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2021 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on November 18, 2020

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft TV Pilot Script Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 4,800 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for future announcements here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages within the next few weeks! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

"Damsel on a Quest" Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
"Demons in DC" Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
"Mythicops"  Ryan Coleman
"The Fun"  Kathleen Doherty
"Time Janitors" Ryan Manns & Jocelyn Manns
#Cancel Sarah Juma
1993 David Perez
3rd & Long Andrew Tihal & Santiago Fernandez-Concha
4/18 John Chipman
A Coven of Thieves Eugene Ramos
A Lady Among Lions Episode 1: New Blood Meghan Thompson
A Mother's Love Miguel Duran
A Thin Blue Line Gabriel Gonzalez
Academic Dishonesty Graham Dunn
Ace-ing It Fung Ying Cheng
Acheron Alex Carroll & Cameron Martinez
Adventureland Franky Gonzalez
Aegis Bree Wyrd
After Devon Balsamo-Gillis
After D!sney Jenny Gorelick
After School Aaron Barrocas
Aftermath Mary Michael
Age of Danger Gabrielle Mulholland
Agents of the Empire Robert Mitas
Alexandria Pearson Jenks
All Hail! Connor Dobson
Alpha/Beta Misha Calvert
America's Ultimate Family Championship! Ty Freedman
American Activities Shannon Constantine & Billy Recce
American Alligator James King & Chris Webster
American Jesus Robert Holbrook
American Panic: The McMartin Preschool Trial Jason Kohl
AMY: An American Composer Lillie Gardner
An Act of Penitence Jonathan Peterson
Anchor/Management Mark Sarian & Ari Voukydis
Anne Bonny Hannah Silverman
Anonymous Leanne Porter
Après-Ski Rakel Joyce & Ryan Geffert
Arc Andrew Wilson
Arcane Point Ruth Boukhari
Archie's Bunker Casimir Nozkowski
Arsene Lupin Sunny Schomaker
Ascension Jordan Trippeer
Astro Black Matthew Williams
At Least We're Trying Erin Conner
At The Displeasure Of The President Brian Cohen
Aura Yaminah Mujahid
Backcountry Molly Sall
Backroom Closers Xan Wynne-Jones
Bad Hombres Filup Molina
Bad Leader Alexa Loftus
Bad Lot Anne Marie Caluwaert
Bands, Pubs & Thugs  James King
Barbary Haley Bartels
Bearth TV Series Brooks Agnew
Beckwitch Liz Prugh
Belonging Jyna Maeng
Benny Sad & the Wonderland for Dead People Shaun Perry
Better Days Peter Sorcher
Beyond Reach (Chapter One: "Ran To See") Ben Davies
Bi Shelby Giles
Big Shoulders Jennifer Wright
Birdwatcher Scott Ellis & Wayne Holden
Birdy Hollis & the Never-Ending Summer Jeremiah Johnson
Bitsuie Brandon Bitsuie & Krystal Dominguez
Blackappella Danny Rogers
Blackwell Island Elba Roman-Morales
Blood Work Mika Collins
Blue Watch Andrew Judge
Book of Addis Brooke Obie
Bookum and Wiz Colin Murphy
Boosters David Lawrence Hill
Brainchild Maya Zivkovich
Breaking Down Lira Kellerman
Broke_Town Ness Wilson
Broken Mirror Lori Stansal
Bucky Johnson James Barnes & Garrett Vanderwielen
Burners Paul Price
Butter Cup Emily Messina
Buyers' Remorse Natalia Grayfer
Bygone CeCe Fish
Cadillac Desert  David Harris
Call of the Crosswatchers Patrick Lehe
Camouflage and Lipstick Lawrence Daly
Candidate Sascha Gomberg
Carbon Zero Matthew Scheffler
Carousel Effect Thomas O'Brien
Carpathia Ashling Aisulu Sugrue
Carpetbaggers Matt Thomas
Cartunion Alessandro M. B. King
Casting Josie Dina Najjar & Tracey Jane
Cecille Terrell Ferguson
Cheat: Ace of Spades Olivia Gibbs
Chicago Lightning Michael Pastore
Chinesetown Andrea Apuy
Chivalry James Yantko
Chroma, Episode 101: "The Great War" Nick Perlman
Clara's Guide to Being a (Mostly) Good Person Madeleine Nielsen
Clout Vincent Dale
Coal William Fowler
Cobalt Lake - Pilot episode Rebecca Brewer
Codename: Mame Catherine Vouvray
Codeswitch Sasha Kai Parker
Commune David Allyn
Company Susane Lee & Andrew Olsen
Conduits Hussain Pirani
Consume Etan Muskat
Contact Loss K. Michelle Stewart
Copper Ridge Rebecca Ghusn
CornTown Lee Crompton
Cottonheads Alexandria Mitchell
Counterpoint: Raven's Song "Under A Rock" Anna Engel
Couples Therapy Michaela Zannou
Courier Gabriel Farrell
Courtesan Dan Williams
Covenant A.J. Hamer
Crescent Cove John Lawniczak
CREW - Episode One "Pilot" Christine Worland & Alyssa Shafer
Crocodile Christopher Holt
Cry Baby Danijela Topalovic
Cryin' Times Nick Walsh
Curved Sagar Vasishtha
Cyber Joe Dzikiewicz
D-Generation Joseph S. Gresher
D1 Brooke Buffington & Maddy Curley
Dad's the Word Peter Hayward
Darkmatter Storm Ashwood
Day After Tomorrow Lyric Fergusson
Dead or Alive Ryan Christopher Churchill
Deadshot Girls Heidi James
Death Inc. Alex Laurence
Debbie Matt Thomas
Deep East Texas Rachel Liebling
Devil's Son Zachary Lee
Devour Jasper Chen
Diamond Alice - The Hoister's Code Emily Isaacs
Diary of a Madman Ryan Brennan
Diblings Pete Simmons-Hayes
Dirty Bird Arland DiGirolamo
Dirty Laundry Tiffany Gibson
Disconnected Kelvin Peakin
Disintegrated George Gecewicz
Ditto Adam Pietropaolo
Djilas Xander Bernstein
Do No Harm Britt Wilkinson
Downstate Erin Murphy West
Downtown Stephanie Linas & Bethany Lauren James
Dr Fabulous Lance Ceresne
Dr. Janis Pearse Lehane
Drag Nanny Keaton Ventura
Drop Dead Gorgeous David Feehan
Dropped UP! Devin ONeill
Echoes Lewis Mackie
Edge of Eternity Sean Ramirez
Edith From Brighton Beach Raquel Cedar 
Endure Dan Fabrizio & Thomas Murphy
Epidermis Eric Swinderman
Ex Humana Helena Zhen
Expat Evan Solomita
Expatriados Tom Richard Santos
Experience Needed Samuel Peck
Extraordinary Renair Kebodeaux
Far West  Zoe Luevano
Fat Carrie Bradshaw Chris Burns & Zeke Smith
Feint Productions Malachy Cole
Finding Haven Jeffrey Stackhouse & Wendy Lashbrook
Fire Camp Steven Holleran
Fires Underground Anna Cascio
First Joe Haar
First Responders Ellie Guzman
Floater Marion Schotz
FML... I'm In Space Isabella Cohen
Frank's Pranks Raymond Santos
Free as the Wind Episode 1 - Queen Esther Nathan & Janelle James
Free Dance Pilot - Failure Cake Shauna O'Meara
Freebirds Sophia Crisafulli
Freedom Kwame Granderson
Fresh(wo)man Arianne Binette
Frontiers Jarod Backens
Fundamental Alexandra Shields
G Sharpe Rachel Feldman
Games of War Brian Hershkowitz & Robert D'Orazio
Gene Jesse Costello
Genesis Vince Milazzo
GeriOsity Barbara Ward Thall
Ghost Town Terrell Ferguson
Gimme Danger Lacey Jeka
Gods Of The In-Between Miriam Lyapin
Gold Watch Stephen Evans
Golden Years Brooks Morrison
Good Austin Kim
Good Girl Stephen Downs
Good Guys, Inc. Troy Collins
Good Looking Corpse Arkadi De Rakoff 
Gramma and Kate Emily Austin
GRANUAILE - Pirate Queen Laura Murphy
GrassRoots Kisha Fernandez
Gray Widows Erin Smith & Brianna Gardner
Greetings from the Vortex David Maddox
Gumshoe Jack Gregson
Guns & God: "Lines in the Sand" Rain Story
Hair of the Dog Tara Sylvester-Noone
Halfsies Michael Lifschutz
Halle Had Cancer, OK? Kate Herzlin
Hated Ghazi Albuliwi
Haussmann Geoff Faugérolas
He's with Me Matt Baetz
Headliners Nicky Guerreiro & Ethan Simon
Hearts and Bones Sarah Jae Leiber
Heaven Forbid Ernesto Sandoval & Malili Dib
Hell Divers Max Harp & Quentin Basnaw
Hell Is Empty Hayden Black
Hey Guys Mallory Sparks
High Frontier  Jim Brooks
High School Confidential Devin Reeve & James Sunshine
Hoax Mal August
Home Sarah Mack
Honest Fantasy Jimmy Clabots
Honor-bound Zimran Jacob
Hound Warren Jones II
i4i Matthew Raudsepp
Iacocca Mary-Caitlin Hentz
Identity Chris Brewer & Joe Torres
If I Can't Dance to It, It's Not My Revolution Sara Cooper
Illumi-Mommy Steven Nass
illvill Alexander Rojas
Immaculate Alexandra Spieth
In Your Head Paulina Domínguez
in/Fidel's Revolution Robert Maylor
Infiltration Eric James
Inpatient Evan Krumholz
inSPECTORs Katie Lyman
It's Compligayted Lillian Robinson
It's Not Your Fault Jared Lyons-Wolf
Izzy Victoria Lu
Jacks Gia Gordon
Jason Sharp: Confirmed Bachelor Steven Greenwood
Jesusland Jon Dittman & Zachary Grashin
Joe Hollywood Mark Loughlin
Johanna Kristy Ellington
Joke Shop Gracie Schufreider
Joy County Alex Halpern
Kafkaesque Daniel Queirolo & Nicholas Curl
Keyoka the Monster Killah Mukhtar Vanmali
King of Lesotho Amadou Diallo
Know Thyself Christopher Geluso
Kommissar Alex Carroll
LA-Tinas Steve Miranda
Lady Charon Jessica Romagnoli & Patrick Ireland
Larchmont Mitchell Shinderman
Last Call Caitlin Breen
Last of the Queers Javid Rezai
Laurelwood Torry Pendergrass
Legacy Jeff Hill
Lemonlight M. Rowan Meyer
Little L.A. Andres Perez-Duarte
Living Out Live Barry Hite
Lonely Parish Hayes Matthews
Loose Trash Bill Hanson
Lost Cause Arlene Santana
Lost Stars Quinn Angell
Love from Mars Julie Pifher
Lowers Spencer Belko
Lucid Dreams Fernando Rendón
Lucy's Law Laurie Silverstein
Lyfers Erin Austin
Made Guy Grace Foster & Christopher Vallario
Madeline and the Submarine Andrew Green
Magic City Wendy Garrett
Making Evil Tree Dirty Larry
Manny's House of Comedy Arnie Reyes
Maplevale Sascha Gomberg
Matriarch Luca Rojas
May The Wolf Die Eric Berg
Me Again Brian Farrey-Latz
Meat Department Alexandra Meglin
Memory Lane Mark Wolf
Miami Wave Sliders Jesse Rothenberg
Mid Life April Hartmann
Mid-Youth Crisis Mekhai Lee
Middle Aged Sonny Priest
Migrant Mothers Ashley Rebecca Farley
Minor Problems David Cueman
Missionary Style Lily Gwyer-Miller & Janna Taylor
Mississippi Mace Rissa Thomas
Mister Hemings  Sharon Lightholder
Monday Night Madness Stephen Guerrieri
Montezuma's Revenge Luis Carrasquillo
More Pamela Ryckman
Morocco Tyson Hilgenberg
Morrow Laine Meri
Motel of Miracles Eric De La Rosa
Motherland - "Snakes and Ladders" Shanel Ledesma
Mrs. Satan: The True Story of the First Woman to run for President of the United States Kim Thomson
Ms.Guided Mason O'Sullivan
Muck Nick Benjamin & Mike Downing
Multiplex Jennifer Milne
Murder Hotel Brad DePrima
Museum Campus Shelby Doubek
Mustache: Ryder Jay Pichardo
My Lovely Wife from Space Jon Ramsten
Mystic Pictures Tony Hendriks
Near Death Pilot Jamil Sparks
Nested David Luz
New Country Nimisha Mukerji
Newley! Graham Mulvein
Night Hotel Eleonora Mignoli
Night Passing Scott Button
No Rest for the Wicked Phoebe Darqueling
No Thank You Brittany Kelly
Nocturnal Partings Lizzie Perrin
Notorious Erin Cipolletti
Now Boarding Mike Heslin
Nyanga Javier Tessari
O.B.E. (Out Of Body Experience) Kerry Valderrama & C.M. Bratton
Oddity Lucas Coleman
Ode To Psyche Alex Morf
Off The Grid Kate Segal
Offstage - Partners in Grime Brendan Doyle, Stephen Downes
Oleandrin Nick Davis
Once In A Lifetime Rachel Hroncich
One Of The Gays Jack Scacco, Allison Wierema
One Step At A Time Victoria Livingstone
Optimus V Freddy Boutros
Option Amber Lane
Our Bodies and Other Shames Malka Wallick
Our Own Cass Virdee & David Giles
Our Vision Liam Hale
OUT: A Minor League Baseball Series Jay Edwards & Greg Boaldin
Outside the Garden Benjamin Lewis
Overwinter Adam Moore & Vincent Pastor
Pain Jeremy Novick
Pain & Suffering Eran Lagstein
Pal Park Cecilia Kim
Paladin Strong Marti Martienssen
Pandemos Mark Caughey
Pangaea’s Revelation Calvin Breeze Jr.
Papergirl Louisa Makaron
Paragone Travis Neufeld
Partition Marcia A. Mateus
Patient 22 Christina Hulen
Patron Saints of Lost Causes Vandana Khanna & Blas Falconer
Perpl Tarryl Benedetto
Phoenix Sean Sellars
Phoenix Rising Ryan Paige
Pigpen Maud Ferrari
Pilot - All Blood Runs Red Douglas Raine
Piney Ridge La'Chris Jordan
Pipeline Brandon Laraby
Plague Walkers Michael McIlraith
Plagued Christina Parker
Positive Michelle Fiordaliso
Positive Lee Dale Winton & Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Potluck GenePool Christa Butler
Poundtown Bill Hanson
Prairieville Jackson Knapp
Prize Fight Natalie Ganey
Progressivation Richard Mein
Project Noah Joel Dahl
Project Unity Almas Haidery
Project: Orion Greg Schwartz
Proper Villains Chris Bolton
Public Defenders Christina Jobe
Put Under Caitlin Turnage
Q School Chris Drzewiecki
Quash John McCarney
Queens Nadirah Harris
Re-Entry Jason deVilliers
Real Hours Aubrey Bellamy
Red Cell Jill Bayor
Redeemer Leticia Ayroza
Redo: This Mediocre Life Rebecca Greene
Reggie and Jackson Save the World Jackson McQueen
Renaissance Kwame Granderson
Reset Cullen Wright
Riftworld Ethan Roberts
Righteous Kathy Patterson
RIP Jemimah Fleming Ronnie Robins
Rivals Tim Farrell
RNWY  P.A. Lopez
RNWY Galaxies P.A. Lopez
Robin Niv Elbaz
Robot4President Colm HIll
Ronin Natalie Ganey
Roof of the World Eric Bergemann
Rosefrost Theodore Bronson
Rotters Jack Buckley
Rubbernecker Tom Hancock & Varun Raman
Run! Run! Run! - The Lives of Abbie Hoffman  Michael J. Shapiro
Saint-Michel Eric Patton
Salvation/Erlösung Alex Carroll & Cameron Martinez
Same Sky Michael Horwitz
Sandstone Jennabeth Taliaferro
Santa Claus Incorporated Arun Narayanan
Saving Face Jeannie Bolét
Second Act Sharonda Sheppard 
Seeking Refuge Ligia Storrs Rojas & Justin Storrs
Serial Woman Amanda Ellis & Marisa Martinez
Set You Free Kristy Thomas
Shango Martyn Eaden
Shay's Rebellion Matthew Syrett
Shee Jenny Ulmer & Hannah Stoddard
Showstopper Ron O'Berst
Siren Michael Burnet
Skpow! Stephen Notley
Skyline Ovi Stein
Sleeping Around Avalon Penrose
Sojourning Lamar Lewis
Solar Exchange  Christopher Cayen-Cyr
Solarium Todd Zing & Irish Rivera
Soldier Spy Andrew Judge
Son of Dan Nathaniel Feeley
South of East Los Felix Martiz
Spacewiched Isaac Smith
Splinter Philip Pirrello
Squire Colin MacLeod
Staffers Joseph Velazquez
Stakeknife Kennedy O'Brien
Statecraft Mitchell Kampf
Stiletto Network Pamela Ryckman
Stink Eye Michael Gaffey
Storied Cloisters Sacha Waters
Strawberry Mansion Michael Friedman
Strip Mom Amalia May Valle
Stripped Erica Everage
Stupor Powers Michael Finger
Sugar Joshua Maheu
Super-Mom Meg T. Ryan & Sean McBride
Surviving Eden Lisa Gonzales
Syndicate E.C. Holt
Takedown Scott Jacobs
Tales From Vienna Laura Kelber
Tamber Dawn Benjamin Lewis
TANNY Helen Maury Driftmier
Tartarus Fredrik Gustafsson
Terminal Dan Ast
That's Our Beaver Bill Sindelar
The Actually There Michael Richardson
The Adventures of Ray and Brad Mike Manalo
The Age of Desire Suzanne Griffin
The Ballaster Inn Alex Boyd
The Bank Christopher Sorensen
The Betty Fam Ellen Doyle
The Book Binders Catherine McFall
The Brothers Disney Peter Lee
The City and The Dead Ryan Davies
The Conduit Owen Busch & Robert Walcott
The Consultants Alasdair McMullan
The Cowboy Ryan Clark
The Cross-Country Chronicles of Tara & Liv Tyler Williams
The Dark Miles Melissa Shorter
The Darkest Hour Gothic Emporium Leanne Mangan
The Dearg Due "The Red Thirst" Anthony Mariani
The Divinity Cycle Nelson Downend
The Downfall Lenore Marks
The Embassy Jorge Moratal
The Envoy Toby Elliott
The Escapement Alessandra Jara Del Castillo
The Extraction List Renee Meland
The Fairy Knight Sam Tracton
The False Lord's Squire Gunny Troelstrup
The Fly In My Soup Luisa Cardoso
The Geppetto Project Gapy Matungul
The Great Whitehopes Nate Janis & Jamie Bogyo
The Growth Samantha Clay
The Guardians Mark Flood
The Gun Moll Chris Bower & Cristina DiMarzio
The Hat Thomas Linton
The Haven Joe Friedman
The Heartbreakers Club Lexi Nicholas
The Heirs of Ezra Bradley Smith
The Hellhounds Z. R. Denis
The History of Class Struggle Craig Willse
The Immortal Game Zimran Jacob
The Inferno Sammy Leach
The Jester Caton Quincey & Nathan Densley
The Jukebox Nicholas Oktaras
The Kingdom to Come Jennifer Ball
The Mad Queen - "No One Trusts A Traitor" Cindy Matta
The Melting Pot Darek Cioch
The Memory Bank Coopers
The Mistress of Collington  Alethea Mesadieu
The Modern Christian Spinster's Guide to Love in the 21st Century Vickery Eckhoff
The Mystery of Easter Island Justin Glanville
The Night Mover. T.S. Duncan-Watt
The Nikkei Witch Sandra Hamada
The Pound Stephan Nilson
The Shadow King Chris Bolton
The Spacer 6 Alexandria Sinclair & Sara Detrik
The Stages of Grief George Rosett
The Stetties Madeline Scholl
The Surge Rachele Wiggins & Paul Dawkins
The Sword in the Sprawl Matthew Scarpa
The Tracer Glenn Levin
The Troubles Tom Kavanaugh
The Twelve Stefanie Davis & Hailey Escobar
The Undertakers Jerome Goerke
The Valley Ryan Powers
The Verdict Store Gannon Kenney
The Void Joshua Shine
The W Tiffany Gibson
The Watson Sisters Linda DeMetrick & Maaren Edvard
The Way of the Gun Matthew Lee & Lars Gladhaug
The Whitechapel Initiative Matt Hopper
The Woods - Pilot Benjamin Calder
Them's Ponies! Rebekah Chang
They Listen Debora Bottino
Thicke As Thieves Chris Stevens
This Is A Dumpster Fire Tess Apap
Three Soldiers - Pilot Lamar Lewis
Tiny Town Daniel Powell
Tithes Victoria Vertuga & Eric Williford
To Be Honest: Lifetime on the Hips Jennifer Le Roux
To Kill a Witch Sara Larner
To The Depths Benjamin Fraser
Tortuga Hall Pilot Jacob Gumble
Tortuga! Patrick Allan Laffoon
Trajectory Adam Ritchey
Triptych Sharbari Zohra Ahmed & Abigaile Sands
Trivial Rob Salerno
Truth or Scare Stephen Guerrieri
Trying Mike Heller
Tycoon Jenn Liu & Dan Rosen
Type Cast Laura Winters
UMPS Mitchell Camarda & John Puma
Undertow Elena Perez
Undrafted Jeff Perreca
Union Made Rikki Bleiweiss
Untitled Gay Hitman Project James Tison & Gus Constantellis
Urban Defender John Kim, Will Griffin
Vavilov Anton Kudryashov
Vergil Elisa Scubla
Verified Matt Gallagher
Vice Versa Hailey Buck
Vigilante Scott Masterson
Village People Steven Fisher
Walk and Roll Lesley Hennen
Walls & Balls Kenneth Klein & Irwin Hahn
War Bank Daniel Mitchell
Warm & Fuzzy Daniel Stern
Washed Up Zachary Margolis
Watts Vs. the World Craig Pickens
WayBroad Community Theatre (WCT) Austin Rowland
We Care Scott Meier
We The Immortals Luke Penn
WedLock Sage Wells
Welcome To Dead Lake Vincent Delaney
Welcome to Tristan David Caliguire & Blake Rutledge
Whacked Melanie Holmes
What Would People Think? Krusan Sivanayagam & Tharshan Rajendiram
Where Nobody Knows Her Name Gabriel Vallejo
Whisper Creek Jordan Vogeney
White Virus Harry Maxon
Winged Ray Gettman Bush
Winning Cherice Hunt
Wishes Cullen Wright
Witch, Please! Megan Swertlow
Wizard's Duel Matthew Corley
Woke Johnny Gilligan
Wolfe Pack Lindsay Heiman
Women of Steel: Gracie's Story Julia Bookout
Worlds of Man Kieren Hutchison & Nicole Tubiola
Wounded Prey - Episode 101 Aaron Gray
Wrestlers Ryan Wolin
Xchange Scott Hawthorne & Jim Goode
Zero Day After Mitchell Golden
Zoo For Monsters Kim Lozelle

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