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2022 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition Finalists

by ScreenCraft on April 13, 2022

Listed below are the Finalists of the 2022 ScreenCraft Short Film Screenplay Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 1,400 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

We're excited to share these projects with our incredible jury that includes: Sydney Neter (Short Film Sales Agent and Distributor at SND Films), Jason Stone (Writer and Director), Inga Diev (General Manger, Ouat Media).

Stay tuned for the Winner announcement on May 4th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Finalists:

A Memory in the Rain Daniel Ahn
Boneseed Joshua Matthews, Brett Brooks
Children of Laika Pete Ireland
Dinosaur Tuesday Maxson Davis
Duty Day Sarah Albonesi
Forever My Child Wesley Du
Heartstrings J.D. Zelman, Matthew Dushkes
Hitched Mike Underwood
iColtan Andrew McGowan
LESS HOME Corbin Godfrey
Paper Son of Angel Island Howard Hong
Quinn Girl Tandy Versyp
Safe and Sound Eric Kwakernaak
Telethon: The Quest to Save Grease 2's Reputation Sav Rodgers
The Cenozoic Era Samantha Woolf
The Fairchild Danny Rogers
The Fake-out Thomas Hartnett
The Longest Walk Erin Cantelo
The Refugee Sydney Deeter
Transient Blair Lee
Trophy Boy Kevin Hanna
Truckstop Molly Karna
WELCOME TO THE STAGE... (1/30/22) Kyle Casey Chu, Roisin Isner
Y2K Jean Ansolabehere

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