2021 ScreenCraft Feature Screenplay Competition Semifinalists

by ScreenCraft on October 27, 2021

Listed below are the Semifinalists of the 2021 ScreenCraft Feature Screenplay Competition. These exceptional screenplays were selected from almost 2,500 submissions. Congratulations to the writers who have made it this far and thanks to all for submitting!

Stay tuned for the Finalist announcement on December 1st here and on our Twitter and Facebook pages! And if you’d like to receive a notification when this contest re-opens for entries, you can subscribe for updates via Coverfly here.

Here are the Semifinalists:

A Friend In The Dark Alexandra Karaim
A Long Way Home Steven Bogart
A Tender Soul Jonathan Flike
Acids Amelia Phillips
Adult Acne Jade Tremblay
Adult Section Kristin Erickson
Adultland Todd Wolfe, Chad Kressler
Almost Heaven Alex Kramer
Amends Michael Zungolo
American Infamy Takeo Hori
An Italian Lesson Pam Kasper
Anastasia Untold Kelly Younger
Bad Romance Chad Wellinger
Balance Edward Klau
Bald Eagles Forest Aragon
Becoming Hillburns Joshua Laufer
Besame Mucho Rachel Feldman
Beyond The Tracks Brandon Lill
Big Medicine Julie Miller
Blue Dream Lee Peterkin
Boy Wonder Denis Theriault
Break Point Zachary Johnson
Building Season Anita Gomez
California Adam Seidel
Call Out Neer Shelter
Capital Offense Mike Johnston
Crate Alex George Pickering, Matthew Breault
Darnell, The Black Jew Malcolm Solomon
Death Of A Nightingale Annika Pampel
Dreamworld Brian Quinn
Dusk Stetson Hayes
Eleanor: First Lady Of Power Sue Scott
First Person Shooter Cameron Raynes
Future Tripping Brian Gene White
Gemini Andrew Saunders, Tim Saunders
Halt Fabio Ortega
Heard Alex George Pickering
Hideaway Griff Jones
Hindsight Todd Metcalf
Imaginary People Sean Stapp
Into The Lion'S Den Jane Gideon
Invisible (The Story Of The Uss Manta Ray)             Mitchell Nyberg
Jesus Of Milan Paul Arrowsmith
Juliet Is Fine Rachel Mariam
Just In Time Robbie Robertson
Kagai Trey Sorensen
Kira Alex Schloemer
Lawman Dennis Smith
Lizard People Christopher Hall
Luminous Bodies Daniel Carroll, Eric Ward
Luten Bridge A.S. Patrick
Machete Queen Sierra Hall
Mad Dathan Paterno
Martyrdom Alessandro Guarino
Mental Warren Clarke
Merchandise No. 5 Danny Hogan
Mercy Todd Cahoon
Mercy Road Maria Doctor
Moscow Fall Nickolas Daniel
Musket And The Rat Adam Pasen, Sammy Horowitz
My Hero Alex Forstenhausler, Eric Lee
Nature Of The Beast Aaron Kozak
No One Has Ever Beaten This Stage Emmett Walsh
Npc Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal
Obscured Edward James Anderson
Oktober'S Fire Aaron W. Bennett, Vanessa Leigh
Old Heads Todd Wolfe
Our Christmas Angel Philip Puglisi
Outsiders Dan Benamor
Perrito Johanna Moreau
Portsmouth Connor Riordan
Prospero'S Prison Tom Magill
Proteus Vulgaris Thom Benny
Pull Marc Messenger
Pyre Eleonora Mignoli
Release Stacie Shellner
Relocation Warren Clarke
Sanctuary Darryl Wimberley
Seeing Stars Fabio Bondi
Shadowboxing Darryl Anka
Sixgun Saint Warren Lane
Sometimes The Devil Wins Tex Gresham
Summoned Tammy Klembith, George Klembith
Sunday Morning Tears Keith Zivalich
Tempests Timothée Perrin
Teya And The Lost God Keanan Cantrell
The Hollywood Tower Laurie Whitaker
The 2 Tigers Sathish Easwaralingam
The Banner Ernestina Juarez
The Bear Megan Spatz
The Blank Case Allison Kelly
The Descent Varun Bhuchar
The Diener Robert Wooldridge
The Engine Bruna Pias
The False One Andrew Kevin Fawn
The Forgotten Jason Vaile
The Garbageman Dru Johnston
The Girl And The Ghost Rebecca Benzell
The Happiness Angel David M Hinds
The Hardest Hit Sam Juergens
The Legend Of Willie Telberg And Son Jeff McMahon
The Man In The Flying Lawn Chair Ryan Mekenian
The Monitor Erik Sternberger
The Shetlander Martina Muhoberac
The Stallion Matthew Kistenmacher
The Stricken Rob Pilkington
The Third Stage Jennifer Grand
The Unfinished Sonata Ariane Hahusseau
The Warm Season Adam Seidel
Thin Blue Veins Josh Evans
Tides Of Autumn Alex George Pickering
Touchdown Ela Thier
Treading Lava Paul Frank
Trouble Will Find Me Colin Moore
Untouchable Adam Lapallo
Unwelcome Federico Casal
Uprising Jeff Austin
Violet Sarah Deakins
Waffle House Index Gabriel Rosenstein
Wampus Cat Jessica Wei
What Happened To Johanna? Gabe Braxton
What The Night Leaves Behind Rob Sheely
When Horror Met Sally... Ervin Anderson
Wide Open Spaces R.L. Hooker

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