2022 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition Quarterfinalists

by ScreenCraft on January 19, 2022

Listed below are the Quarterfinalists of the 2022 ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition. These exceptional projects were selected from almost 700 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Semifinalist announcement on February 16th here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Quarterfinalists:

'Ink It Over Rachel Rawlings
17 years: Soldiers of Tomorrow R'MON JEFFERSON
2394 'Mirrors of the Past' Pame Roscoe
A Blue Forest Marcus Campbell
A Cold Dark Place Toni Anderson
A Most Peculiar Stakeout Josh Taylor
A Reindear Tale Rosemarie Perry
A Savage Joy Luis Rosas
A Talented Man Henrietta McKervey
A Thin Porridge Benjamin Gohs
A Woman's Persuasion Jeanette Watts
Adima Rising Steve Schatz
Alison's Legacy Toby Heathcotte
All's Fair Amanda Schoolland
AMANITA Robert C. Hall
An Unscripted Life Ellen Leary
Andre's Reboot: Striving to Save Humanity Steve Coleman
Andrew, Sinful Seduction Book 1 Dania Voss
Arkfall Joseph Hall
Artificial Intelligence, Mankind at the Brink Richard Boyd
At The Lions Gate Jeffrey Sommer
Bad Blood Robert Joseph
Ballast Point Breakdown Corey Fayman
Best Served Deadly Lee Ann Ward
Billy 9F David Finley
Blood Like Rain Tracy Ball
Brown Skin Girl Mytrae Meliana
Buried in Black JT Patten
Burnt Pot Island, A Marsh Hammock in its Natural State Karen Barr
By The Dark O' The Moon Kay Stephens
Cala Briste Caroline Grebbell
Carefully Curated Holly Piper
CHARLIE'S PRIDE Graydon (Dee) Hubbard
Chasing Time Thomas Reilly
Cibolero Kermit Lopez
Cold Wallet Rosy Fenwicke
Corner Booth Billy Hanson
Coronavirus and the Holographic Sports Bar Douglass Quinn
Cows Point North Scott Best
Crescent Earth Ilia Epifanov
Crooked Truth Kristine Anderson
Cutterjunk Julian Hoxter
Dancing With Jesus; A Story of Scizophrenia Mimi Whittaker
Dark Forest/short novel Edward Pittman
Dead Before Morning #1 Rafferty & Llewellyn Mystery Series Geraldine Evans
Debt Bomb Michael Ginsberg
Diminished Dreams Shelby Bentil
Don Peyote's Star Brennan Michaels
Don't Shoot The Piano Player Kevin Engelking
Dorinda Trapper of Red Rapids Fergus Egan
Dragon Ripper Melanie Bacon
Drained Marc Daniel Acriche
Dream on the wind Darya Ahmadi
Drown 'Em Like Puppies Maria Wickens
Eli's Coming: A Memoir Louie Mandrapilias
ENHANCED S.T. Ranscht, Robert Beus
Escaping Mercy Sam Polakoff
Everything That Dies Rusty Davis
Faith, Hope, and Dr. Vangelis Stephen Gordy
FAKE - A Finn Teller Novel Twist Phelan
Fear Beyond Reason Wiliam Douglas
Finding George Washington: A Time Travel Tale Bill Zarchy
Fit For Duty Novel kathy kron
Flagrant Camika Spencer
Flames Damond Fudge
For Nothing Is Hidden John Valenti
For Their Blood Burns Wild Silas Barrow, Patrick Brodrick
From The Village Of Lucca JP Roarke
Geezerball Robert Fox
Ghost Town A.J. Thibault
Gifted: The Story of a Young Genius Nishad Gumaste
Gods of the Black Gate Joseph Sale
Gold Poplars Michael Ball
Good Town Mary Wells
Gracie's Christmas Cure Jaynie Higgins
Grandma Lou's Wonderfully Weird Christmas Dinner LINDA LAROCQUE
Guised Passage James Boanerges
Hang Your Stockings, Say Your Prayers Hunter Canedy
Hannah's Bliss, part of the Windy City Nights steamy romance series Dania Voss
Havoc David Rymer
Hiatus Sam Polakoff
Honeymoon with Dad Jeremy Black
Hope's Diamond Rodney Curtis
I Hear the Black Raven Claire Ayetoro
I'll Be OK, It's Just a Hole in My Head Mimi Hayes
Ice Fortress Robert Williams
Ice Out Susan Speranza
Illa's Journey Maja Simeoni Sruk
Immortal Alchemy Pamela Danforth Yaco
In the Cradle of Mankind Tony Irvin
Isaac & Junebug William R. Stone
Jason, Lizzy, and the Snowman Village Charity Marie
Jerry Resurrected Susan Langhorst
Jessica's Monster Tim Connolly
Just a Girl in the Whirl Annie Wood
Kings Row Jeffrey Voccola
Knights of the Air- Book 1: RAGE! iain stewart
Ladybug Jeffrey Sommer
LAND OF DEMONS: A New Age Dawns Zachary Sabra
Last of the Annamese Tom Glenn
Legacy of Evil Ed Marohn
Life Happens on the Stairs Amy J Markstahler
Lila and Her Demons Nicole Crowley
LIMBO. Marko Pandza
Limestone Waters John McMahon
Lost in Time Unnamed
Lost Track Frederick R. Weinstein
Love and the TSA Mary Lash
Love in the Space of Time Tony Irvin
Lucy in her Secret Wood (A Story Inspired by Wordsworth's wild child Lucy Gray) Christina M. Pages
Maju from the Mountain Claude Rolle
Marked Exchange Anjula Evans
MATAMOROS: Civil War Adventure, Romance and Espionage in an Old West Border Town James Kahn
Meet Love Through My Eyes DeAnna Alexander
Metal Mouth Jaimie Engle
Miranda and the D-Day Caper Shelly Frome
Miss Minnie's Boarding House Bonnie Ilyse Tunick
Monet & Oscar: The Essence of Light Joe Byrd
Move-In Ready Olivia Holborn
Mule Girl Clark Parsons
Murderous Spirit: A Jack Tyrrell Novel Geoff Loftus
My Truth Sandra J. Paul
Nandria's War MaryJane Nordgren
Netherrealm Book 1 Heed the Darkness Kim Michelle Ross
Night at the Bookstore Eric Gershman
Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops Allison Hong Merrill
No Mercy! A Witch Clan Saga Aaron Smothers
No Soul Knows Yusuf Delorenzo
novel: Katch a Killer, Save the World Mel Goldberg
Oceanworlds J.P. Landau
Oddball Ornaments and the Story of Christmas Terry Overton
ON THE RUN Dennis Smith
One More Season: The Birth of Football's Modern Spread Offense Lorin Fife
Operation Dove Josh Taylor
Operation Stealth Seed George Amabile
Orphanage Earth D.C. Lozar
Paradise Undone: A Novel of Jonestown Annie Dawid
Partner Pursuit Kathy Strobos
Partners Thomas Molloy
Perfectly Imperfect Courtney Dinkins
Piano in the Dark Ed Thompson
Queen of Angels David Castro
Quint Dionne Irving
REAP Frank Edwards
Relic Andre Jones
Rendered Safe: Tales of an NYPD Bomb Tech Jeff Ingber
Ring of Conspiracy Justin (J. Robert) Kinney
Rogue Assassins Shaheera Huggins
Run Scout Run Christopher Datta
Sabal Palms and the Southern Squall Terry Overton
Sacred Mounds Jim Metzner
Sadhana Phil Ribera
San Francisco File Phil Ribera
Seashell Virgin Steve Schatz
SELF-CHECKOUT Sarah Karabelski
Sentient Victor Acquista
Seoul Food Sarai Koo
Shaman Sam Polakoff
Shanghaied David Paul Collins
Silenced Sherry Wong
Silencing Sharks John Hope
Skein Matt Sylvester
Slip of the Hand Joe Farrell
SONS OF SILENCE Britney Paterson
Stalker Stalked Lee Matthew Goldberg
Station Jarrett Early
Stories From The Stoop Steve Bernstein
Sweet Valley Spy Sierra Hall
Tagged Jonnie Guernsey
TARO Blue Spruell
Tasty Interludes Karen Jacobsen
TENT CITY Amy L. Bernstein
Thaniel's Crossing Tim Connolly
The Aberrant Inquisitor Justin Fox
The Accidental Time Traveller sylvia Bluck
The Alchemy of Noise Lorraine Devon Wilke
The Archer's Thread Noel Zamot
The Bookish Dark Matthew Brady
The Broken Ones Mark Higgins
The Camp Greg Hair
The Carnal Agenda Lexi Zee
The City Beautiful Aden Polydoros
The City of Drowned Angels David Crowther
The Clash Inside Me Kelly Alblinger, John Mondragon
The Clearing Tom Deady
The Coal Miner's War Novel Randall Reese
The Coffiner of Escondido Kirk Jones
The Coin and the Key Fergus Egan
The Corn Bandits John Rutherford
The Dark Easy Michael Crame
The Defections Hannah Michell
The Devil's Bookkeepers: The Noose Mark Newhouse
The Devil's Crossing Hana Cole
The Doula Bridget Boland
The Eagle Order Judy L Mohr
The Easter Confession Charles Monagan
The Eastern Window Claude Rolle
The Enchanted Deer and the Dreams of the Fool Clark Gillian Van Herrewege
The Enigma Factor Breakfield and Burkey
The Final Coming Samuel Frandino
The Ghosts of Okuma Mitch Wieland
The Glesh Timothy Blagge
The Guardian's Legacy | Book 1 Coin of Time series Luciana Cavallaro
The Hanford Plaintiffs: Voices from the Fight for Atomic Justice Trisha Pritikin
The Hawley Book of the Dead Chrysler Szarlan
The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe Angel Christo
The Hollowing of Lady Abigail Hector Neil Flinchbaugh
THE KING OF COLORED TOWN novel Darryl Wimberley
THE KING OF COLORED TOWN novel Darryl Wimberley
The Kingdom on the Bayou Jace Austin
The Land of Sunshine and Hell, A Memoir of a '60's Unwed Mother Maxene Raices
The Last Checkout Peter Besson
The Last Gypsy Princess Alan Larson
The Lockhart Women Mary Camarillo
The Lodestar Daniel Hagedorn
The Longest Halloween, Book Three: Gabbie del Toro and the Mystery of the Warlock's Urn Frank Wood
The missing link Moriamo Onabanjo
The Motel Murder Emerson Littlefield
The Other Madisons Bettye Kearse
The Parallel Andrea Franco Cook
The Paris Connection Lorraine Brown
The Paris Predicament Sasha Lauren
The Poet Stephanie Jo Harris
The Power of Being Seen roger saillant
The Priest, the Witch & the Poltergeist Barbara Wade Rose
The Proto Sapien Protocol George Carvalho
The Raven's Conjuring: Scourge of Damnation Miguel Garcia
The Street Between the Pines Joe Alo
The Summer Girl Katherine Hill Brown
The Ticket Fred Shackelford
The True Story of ‘The Richest Kid in School’ (including my father’s murder, political corruption 
and the mansion fire that exposed it all) Moses Frenck
The Viral Solution Rino Di Stefano
THE WALL David Pereda
The Watsons Rose Servitova
The Winter Fox Timothy Johnson
The Witch of Belle Fleur - Telenovela Actress Turned Witch OWNVOICES Isabelle Hardesty
The Witch's Cookbook Vee James
The Worthy Negotiation Kenneth Allen
Theia Susan Carpenter
Thirteen Sections Lin Jin
This Land Divided Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Three colors of the rainbow : Arco’s fabled Paris, Venice and New York Albert Russo
Three Degrees: Book 1 of Tempestas series Jim Wurst
Two Close: a story of survival (Jolt Survival Trilogy, Book 2) Roberta M Roy
Victim of the Defense Marianne Woolbert-Maxwell
War of the World Makers Reilly Michaels
Wayward Girls Penny Koepsel
We All Wore Blue Emerson Robbins
We Arrive Uninvited Jen Knox
When the Dead are Razed Samuel Martin
When the dead dream Mel Hartman
When The Sun Rises Casi Scott
Where We Go From Here Matthew Haynes
Wild Joy Paula Brancato
Winds of Perversion Tim Blagge
Worldmaker of Yand - Polaris Andri Elia
Worldmaker of Yand - Yildun Andri Elia
Worth More Dead Anne Hawley
Zak Corbin and the Master of Machines Tony Russo
Zebra. Friends by Fate. Enemies by Desitiny. Jill Wallace
Zenith (The Interscission Project: Book 1) Arshad Ahsanuddin
Zig Zag Woman Roberta Tracy

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