2022 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft - updated on July 21, 2022

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2022 ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,000 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on May 25th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

'Chariot' Jon Platt
100 Acres Alexander Major
179 Sasha Isaac-Young
20,000 Kilos Under the Sea Richard Wickliffe
3 Faces of Hunger & Thirst HF Crum
4-19-95 Matt Skuta
A Simple Life. Marrianne Rayhill
A Wild Sort ann clothier
Absolved Kyle Curry
Ace of Spades Marie Veverka
Adobe Walls Gary Pratt
Agatha Christine Keleny-Craven
Age of Consent Sean Armstrong
All That Is Seen and Unseen Laura Becker
Altars of Greed Brennan Howard
American Way Jake Thomas
Amp'd Matthew Gowan
An Ideal Wife Sarah Knight
Anais Nin: Letters to a Father Claire Chubbuck
Angelmaker Annika Pampel
Arthur On The Moon Owen Hornstein
Back Fires Alex Blumberg
Bad Fairy Steve Holbert
Bare Republic Rick Helin
Beat Me In St. Louis Nick Clarke
Beer Barons Micah Kelber
Behind Closed Doors Kristine Scruggs
Bellum Adria Budd-Johnson, Paula Jean Hixson, Michelle Boback
Black Elk: Lakota Warrior, Servant of God - Episode 1, The Great Vision Terence Rousseau
Bloodlines: The Mogadishu Diaries 1992-1993 Eddie Clay Thompkins III
Borduas Michael Cutler
Brave Faces Fellowship Caitlin Amans
Burning Blue Federico Sanna
Burning Shield Landon J Napoleon
Cass, John, Michelle, Dennie Timothy Bubenik
Change Gonna Come Ryan Philander
Claus Barry Ambrose, Juan Castro
Commanding Tyger Andrew Van Slyke
Cosmos Black Eliot Cooper
Crescent Ryan Owens
Crossbreed Adrienne Thorne
Damn With Faint Praise Hossein(Shahin) Karbalaeetaher
Deacon Jim - Prayers and Redemption James Robert
Deacon Jim III - The Last Redemption James Robert
Desert Shield Justin Kyker
Destroyer of Worlds Gregory Rocco, K.M Murphy
Diary Of A Countess Stuart Alan Creque, Bea Egeto
Die On Your Feet PAUL SOKAL
DONNER Jace Daniel
Double Dutch Ian Isaacs Henry, Lucas Clark
Dr. Jekyll Dave Del Greco
Drop Sara Chekroun
DUMAS E Coleman
El Cucuy Shane Redding
Em & Toby vs. The Gulches Steve Holbert
Extremis Robert Powers
Eyes of Fate Catherine Wright
Fishtown Guy Patton
Fort Hood Three Matthew Baetz, Antonio Mora
Georgia 0' Ben Lokey
GHOST TRAIN Cory Marciel
Giselle Brett Leigh
Good Town Mary Louise Wells
Great Encounter Paa Mannoh
Gypsy of the Sky Izzy Kearney
Have You Heard About Harvey? Sam Wright
Hawaii Calls Rick Helin
He Who Beat Napoleon Michael Skaide
HEAR ME ROAR Lynwood Shiva Sawyer
Hearst vs. The World Gina Hall
Heaven's Gate DJ Burr
Henry Wallace Michael Long
HEY, JOHNY Alex Dvorak
HOPING Eric Yang
Hot Girl $ummer Mary Egan
House of Bag-El Samuel Lewis
Hugo Hercules: The World's First Superhero David Rivas
Ichabod Adam Ritchey
Iconoclast Gannon Kenney
Identities Bruno Lyra
IF THEY WERE OF US Rosemary Griggs
Insight Hell on Earth JOSEPH MURKIJANIAN
Into the Fire adam Fidler
Into the Mind of Dawid Cilla Lowen
Iron Clad john williams
JESUS OF MILAN Paul Arrowsmith
Josh, Bro Stephen Krespel
Journey to Othello Charline St.Charles
Kayla Danny Torres
Kent Sarah Granger
Kill Cromwell Stuart Benson
Kintsugi Desa Larkin-Boutté
LA CHINGADA Mary M. Carson
Lady Sasha Shawn Waugh
Le Train William Swanson
LEAKS Quinny Young
Legs Richard Hoffman
Literally Too Mad To Die C. Raymond Martin
Little Sparrow: The Edith Piaf Story Unnamed
LK Olivia Thomas
Lost Boys Ben Warner
Lullabies for Lieutenants David Carren
Madame Caillaux Jack Filsinger
MARCOS Janelle Gatchalian
Marley's Chains Brian Gene White
Meet Him in Hell Janine Meston
Michelangelo Builds a Snowman maria hinterkoerner
MIRIAM Debbie Danielpour
More Than Nine Lives Nick Gambino
MOURNING DOVE CAFE Margaret Newlin Rice
My Tainted Blood Paul Sargia
Nellie Bly Takes on the World | Chapter One: Into the Madhouse Brittany Bookbinder
Newspaperwoman Simone Wymbs-Stevens
No. 7 JanEric Ohrn, Alan J. Field
North Star Ricardo E. Miranda
Oakland Andrew Koponen
Ona in America John Barnett
Once Upon a Time in Lincoln County Dustin Drye
One Kelly Rouse
Orangeburg 68' Calhoun Cornwell
Percy and the Knights of the Round Table Dennis Luu
Pineapples in the Winter Kelly Buchanan
PRISONER OF HEAVEN Douglas Rappaport
PUEBLO John McCarney
Push It! Mirella Christou
Queens of the Sky James Windeler, Elizabeth Goode
Race Me, Darling David Margolis
Rails Run Parallel Carole Starcevic, Orso Vesperini, Guy Laudereau , Aurèle N’Dja, Terry Newman
Rappaccini's Daughter Kat Bosworth
REBEKAH Callum Williams
Redneck Army Whitni Resides , Mark Brown
Remember Me, The Luigi Tenco Story Stephen Krespel
Riding with Charlie Shintaro Ogai
Ritchie Boy Alan J. Field
Riverview Michael Warmoth, Riley Warmoth, Renee Warmoth
Run! Run! Run! - The Lives of Abbie Hoffman Michael J. Shapiro
Sailaway Marie Veverka
Sarah Over There John Griffin
SAVING JUNE Todd Tavolazzi
Scarlet Amanda Mortlock
Shadowboxing Darryl Anka
Skunkworks Adrian Duston-Munoz
Small Decisions Gary Rose
Smoke Follows Beauty Chantal Peterson
SMOKE ON THE WATER Margaret Newlin Rice
Soldiers of the Righteous Peter Mourougaya
Soul to Squeeze Alex Arabian
Soviet Rebel Girl - Pilot Andy Roninson
Stand Accused Debbie Danielpour
STATION OMEGA Jordan Vogeney
Stealing Wyeth Cameron Elmore
Summertime Abby Sciortino
Suzanne Valadon: The Sin I Will Commit Again Mikelle Kruger, Patrick McKenna
Sweetwater Malcolm Badewitz
Swimming Upstream Ricki Linksman
Taxi King Giovanni Pugliese
Ten Dollar House Rick Kinnebrew
Terra Nova - Episode 1 - SCOTT Jon Tedman
Terror and Virtue Ernest Pysher
Thar She Blows! Alexandra Drachkovitch, Steve LuKanic
The 27 Club Drew James
The Art of Starving Joe Favalaro
The Ballad of Billy the Kid Eric Wilson
The Baltimore Plot Paul Kimball, Parker Jamison
The Crusade Gregory Cohen
The Devil and Dick Gregory Sean Slater
The Final Round Gary Allison
The Great Stone Face Stephen Coll
The Great Unknown Dale K. Pitman, Glenn M. Benest
The Haber-Bosch Process Rachel Schaefer
The Happiest Place... Jon Davis
The Illegal Howland Crowe
The Invisible Woman Derek Weissbein
The Lady Who Slipped On The Ice Ellis J. Kelsey
The Last Lecture of Dr. Frankenstein Christopher Nicastro, Drew Lang
The Man Who Began It Steven Page
The Marrow Christian Raymond
The Mercury 13: The Jerrie Cobb Story Kelley Brower
The Moneyer Jonathan Young
The Night Witches Steven John Prowse
The Ortiz Sisters Deborah Louise Ortiz
The Passion of Pauli Murray Sean Slater
The Rats in the Walls Annarosa Schiavone, Luca Violante
The Rebel Queen Richard Kelly
The Reluctant Hero Rudy Gray
The Remedy or A Surrealist History of Remedios Varo janit baldwin
The Resistance Stacy Milbourn
The Second Sex Sarah Chang Tadayon
The Skylad Peter Force
The Upstairs Lounge Gregory Vines
The Web Rachel Salaman
The Wood That Weeps Craig Boreth
Thomas Alix Conde
Thomas/Thomasine Evan Garrone
To Kill Your Friends Roberto Carmona
TRICE Matt Foss, Carlos Washington
TUMBLERS David Nathan Schwartz, Michael J. McDonough
Twitchell Andrew Edison
Under Dark Waters Jeff Nowak
Unsinkable Kate Imy
Victorious Jessica Sipos, Nicholas Lendvoy
Walt Jordan Smith
WASP Leanne Porter
When the Bears Took Bourbon Street Preston Parker
When Wendy Grew Up Jenna St. John
Whispering Danger - A Gothic Tale Matthew Lashua
White Gold Benjamin Del Vecchio, Jair Kornegay
Who Killed Zebedee? Scott Kirkpatrick
Whole Again Marine Devlin
Wilder at Sunset Mark Wasserman
Wish You Were Here Erica Lane
With Love Like Lava Khris Burton, Colin Scott
Worth Fighting For Steve Tornello
Young Arthur and the Lady of the Lake Barry Ambrose, Juan Castro
Yuanfen Lynn Mills, Briana London
Zero Day After Mitchell Golden

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