a True Story Of Finding Everything When You Are Willing To Try Anything Amy Scher
Till the Sun Grows Cold John Bebout
Time Trials: H333 John Allyn
To Be Free: The Life and Times of Nate Luck Lloyd Mullins
Toby's Tale Jennifer Freedman
Train Games, the Girl in the Red Vynal Coat Claude Brickell
Under the Meadow William Parolini
Waiting for You Marie Higgins
Ward Kyle Waller
We Arrive Uninvited Jen Knox
When Eddy Fell Off The Building Carol Lazare
When Lions Roar Karen Gruber
When the Walls Came Down Beauregard Sinclair
Where We Go From Here Matthew Haynes
Whispers of a Gypsy JT Patten
Who Let the Wallflowers Out? Virginia Austin
Why I Hate My Friends Michael Buzzelli
Windswept Lywood Shiva Sawyer
Wolf Summer William Burke
XOVA7 Quanah Hicks
Zero School: Maddy's Secret History Jamie Ruddy

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